[News] Open-world Action RPG BioMutant Announcement Trailer Released!

This is a BioMutant article on the teaser trailer to the upcoming open world ARPG. The Biomutant announcement trailer is a thrilling, action packed preview that gives us an idea of what the new game will be about. 

BioMutant Announcement Trailer

Just Cause is a video game series that had a massive following after providing a player with a massive, wide-open sandbox to play in. You should see the videos on Youtube of LetsPlayers goofing off via trains, helicopters, and lots and lots of hooks and explosions. The same devs sought to create the (relatively) poorer Mad Max video game, which featured a solid open world that felt like a combination of the original Mad Max movies and Fury Road. 

The developers of Just Cause and the Mad Max video game proudly have presented to us all a new open-world action RPG called Biomutant. 

Here’s the recent Biomutant announcement trailer, released on IGN’s Youtube channel: 

The trailer begins with a cybernetic grasshopper hopping towards his master, a Rocket-Raccoon-esque (or is it Kung Fu Panda’s Master Shifu?) character with a revolver and a sword, confronted by a gorilla-like creature with a mine for a giant flail. Just a few moments before, the smaller creature was standing above a pool of goo, which changed his skin color to a yellow-and-black, leopard-like plasticine skin. In spite of the CGI-ness, We get to learn a lot about the game from this trailer.

What we know so far.

We know a little bit from the trailer. However, a lot of other details were leaked on Amazon as well as on a European game magazine, which gives us a lot more information on the product.

From the Trailer

  • Ability to mutate through pools
  • Anthropomorphic characters
  • Guns and swords
  • Mechanical creatures

From the Leak 

From the Amazon page

  • Real-time combat via melee, guns, and special abilities.
  • There are two types of customization: Bionics, which are mechanical in nature, and Mutations, which offer physical changes as well as powers.
  • “Automaton sidekick”– “living robotic toys” that can be customized.
  • Pilotable vehicles that include a mech, jetski, and a UFO 
  • Crafting System for weapons and Gear

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