Destiny 2 Release Date Countdown on Sept. 6 12:00am Eastern Time

This page contains the news on the Destiny 2 release date, on PS4 and xbox set on September 6, 2017 12:00am, Eastern Time.

Destiny 2 Release Date will be launched on September 6, midnight ET

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The Destiny 2 release date countdown is well on its way as it sets its launch on September 6, midnight eastern time. So what can we expect on the release of Destiny 2? Will there be any news on potentially new classes perhaps? Are the leaked data accurate enough or did we miss anything about that game? Well, if anything’s sure, it’s that the game will surely have its up and downsides.

Potential Bugs

Of course, since Destiny 2 will be finally released to thousands upon thousands of players, bugs will be found. That’s not to say its bad news but this is always unavoidable for games. This doesn’t spell disaster though as early detection of the bugs ensure that the game will run more smoothly in the long run. The players by the thousands will help with the game as they will be able to explore more about the Destiny 2 map and find things that the developers have missed to checked. So as a fellow gamer, you can do your part to help the developers find the missing bugs and help them improve the game.

Unstable Servers

Servers might also be unstable as the game will most likely be played by a lot of players. Just like the other games that have encountered this, you might have a rough time playing the game on its launch date since you will be accompanied by the thousands who waited with you. Just keep in mind that you are not the only one lagging on the server so you should not worry much on the outcome of the game. Just stay tilt-proof and collected and you will surely be able to nab in a few kills despite the lag!

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