Mario Party Superstars - 1 vs. 3 Minigames

A list of all 1 vs. 3 minigames in Mario Party Superstars, including each minigame's objectives and useful tips to win.

Mario Party Superstars - 1 vs. 3 Minigames

1 vs. 3 Minigames in Mario Party Superstars

Below are all 1 vs. 3 game modes in Mario Party Superstar’s Mt. Minigames. Included are the objectives of each minigame and useful tips to win. Please note that we are still in the process of updating this page.

Minigame Objective Tips
Mario Party Superstars - Piranha's PursuitPiranha’s Pursuit Escape from Petey Piranha by mashing the buttons (solo).

Feed Petey Piranha with rain by doing a ground-pound on the cloud (team).

Mario Party Superstars - Tug o' WarTug o’ War Pull the opposing team off the cliff using your super strength (solo).

Pull the solo player off the cliff (team).

Mario Party Superstars - Archer-ivalArcher-ival Hit the other player that appear as moving targets (solo).

Avoid getting hit (team).

Mario Party Superstars - Look AwayLook Away Look in the direction you want when the music stops (solo).

Look in a different direction from the player above (team).

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