Destiny 2 PC Prices Expansions, Campaigns, and Competitive Multiplayer

This page contains details on the destiny 2 pc prices that includes expansions, campaigns and competitive multiplayers for all.

Destiny 2 PC Prices, Expansions Campaigns and Multiplayer Gameplays

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Destiny 2 PC Prices vary from its standard edition down to its Digital Deluxe Edition.

Destiny 2 PC will be coming a little bit later compared to its console counterparts. Many players are arguing on why the release for the PC version is coming on a later date. Some are saying its because of better improving the PC version for the PC users while some argue that it’s because of Bungee, Destiny 2’s creator, needing the money to make the disks for the console games. But whatever it is, PC gamers are ecstatic for the PC release of Destiny 2.


Destiny 2 offers the most exciting and visually pleasing campaign as players will embark to take on the enemies set to destroy humanity and reclaim our precious planet from our fiendish foes.


Destiny 2 also offers teamplays like no other. You will be able to take on numerous enemies with other players and team up to beat the opposing force. Choose your own class whether you want to be the Titans that offers both massive damage and defense, or the Arcstrider that excels in mobility, Gunslingers that boast range, Voidwalkers that provide healing to both themselves and their allies or the Dawnblade that just straight out slashes enemies.


You can also play multiplayer and head up against other players. Be mindful though as players will be much more relentless than your typical bots! Tackle other players head on and prove your superiority against your friends. You can also help to protect your teammates by choosing classes that focuses on such. Your gameplay is unique to your own so how you tackle multiplayers is solely up to you.


  • Standard Edition for 59.99$
  • The Game plus the Expansion Pass Bundle for 89.99$
  • The Digital Deluxe Edition for 99.99$

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