Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Best Curved Sabre Build and Recommended Skills

Best curved sabre build and recommended skills guide for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, including recommended Virtue stat allocation per level (Qi Points) for using curved sword weapons, best Martial Arts skills, Wizardry magic spells, Divine Beasts, and other useful tips.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Best Curved Sabre Builds and Recommended Skills

Best Curved Sabre Build and Recommended Skills Guide for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Build Overview

The Curved Sabre build for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty puts emphasis on raising the Metal Virtue which curved sabre weapons scale the most with. Leveling up the Metal Virtue also lowers Spirit cost of Wizardry spells and gives you access to useful debuffs from the Metal Phase magic tree. This gives the Curved Sabre build more flexibility compared to the Sword and Straight Sabre builds by giving a few ways to weaken foes in battle.

For secondary stats, it is recommended to invest Qi points into Water Virtue to have the option of switching to ranged armaments to compensate for the curved sabre’s limited reach. Raising Water also grants you better stealth for sneaking up on enemies and performing surprise Fatal Strikes.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Best Builds for Beginners

Primary Weapon

Curved sabres are the primary weapon of this build. While enjoying fast swing speed similar to swords and straight sabres, curved sabres also suffer from the short reach shared by its peers. This weapons class, however, is characterized by its focus on horizontal strikes which gives it slightly better range than other standard blades and has decent performance against groups of enemies.

Secondary Weapon

Ranged weapons such as bows and crossbows work well as backup to curved sabres, giving you viable means to damage enemies from a safe distance. Putting Qi points into Water also opens up dual swords which scale off the element as an alternative, though you are better off relying on your primary armament for close range engagements.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Best Weapons Tier List

Stats to Prioritize

Stat Priority
Metal Virtue ★★★★★
Details Increases damage output using curved sabres, reduces Spirit cost when using Wizardry spells, access to Metal Phase Wizardries
Water Virtue ★★★★
Details Increases damage output using ranged weapons (bows and crossbows) and dual swords, improves stealth, access to Water Phase Wizardries
Wood Virtue ★★★★
Details Increases maximum HP (more so than any other stat), increases Spirit defense, increases Wizardry effect duration

Prioritize Metal Virtue.

Give the most priority to raising your Metal Virtue to get as much damage boost from using curved sabres. Doing so also gives you access to various poison and debuff spells under Metal Phase Wizardries which become useful during various situations in battle.

Raise Water and Wood Virtues.

As you level up Metal, try to also put points into Water and Wood Virtues. The former will allow you to use bows and crossbows as backup weapons will be useful for picking off enemies from afar or drawing their attention to isolate them from the group. Leveling up Water also opens up options to dabble in Water Phase Wizardries while also improving your stealth.

Raising Wood, meanwhile, grants you increased survivability by giving you significant boosts to max HP. You can also try getting a few of the more useful Wood Phase Wizardries, particularly Absorb Vitality, to help you during boss battles and other tough encounters.

Build Stat Allocation (Qi Points)

Stat Recommended Qi Points
Wood Virtue 30
Fire Virtue
Earth Virtue
Metal Virtue 40
Water Virtue 30

Recommended Martial Arts Skills

Martial Art Required Weapon
Coming soon To be confirmed.
Details To be confirmed.

Recommended Wizardry Spells

Wizardry Spell Morale Rank Required Virtue
Frost Lance (Water Phase) 0 Water Virtue 1
Details Low Spirit-cost ranged ice magic attack, requires 0 Morale
Poison Bubbles (Metal Phase) 0 Metal Virtue 2
Details Low Spirit-cost damage over time attack, useful against multiple enemies, requires 0 Morale
Absorb Vitality (Wood Phase) 0 Wood Virtue 3
Details Allows you and your allies to recovery HP when damaging enemies, useful spell for increased survivability, requires 0 Morale
Calamity Bolts (Metal Phase) 3 Metal Virtue 4
Details Enemies deal less damage for a duration, useful against bosses and other tough encounters
Life Wither (Metal Phase) 15 Metal Virtue 7
Details Enemies take more damage for a duration, useful against bosses and other tough encounters
Unseeable Form (Water Phase) 12 Water Virtue 8
Details Enemies take more damage for a duration, useful against bosses and other tough encounters
Toxin Weapon (Metal Phase) 7 Metal Virtue 12
Details Applies toxin on your weapon, useful against enemies with a lot of HP
Thorny Shot (Metal Phase) 0 Metal Virtue 25
Details Reduces enemy movement, can make certain encounters significantly easier, requires 0 Morale
Perfect Restoral (Wood Phase) 15 Wood Virtue 30
Details Useful mulligan skill that lets you ignore damage from an enemy attack once.

Since this build focus on raising the Metal Virtue stat, it is recommended to unlock various Wizardries that apply poison on enemies. Poison Bubbles is your basic damage-over-time spell that requires no Morale, making it a good choice during the early game stages. You should also get Toxin Weapon to build up poison on enemies which works well with the curved sword’s fast attack speed.

For debuffs, try to get Calamity Bolts and Life Wither as these give you the advantage in terms of damage output against enemies. Thorny Shot is also a good spell to have for slowing fast enemies, especially bosses, without needing high Morale.

For Water Phase magic, Unseeable Form is among the most useful ones to get as it helps you perform Fatal Strikes on enemies with little to no cover when approaching them.

Finally, be sure to unlock the Absorb Vitality spell from Wood Phase Wizardries as it is arguably one of the best magic to have for survivability. If you can level up your Wood Virtue high enough, you can also get Perfect Restoral to gain a handy mulligan (ignore damage from an incoming attack once) that can save you in various situations.

Recommended Divine Beats


Divine Beast Favors
  • Metal Phase Spell Spirit Consumption: -3.0% to -6.0%
  • Spirit Damage: +3.9%
  • Negative Effect Duration on Enemies: +3.6%
  • Damage Amplification upon Fatal Strike
Summon Ability Baihu’s Carnage: summons Baidu to fight alongside you for a short duration. The duration increases when your Morale Rank is 10 or above.
Resonation Summons Baihu to apply Toxin damage to your weapon. Increases ailment accumulation dealt and Spirit gained from attacks.


Divine Beast Favors
  • Spirit Damage to Enemies with Negative Effects: +5.1% to +10.2%
  • Spirit Gain from Normal Attacks: +3.5%
  • Spirit Damage Received While Attacking: -3.5%
  • Power Gain upon Martial Arts
Summon Ability Tengshe’s Mistwalk: summons Tengshe to scatter potions in the area. The attack range and variety of ailments inflicted increases when your Morale Rank is 10 or above.
Resonation Summons Tengshe to apply Toxin damage to your weapon. Increases damage and ailment accumulation dealt.

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