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The Mirage Elite Specialization is the newest of the mesmer specializations that just came out in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. Here are some of my thoughts.

Thoughts on Mirage Elite Specialization

Since the release of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire on September 22, 2017, I’ve been testing out the Mirage Elite Specialization. This is one of the newest of the Mesmer Guild Wars 2 Elite Specs. As a Mesmer main, I’ve always enjoyed the versatility the class offered. This included its ability to become a support and boon-stripper. Or, it can also include being a full-on condition cancer using the Staff or Scepter. But the moment the elite specializations came out, Mesmers now became niche specific. They can be bunker and sustain as a Chronomancer. Or, a full-burst sweeper as a Mirage.

Mirage Elite Specialization
Mirage Elite Specialization
Source: Guild Wars 2 Wiki

Mirage Elite Specialization

The Mirage Elite Specialization allows mesmer players to dash and cleave. They deal a stack of torment on their third hit after an auto-attack. They also have ambush skills that allow them to zip to and fro between enemies. One of the special effects they also gained is Mirage Cloak which weakens enemies upon contact. Instead of sustain, their main asset would become being slippery. Instead of wells, the Mirage grants players access to Ambush and Deception skills.

An addition to that is the Ambush allows players new methods of attacking while using the Mirage Elite Specialization.

Mirage in PVE

I’ll be frank: the Mirage Elite Specialization in PvE is good for sweeping through enemies. However, they may have difficulty fighting against tanky enemies which they cannot always escape from. Their healing skill, False Oasis, is also quite limited in terms of amount, not really something one would use. It works similarly to the traps of the Dragonhunter in which someone or something must pass over it to trigger.

Personally, I don’t really use the healing skills of the Mirage Elite Specialization. Instead, I focus on using Ether Feast as a means to heal. After all, the Mirage literally spits out clones and Ether Feast is based heavily on the amount of clones. Their deception skills are also single target focus unless the player uses Mirage Advance or Lingering Thoughts (Axe 2). Another one of my personal favourites of the axe is the Axes of Symmetry (Axe 3) before pulling out all my clones and shattering it for 4 stacks of Confusion. Running that with a Chaos Trait Line will hurt especially on Rabid Traits and Rune of the Undead.

While I have tried using Staff as a Mirage, what kind of miffed me a little is how the player needs to use an Ambush/Deception skill before actually accessing one of the new skills. For example, I had to use Mirage Advance before using Chaos Vortex on Staff. It messes up the combination a little especially since players can only perform that twice if they only have two Deception/Ambush skills on utility.

Mirage in PvP

The Mirage Elite Specialization in a PvP setting is a whole lot easier. As the battlefield is a little smaller, it’s easier to predict where you land in the battlefield. However, this makes them increasingly susceptible to my current build: the Condi-Burst Chronomancer. Because of their increase in the number of movements, they themselves melt from Torment. While they do have Elusive Mind grandmaster trait, they can only do that twice which the Chronomancer is capable of sustaining all throughout the amount of incoming Condition Damage. After all, the Chronomancer does have Alacrity which can reduce cool down times and increase burst.

Also, Mirages need to keep up a constant amount of damage in order to survive. Some players sometimes use Superior Rune of the Sunless in combination with their Jaunt to give enemies three seconds of Fear. I’ve also seen Power Mirages which is possible considering the number of movements. However, a probable rune for that would either be Superior Rune of the Berserker or Superior Rune of Strength to focus completely on dealing damage.

Mirage in WvW

Running with a friend is easy as a Mirage because something can draw their attention. They also have a capacity to be thieves, able to escape from any situation. However, there’s a bit of a catch especially if enemies are either Dragonhunters, Longbow Druids, or even Rifle-Warriors. What’s the common element between all three? They all have long range weaponry. While the Mirage can still use the Greatsword, the Dragonhunters and Longbow Druids have skills that can cement a Mirage to the floor. And I’ve seen it happen; Mirages can melt real fast the moment they’re stuck to the floor. Warriors have unblockables and it’s a pain to deal with if you don’t have enough escapes or CCs.

Also, by using the Mirage Elite Specialization, Mesmers are unable to grant Alacrity which is helpful especially in launching siege weapon attacks against Towers and Keeps.

Battle: Mirage vs. Chronomancer

Mirage Elite Specialization

While there is the argument of play style and suitability of Guild Wars 2 Elite Specs, personally, the Chronomancer wins it for me. Not only do I have consistent damage due to Alacrity but my sustain is just gorgeous. Fighting a Trap Dragonhunter (because some people still use this build) using a Chronomancer can be quite amusing especially if I just walk through the triggering traps with Echoes of Memory (Shield 4). At the same time, I can use Deja Vu if an attack hits while I’m on Echoes of Memory.

Another thing I like using is the Continuum Split. I cannot count how many times that F5 skill has saved my life especially in PvP. Oh, you blocked my Signet of Humility? Have another then. Plus, run a Carrion Build with Rune of Scavenging. The salt has become real. The only issue with Chronomancer is the pressure other players drop on the Chronomancer because of their unique skills such as granting Alacrity and their ability to be a buff tower.

However, it might be a bit too early to tell since the Mirage Elite Specialization just came out. I’ll probably drop a few builds here and there through this blog. Tune in next time for more ideas about the Mirage Elite Specialization or Mesmers in general!

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