SaGa: Emerald Beyond - Best Party Setups and Formations

Best part setups and formations for SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB), including recommended character race and weapons, formations, strategies, and other useful tips.

SaGa: Emerald Beyond - Best Party Setups

Best Party Setups Guide for SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB)

Human x4, Mech x1 Party Setup

Human-Mech Party
SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB) - Tsunanori MidoHuman (Two-Handed Sword) SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB) - Tsunanori MidoHuman (Two-Handed Gun) SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB) - Tsunanori MidoHuman (Any Weapon) SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB) - Tsunanori MidoHuman (Any Weapon) SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB) - Diva No. 5Mech

Main Recommended Formations

Main Recommended Formations
  • Coordination: High versatility for most encounters.
  • Desert Land or Hotenmai no Jin: Effective against strong enemies which allows you to use the Mech character as a tank to draw enmity.
  • War Cry: Formations such as War Cry that grant you 5 initial BP and grant position 1 BP-1 for Techs is also strong is certain situations.

The formations listed above will allow you to adapt to various encounters against regular enemies as well as bosses throughout the different worlds you visit in the game.

About Human Characters

The performance of Human characters largely depends on the skills and equipment you set on them. This means that the further you are towards the late-game, the more abilities and gear you will have to make Humans stronger in battle.

In terms of weapons to use for this party setup, try to have at least one Human character equipped with a two-handed sword while the other uses two-handed guns as the main attackers.

For the rest of the party members, feel free to have them wield one-handed swords or one-handed guns for them to contribute to United Attacks or stunning enemies.

When up against certain bosses, you could have one Human spellcaster specializing in all-target attack magic such as Soul Song and Quick Time.

About Mech Characters

Mech characters serve as your primary debuffers to gain the advantage in battle with skills such as Sparklign Mist, Quick Blade, AI Shooting, and Water Gun. For enemies that like to inflict status ailments, have the party adopt the Desert Lance formation so that the Mech character who can nullify these negative effects can draw Enmity.

Mech characters also have access to useful Interrupt Techs such as Dokkiri Knights which has a Slash attribute to attack all enemies upon activation.

Party Setup with Monster Character

Human-Mech-Monster Party
SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB) - Tsunanori MidoHuman (Two-Handed Sword) SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB) - Tsunanori MidoHuman (Two-Handed Gun) SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB) - Tsunanori MidoHuman (Any Weapon) SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB) - Diva No. 5Mech SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB) - ImakuMonster

In SaGa: Emerald Beyond, Monster characters are mostly seen as the weakest race, though they can be reliable support characters by learning the right combination of skills. Despite this, Monsters will inevitably be at a disadvantage in battle as they cannot equip armor to increase their defense.

Recommended Monster Skills to Learn

Recommended Monster Skills
  • Sonic Sword (absorbed from Ant Type Monsters): A BP2 Slash-attribute Tech that can move 5 squares forward on the timeline and quell Conditonal Techs. Also useful for triggering United Attacks and Interrupts.
  • Lick Slash (absorbed from Iwakui Type Monsters): A Slash-attribute Tech that can lower the enemy’s speed with 1 BP. Simple but effective.
  • Assault Fang (absorbed from Barghest Type Monsters): Stun Tech. “Kachiage” (absorbed from Wild Boar) also works as a substitute.

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