Mirror’s edge catalyst:Mission9″Benefactor”



①Put in Anansi comprehensive commercial facility (video 0:07 ~)

It makes heavy use of the wall up and turned around jump. Let’s get the “quick turn”.

When you start the alarm device has the following instructions.

②Let’s toward the top of the building(video 3:07 ~)

Up in the elevator, and move with the MAG from the crane before.

③Released the first of the pointing device (video 4:34 ~)

Proceed to the top of the floor, let’s pull the control chip in the switchboard.

④release the second of the pointing tool  (video 4:54 ~)

Remove the control chip that is in front of the damper.

⑤released the last of the pointing device (video 5:29 ~)

To the damper of the previous go use the MAG.

It will be in the movie and to release the last of the pointing device. After the movie, let’s take care of the feet because it is moved to the end of the floor.

⑥ Escape from the building(video 6:19 ~)

Ride jump to the bracket on the damper, you up on top of the bracket in the ladder.

Let’s note that will retry If you do not jump at the end of the slope.

⑦Escape from Anansi comprehensive commercial facility(video 6:51 ~)

Let down to the lower floor along the pipe.

You down to the bottom of the building in the elevator.

⑧Find a safe route (video 7:49 ~)

Proceed to the scaffold ahead, slide down a rope, and the mission is complete.

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