SaGa: Emerald Beyond - Mr. S Final Trial: How to Unlock and Rewards

Mr. S final trial guide for SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB), including how to unlock, rewards, enemies encountered, and enemy drops.

SaGa: Emerald Beyond - Mr. S Final Trial: How to Unlock and Rewards

Mr. S Final Trial: How to Unlock and Rewards Guide for SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB)

How to Unlock Mr. S Final Trial

Requires Mr. S Challenge Letter

To unlock Mr. S final trials in SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB), you must obtain the Mr. S Challenge Letter (key item) which can be traded for at Trade Rank 6 or higher using Clearing Tickets.

SaGa: Emerald Beyond Trading Guide

How to Get Cleaning Tickets

Cleaning Tickets can be obtained by trading items with washing machines that appear at the Junction.

After trading for a Cleaning Ticket once, close and trade again to get another ticket. Do this to get as many Cleaning Tickets as you need.

How to Use Mr. S Challenge Letter

After getting the Mr. S Challenge Letter, a passage that is not connected to a door will appear at the Junction. Follow the passage and talk to Mr. S to begin the final trials.

Note that it is recommended to manually save before attempting the final trials as each of the challenges can only be cleared once.

Mr. S Final Trials Rewards

No. Enemies Drops Rewards
1 Difuda or Mira, Giant Whale Servant x2 Megalanica (Difuda), Seven Star Sword (Mira) Obsidian x1, Jewel x 1
2 Euros or Zephyrus, Sky Tanker, Skull Dancer Touhou Undefeated (Euros), True Creation of Heaven and Earth (Zephyros) Obsidian x1, Meteorite x1
3 All Ghoul or Efalouche, Farinishu x2 Fire Spear (All Ghoul), Juwa Youth (Efalouche) Obsidian x1, Meteorite x1
4 Spirit Machine, Lion Spirit or Spirit Machine, Butterfly Spirit or Spirit Machine, Susanoo or Spirit Machine, Yamata no Orochi, Support Mover, Camper Glaucos (Spiritual Machine, Lion Spirit), Togenkyo (Spirit Machine, Butterfly Spirit), Spear of the Fighting God (Spiritual Machine, Susanoo), Foundation (Spirit Machine, Yamata no Orochi) Obsidian x1, Super Alloy x1
5 Gargantua or Scout Tackler, Flying Rat, Musical Bat, Ashbeak x 2 Moonlight Beauty (Gangantua), Blue Sword (Scouten Tackle) Obsidian x1, Empera x1
6 Hills, Desert x4 Copper Mirror Obsidian x1, Meteorite x1
7 White Dragon, Float x4 King’s Sword Dragon Scale x1, Obsidian x1
8 Aporia, Heavy Tank, Blockard Star King Super Alloy x1, Obsidian x1

SaGa: Emerald Beyond Mr. S Trials List and Rewards

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