Mirror’s edge catalyst:Mission5″Back in the Game”



① open find the window (video 0:09 ~)

When up the after lattice-shaped wall that crossed the rope you can enter through the window.

② Find the agricultural sector (video 0:40 ~)

Proceed along the road, go over the ledge white in the wall.

Green Let’s jump moved, the program proceeds caught in pipe in decoration of the wall.

Of the elevator caught in the shaft let’s move upstairs.

③ find the office (video 2:56 ~)

While, the process proceeds to a certain person. Stairs, let’s look for the duct.

④ find a work room 4H (three videos: 50 ~)

The fence in the springboard you Hinori to the glass of the center.

Go to the next to the floor from the glass.

Take the floor and go to the next to the floor while I boarded a white window frame.

And green of the wall running from the scaffolding → Let’s up on the wall up with a white window frame.

Take the floor, use the shotgun down the stairs.

⑤ Chase the intruder (video 5:20 ~)

And green window frames, wall decorations, and then proceed to the intruder of the room proceeds to the order of the duct.

⑥ find the exit (video 6:19 ~)

Turn right to enter the door.

Enemy surpassed go broke the window glass of the left. The enemy can be ignored.

A square object was a stepping stone, and then moved under the floor. Let’s be sure the landing by pressing the L2.

Slide down a rope is back and mission success and taste.

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