Mirror’s edge catalyst:Mission1″Release”



① Out of the facility (video 0:00 ~)

Stops in front of the door and opens automatically.
It will be beaten and close to the soldiers.

② Merges with the Icarus (Video 0:26 ~)

When approaching the front of the red door When you reach the automatic door, Icarus is for us to open the door.

③ to escape (Video 1:18 ~)

Instructions to let’s move while following in the screen.

Let’s follow the red things and echoes within the screen.

④ Combat tutorial (video 6:34 ~)

Follow the on-screen do the fighting according to the instructions of. When you ask a different action, will resume from the mistake was part.

⑤ Getaway resumed (video 8:09 ~)

Real enemy will emerge from here.

Combat tutorials and let’s move to recall the operation in the first half of the getaway.

※Basic operation

Jump: L1

Springboard jump: toward a stepping stone to dash, L1 hold just before the object

Sliding: During dash L2

Landing: in the air L2

Wall ran: jump along the wall

Wall up: Jump to the wall in front

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