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This page contains news on A word from Father Theodore and Harbinger in Evil Within 2. It includes a summary of the villain's introduction.

A word from Father Theodore and Harbinger

Wrapped in the hellish world, Sebastian encounters yet another figure, this time a priest who calls himself by the name Father Theodore. Father Theodore and Harbinger reveals to Sebastian his equal longing to see the protagonist’s daughter – Lily. However as a villain, it is unknown how twisted his intentions are.

Father Theodore and Harbinger: Staff Interviews

According to Game director John Johannas,

Father Theodore and Harbinger

Source: Bethesda

Theodore is the kind of person who always hides his true face. He’s showcased as a religious figure, but he’s very much a manipulator in the way he speaks to you and tries to get you on his side. He portrays himself as someone who is friendly and trying to help you, but you can see clearly in his demeanor and the way he creates this world of his that there is obviously something very dark beneath the surface.

It is apparent that he manipulates Castellanos by dragging his daughter into the fray which captures the protagonist’s longing. As a priest he appears to be credible and charismatic. His voice reverberates as if he is the redeemer of salvation from the initial sections of the video. However unlike priests, he does not claim to be the instrument of a higher being. He sees himself as the ruined City’s source of moral good – the god personified. He delivers the last sections of his speech by stating that Sebastian’s failure to cooperate will result in dire consequences. This is through the cleansing performed by those who have chose to side in his path – the “Harbingers.”

Father Theodore and Harbinger: First an Artist, next a Priest

The latest trailer for the upcoming game showcases a Priest which in essence will demonstrate his role as a spiritual guide. Surely he holds a different standpoint to that of the previous reveal of Stefano Valentini – the Artist in terms of his motives. However in contrast to the Artist who is more of a madman, Father Theodore displays himself as the a superior being. Despite these differences, both of them however desire to capture the Detective’s daughter, Lily.

Source: Bethesda Softworks Official Youtube Channel

The game is scheduled to be released on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 13, 2017.

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