Triangle Strategy - Walkthrough and Guide

Triangle Strategy Walkthrough and Strategy Guide Page containing main storyline chapter walkthroughs, information gathering and battle strategy guides, encampment and mock battle guides, unlockable side stories and recruitable units, conviction dialogue choices and voting guides, best character unit guides, best weapons and equipment, recommended items and skills, enemy information and drop items, new game plus unlockables, game databases, cheats, tips and tricks, news and updates, and more. Triangle Strategy is a single-player, turn-based tactical role-playing game developed by Artdink and Square Enix, and published by Square Enix and Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, and Steam.

Chapter Walkthroughs

Main Chapter Walkthroughs

▼Triangle Strategy Chapter Walkthroughs
Chapter 1: A Young Hawk Soars Chapter 2: To Arms, Brave Warriors
Chapter 3, Part 1: Whither the River Flows Chapter 3, Part 2A: A Land of Snow and Ice
Chapter 3, Part 2B: A Land of Sand and Sun Chapter 4: A New Dawn
Chapter 5: Encroaching Darkness Chapter 6: Remember Me
Chapter 7: Forced Hands, Fractured Bonds Chapter 8: The Weather Vane
Chapter 9: Dwindling Light Chapter 10: The Shadows of Suspicion


Main Chapter Battles

▼Triangle Strategy Chapter Battles
Beset by Brigands The Tourney
Apprehending Rebels Subduing the Smugglers
Escape from the Whiteholm Castle The Route of House Falkes
General Avlora’s Assault


▼Triangle Strategy Boss Units
Trish Boss Guide (Chapter 1) Travis (Chapter 1)
Exharme Marcial (Chapter 2) Sorsley Ende (Chapter 2)
Avlora (Chapter 7) Landroi Falkes (Chapter 7)


Main Story Character Units

▼Triangle Strategy Main Story Party Members
Triangle Strategy - Serenoa Wolffort Character IconSerenoa Wolffort Triangle Strategy - Roland Glenbrook Character IconRoland Glenbrook
Triangle Strategy - Benedict Pascal Character IconBenedict Pascal Triangle Strategy - Frederica Aesfrost Character IconFrederica Aesfrost
Triangle Strategy - Geela Breisse Character IconGeela Breisse Triangle Strategy - Anna Pascal Character IconAnna Pascal
Triangle Strategy - Hughette Bucklar Character IconHughette Bucklar Triangle Strategy - Erador Ballentine Character IconErador Ballentine

Recruitable Character Units

▼Triangle Strategy Optional Party Members
Triangle Strategy - Corentin Jenner IconCorentin Jenner Triangle Strategy - Rudolph Mueller IconRudolph Mueller
Triangle Strategy - Ezana Qlinka Character IconEzana Qlinka Triangle Strategy - Julio Lightman Character IconJulio Lightman
Triangle Strategy - Medina Alliam Character IconMedina Alliam Narve Oparyn

Kingdom of Glenbrook Characters

▼Triangle Strategy Glenbrook Characters
Cordelia Glenbrook Frani Glenbrook
Landroi Falkes Maxwell Trier
Regna Glenbrook Silvio Telliore
Symon Wolffort Travis
Trish Jens Macher
Hossabara Freyya Piccoletta
Lionel Khapita Archibald Genoe

Grand Duchy of Aesfrost Characters

▼Triangle Strategy Aesfrost Characters
General Avlora Erika Aesfrost
Gustadolph Aesfrost Patriatte Konsar
Svarog Aesfrost Sycras Diutte
Thalas Aesfrost Dragan Aesfrost
Zigmunt Aesfrost

Holy State of Hyzante Characters

▼Triangle Strategy Hyzante Characters
Booker Peynorth Lyla Viscraft
Exharme Marcial Sorsley Ende
Kamsell Pharant Idore Demira

Strategy Guides

Getting Started

▼Triangle Strategy Beginner Guides
Game Editions Game Difficulty
Game Controls Gameplay Features
Permanent Events Battle System
Unit Stats Unit Attributes
Skill Types Status Effects
Post-Game Unlockables New Game Plus Unlockables

Useful Guides

▼Triangle Strategy Useful Guides
Ending Guide Best Units
Best Weapons Best Equipment
Best Skills Conviction Guide
Encampment Guide Information Gathering Guide
Voting Guide Mock Battle Guide
Side Story List Enemy List
Terrain List Conviction Dialogue Choices
How to Recruit Character Units How to Earn Kudos
Leveling Guide Mental Mock Battles and Rewards
Enemy List

Game Database

Equipment and Item-related

▼Triangle Strategy Items
Weapon List Accessory List
Item List


▼Triangle Strategy Shops
Portly Merchant Eagle-Eyed Elder
Young Smithy Gregarious Barkeep
Sundry Shop


▼Triangle Strategy Useful Guides
Unit Skill List

Game Overview

Triangle Strategy is a single-player, turn-based tactical role-playing game in a similar vein to the Fire Emblem series and Final Fantasy Tactics. The game is developed by Artdink and Square Enix, and published by Square Enix and Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It is the latest entry in the Bravely Default and Octopath Traveler series produced by Tomoya Asano. Although Triangle Strategy’s world looks similar to Octopath Traveler, it may not tie directly to it. However, it may take place in the same world in a similar time period. The game is scheduled to release on March 4, 2022.


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Coming Soon!

Game Trailers

Triangle Strategy – Steam Announcement Trailer

Source: Square Enix NA YouTube Channel

Triangle Strategy – Final Trailer

Source: Nintendo YouTube Channel

Triangle Strategy – Challenge your Convictions Trailer

Source: Nintendo YouTube Channel

Triangle Strategy – Nintendo Direct Trailer

Source: Nintendo YouTube Channel

Triangle Strategy – Announcement Trailer

Source: Nintendo of America YouTube Channel

Game Information

Title Triangle Strategy (WW)
Genre Single-player / Turn-based Tactics / Tactical role-playing
Platform and System Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, and Steam
Developer Artdink and Square Enix
Publisher Square Enix
Release date March 4, 2022 (Nintendo Switch), October 12, 2022 (Microsoft Windows and Steam)
Official Website