Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin - Post-Game Unlockables

All post-game unlockables in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (FF Origin) listing all new  post-game content and what to do after clearing the game's main story.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin - Post-Game Unlockables

Post-Game Unlockables in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Below is a list of all unlockable features in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (FF Origin) detailing all new  post-game content available after clearing the game’s main story.

Chaos Difficulty

Beating the game on any difficulty setting will unlock Chaos mode, the game’s most challenging difficulty. Chaos difficulty missions pit you against incredibly powerful enemies that drop the best weapons and armor (including Artifact equipment) in the game. High-level gear and materials can also be obtained from chests or from dismantling pieces of equipment found in Chaos mode missions.

Game Difficulty Guide

Note that playing through Chaos difficulty missions is required to obtain the achievements listed below if you intend to get 100% completion (Platinum).

Achievement Trophy How to Unlock
Origin of True Chaos PlayStation 4 - Gold TrophyGold Completed the game on Chaos difficulty.
Cycle of Darkness PlayStation 4 - Gold TrophyGold Completed a level 200 mission or higher on Chaos difficulty.

Trophies and Achievements List

Artifact Equipment

Artifact equipment are weapons and pieces of armor that boast affinity for two types of jobs, making them incredibly useful for leveling different classes in the game. Upon beating the main story, Artifact weapons and armor will start appearing as loot from defeated enemies and from treasure chests.

How to Get Artifact Equipment

Anima Crystals

Anima Crystals are an enhanced version of Anima Shards that grant any job class 10,000 Job EXP when used. You can also spend Anima Crystals to increase the level of Chaos difficulty missions, raising the difficulty posed by enemies but also allowing you to get better rewards afterwards.

How to Get Anima Crystals

Job Level Uncap

Various items to required to raise the job level cap of the different job classes will also become obtainable on Chaos difficulty. This allows you to level up your character’s job levels even higher to eventually trivialize encounters throughout the game.

Job Leveling Guide

Cyclic Warrior Job Class

The Cyclic Warrior job is also unlocked once you have beaten the game. Changing to this job lets you make short work of enemies by unleashing powerful elemental magic at the cost of reducing your maximum MP.

How to Unlock Cyclic Warrior Job Class

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