Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Best Builds for Beginners

Best builds for beginners for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, including recommended melee and Wizardry character builds for new players, recommended Virtue stat allocation per level (Qi Points), best weapons, Martial Arts skills, Wizardry magic spells, Divine Beasts, and other useful tips.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Best Builds for Beginners

Best Builds for Beginners Guide for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wood Virtue Melee Build

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Straight Sabre Build

Build Overview

The Wood Virtue melee build for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a straightforward close-range combat build for beginners that offers a good balance of offense and defense while being generally easy to use. This setup focuses on the Wood Virtue stat for the best incremental max HP gained per Qi point allocated and for maximizing damage values when wielding straight sabres, curved sabres, and staves.

Build Advantages

Access to useful Wood Phase Wizardries.

Focusing on Wood also gives you access to the Wood Phase Wizardry tree which has a good mix of offensive and support magic. Attack spells like Lightning Bolt let you damage foes from a distance to compensate for your main armament’s limited range. Absorb Vitality and Perfect Restoral, meanwhile, are incredible support magic that can reliably get you through tough encounters, especially boss battles.

Able to equip heavy armor for better survivability.

You will also be investing Qi points into Earth Virtue to increase maximum equipment weight. Doing so allows you to wear heavier armor pieces that offer good defense to help you tank through most enemy attacks. Leveling Earth also improves Spirit accumulation when deflecting attacks so you can use Martial Arts and support spells more frequently in battle.


Primary Weapons

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Straight Sabre Build

As mentioned, the Wood Virtue melee build greatly benefits from using straight sabres, curved sabres, and staves as these weapon classes boast the best scaling with Wood.

▼Wood Virtue Primary Weapons
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Straight SabreStraight Sabre Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Curved SabreCurved Sabre Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - StaffStaff

These armaments have short to medium reach so learning to deflect is important to minimize damage while depleting the enemy’s Spirit. While you will have a decent amount of health from focusing on the Wood Virtue (making mistimed parries less punishing), you should always try anticipate enemy attacks and answer with deflecting or dodging.

Secondary Weapons

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Glaive Build

Putting points into Earth opens up the option to use glaives as viable backup weapon. This armament is arguably the best among the polearm class weapons as it allows you to perform wide-swinging horizontal attacks that have incredible range and damage output. Having decent affinity with the Earth Virtue also gives you access to some defensive Earth Phase Wizardry spells that further increase your survivability.

▼Wood Virtue Secondary Weapons
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - GlaiveGlaive

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Best Weapons Tier List

Stats to Prioritize

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Recommended Stats (Wood Virtue Melee Build)

Stat Priority
Wood Virtue ★★★★★
Details Increases max HP (more so than any other stat), increases straight straight sabre, curved sabre, and staff weapon damage (best overall scaling), reduced Spirit loss from enemy attacks, access to Wood Phase Wizardries.
Fire Virtue ★★★
Details Increases Spirit gain using normal attacks, reduces Spirit consumed using Martial Arts.
Earth Virtue ★★★★
Details Increases maximum equipment weight (to equip heavier armor), increases Spirit gained from deflecting enemy attacks, access to Earth Phase Wizardries.

Prioritize Wood Virtue.

The Wood Virtue melee build’s primary stat for increasing weapon damage is the Wood Virtue. The significant boost to maximum health compared to other stats also works well when using melee weapons as you will be in the enemy’s face most of the time due to the weapon’s close to mid reach. Engaging opponents head-on also means that you are more likely to get hit compared to other builds so being able to tank more hits is always good.

Raise Earth Virtue as your secondary stat.

After allocating significant Qi points to Wood, you can spend time raising your Earth Virtue to boost maximum equipment load which allows you to wear defensive gear with better protection. Spending points into this stat also lets you accumulate more Spirit when deflecting incoming strikes and is especially useful against bosses.

Put points into Fire Virtue last.

After raising Earth, focus on raising Fire Virtue which will let you gain Spirit faster and reduce the cost of using Martial Arts in battle. These combination of stats (Wood, Fire, and Earth) also mitigate the decreased resistances you gain from leveling up each of them.

Melee Build Stat Allocation (Qi Points)

Stat Recommended Qi Points
Wood Virtue 40
Fire Virtue 25
Earth Virtue 30
Metal Virtue
Water Virtue

Recommended Martial Arts Skills

Martial Art Required Weapon
Coming soon To be confirmed.
Details To be confirmed.

Recommended Wizardry Spells

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Recommended Wizardries (Wood Virtue Melee Build)

Wizardry Spell Morale Rank Required Virtue
Lightning Bolt (Wood Phase) 3 Wood Virtue 1
Details Low Spirit-cost ranged attack, useful for the early game.
Enhanced Defense (Earth Phase) 3 Earth Virtue 2
Details Temporarily reduce incoming damage taken and prevents you from flinching to some attacks
Absorb Vitality (Wood Phase) 0 Wood Virtue 3
Details Allows you and your allies to recovery HP when damaging enemies, useful spell for increased survivability, requires 0 Morale.
Lightning Weapon (Wood Phase) 7 Wood Virtue 12
Details Useful against enemies weak to lightning.
Cleanse (Wood Phase) 0 Wood Virtue 20
Details Useful skill for removing all debuffs and gaining temporary status ailment resistance (except Metal), requires 0 Morale.
Perfect Restoral (Wood Phase) 15 Wood Virtue 30
Details Essential mulligan skill that lets you ignore damage from an enemy attack once.

Essential Wood Phase Wizardry Support Spells

Recommended Wizardries for the Wood Virtue melee build are mostly those that give you better survivability. Absorb Vitality, for instance, is a must-have spell as it temporarily grants you and your allies lifesteal in battle. Its 0 Morale requirements also means that you can cast the spell early in each mission.

Cleanse lets you heal from negative status effects while boosting your resistance against them for a short period. It also requires no Morale so you can use it regardless of your current progress in the level.

Finally, Perfect Restoral is arguably among the best Wizardry Spells to get as you can simply tank through any attack once regardless of your current HP. This spell is a particularly useful option during boss battles, especially when up against bosses that cast massive area-of-effect (AoE) attacks that are hard to dodge or run away from.

Get Lightning Bolt and Lightning Weapon for maximizing damage against enemies vulnerable to lightning.

For offensive spells, Lightning Bolt is a nice early-game offensive spell to pepper enemies safely from a distance. You should also get Lightning Weapon to increase damage output against enemies weak to lightning.

Recommended Divine Beats


Divine Beast Favors
  • Element-Imbued Weapon Damage: +4.6% – +9.2%
  • Morale Rank Points Gain: +6.0%
  • Alliance Spirit Defense: +24
  • Positive Effect Duration: +3.6%
Summon Ability Radiant Thundercry: Summons Bixie to strike all surrounding enemies with lightning. Additionally, Bixie calls down lightning on all nearby enemies at set intervals. The attack range increases when your Morale Rank is 10 or above.
Resonation Summons Bixie to apply Lightning damage to your weapon. Increases Spirit gained from attacks and ailment accumulation dealt.


Divine Beast Favors
  • Wood Phase Spell Spirit Consumption: -3.0% to -6.0%
  • HP: +18%
  • Restore HP: +2.4%
  • Genuine QI Obtention: +9.6%
Summon Ability Qinglong’s Resurrection: summons Qinglong to strengthen surrounding allies and restore their HP. Can also revive allies awaiting aid when your Morale Rank is 10 or Above.
Resonation Summons Qinglong to apply Lightning damage to your weapon. Increases Spirit gained from attacks and decreases HP damage taken.

Wizardry Build

Coming soon.

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