Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Best Straight Sabre Build and Recommended Skills

Best straight sabre build and recommended skills guide for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, including recommended Virtue stat allocation per level (Qi Points) for using straight sword weapons, best Martial Arts skills, Wizardry magic spells, Divine Beasts, and other useful tips.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Best Straight Sabre Build and Recommended Skills

Best Straight Sabre Build and Recommended Skills Guide for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Straight Sabre Build

Build Overview

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the Straight Sabre build’s main stat to level up is the Wood Virtue which grants the best damage scaling for using straight sword weapons in the game. Investing in Wood also gives you the most incremental increases in maximum HP which greatly benefits this builds close-range approach to combat.

As a secondary stat, players can allocate Qi points into the Fire Virtue for using spears as a backup weapon while also speeding up Spirit gain. Alternatively, it is also possible to put points into Water Virtue to be able to use ranged armaments such as bows and crossbows. Stealth is also enhanced with higher Water Virtue which has its uses for performing Fatal Strikes.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Best Builds for Beginners

Primary Weapon

This build focuses on optimizing damage using straight sabres which have fast swing speed. Compared to slower weapons that are more committal when attacking, straight sabres let you recover faster for when you need to deflect incoming strikes and are generally very easy to use. Because of the weapon’s short range, you may find yourself switching to a backup spear or bow often throughout the game.

Secondary Weapon

When putting Qi points to the Fire Virtue, it is recommended to use spears which have superior range and crowd control to straight sabres. Bows and crossbows also pair well with the straight sword if you choose to invest in Water Virtue instead.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Best Weapons Tier List

Stats to Prioritize

Stat Priority
Wood Virtue ★★★★★
Details Increases max HP (more so than any other stat), reduced Spirit loss from enemy attacks, access to Wood Phase Wizardries
Fire Virtue ★★★
Details Increases damage output using swords and spears, increases Spirit gain using normal attacks, reduces Spirit consumed using Martial Arts, access to Fire Phase Wizardries
Water Virtue ★★★
Details Increases damage output using ranged weapons (bows and crossbows), increases stealth, access to Water Phase Wizardries

Prioritize Wood Virtue.

The Wood Virtue should be your main stat to level up. This parameter covers both the amount of additional HP you can per points allocated as well as how much damage you deal with your primary weapon.

Raise Fire or Water Virtue as a secondary stat.

Depending on your preferred backup weapon, decide whether to put Qi points into Fire (spear) or Water (bows). The former grants you increased Spirit gain and reduced Spirit cost when using Martials Arts. Spending points into Water Virtue, meanwhile, lets you use bows and crossbows in addition to boosting Stealth for surprise attacks (Fatal Strikes).

Build Stat Allocation (Qi Points)

Stat Recommended Qi Points
Wood Virtue 40
Fire Virtue 30
Earth Virtue 30
Metal Virtue
Water Virtue

Recommended Martial Arts Skills

Martial Art Required Weapon
Coming soon To be confirmed.
Details To be confirmed.

Recommended Wizardry Spells

Wizardry Spell Morale Rank Required Virtue
Lightning Bolt (Wood Phase) 3 Wood Virtue 1
Details Low Spirit-cost ranged attack, useful for the early game.
Absorb Vitality (Wood Phase) 0 Wood Virtue 3
Details Allows you and your allies to recovery HP when damaging enemies, useful spell for increased survivability, requires 0 Morale
Unseeable Form (Water Phase) 12 Water Virtue 8
Details Temporarily become invisible, useful for performing Fatal Strikes on powerful enemies to initiate battle
Lightning Weapon (Wood Phase) 7 Wood Virtue 12
Details Useful against enemies weak to lightning.
Flame Weapon (Fire Phase) 7 Fire Virtue 12
Details Useful against enemies weak to fire.
Ice Weapon (Water Phase) 7 Water Virtue 12
Details Useful against enemies weak to ice.
Cleanse (Wood Phase) 0 Wood Virtue 20
Details Useful skills for removing all debuffs and gaining temporary status ailment resistance (except Metal), requires 0 Morale
Perfect Restoral (Wood Phase) 15 Wood Virtue 30
Details Essential mulligan skill that lets you ignore damage from an enemy attack once.
Overpower Burst 0 Fire Virtue 30
Details Greatly increases the power of the next Martial Art or Wizardry you use.

Recommended skills for the straight sabre build include useful Wood Phase magic to increase survivability. Be sure to get Absorb Vitality to recover HP each time you land hits on an enemy. Cleanse gives you a ready option for removing debuffs and status ailments while also making you more resistant to them for a short period. Perfect Restoral, meanwhile, lets you survive attacks that would normally kill you, making it among the most useful Wizardries during boss battles.

When investing in Fire as a secondary Virtue, it is recommended to get the Flame Weapon enchant spell to give you advantage against enemies weak to the element. Alternatively, you can get Ice Weapon if you want to put more points into Water Virtue instead. It is also recommended to get Unseeable Form form the Water Phase Wizardries to help you perform Fatal Strikes even with little to no cover during missions.

Recommended Divine Beats


Divine Beast Favors
  • Wood Phase Spell Spirit Consumption: -3.0% to -6.0%
  • HP: +18%
  • Restore HP: +2.4%
  • Genuine QI Obtention: +9.6%
Summon Ability Qinglong’s Resurrection: summons Qinglong to strengthen surrounding allies and restore their HP. Can also revive allies awaiting aid when your Morale Rank is 10 or Above.
Resonation Summons Qinglong to apply Lightning damage to your weapon. Increases Spirit gained from attacks and decreases HP damage taken.


Divine Beast Favors
  • Ranged Attack Damage: +5.2% to +10.4%
  • Ammo Replenish upon Fatal Strike: +1
  • Enemy Detection: +24
  • Power Drop to Enemy upon Ranged Attack
Summon Ability Xuanwu’s Cryosphere: summons Xuanwu to strike nearby enemies with a continuous frost wave, as well as to attack close enemies with icy projectiles. The attack range increases when your Morale Rank is 10 or above.
Resonation Summons Xuanwu to apply Ice damage to your weapon. Increases automatic Spirit recovery and HP damage dealt.


Divine Beast Favors
  • Fire Phase Spell Spirit Consumption: -3.0% to -6.0%
  • Spirit Gain from Normal Attacks: +3.5%
  • Spirit Damage Received While Attacking: -3.5%
  • Power Gain upon Martial Arts
Summon Ability Zhuque’s Scorch: summons Zhuque to engulf the surrounding area in fire. An additional attack is performed when your Morale Rank is 10 or above.
Resonation Summons Zhuque to apply Flame damage to your weapon. Increases HP damage and ailment accumulation dealt.

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