Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Best Dual Sabres Build and Recommended Skills

Best dual sabres build and recommended skills guide for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, including recommended Virtue stat allocation per level (Qi Points) for using twin sword weapons, best Martial Arts skills, Wizardry magic spells, Divine Beasts, and other useful tips.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Best Straight Sabre Build and Recommended Skills

Best Straight Sabre Build and Recommended Skills Guide for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Dual Sabres

Build Overview

The Dual Sabres build for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty prioritizes the Water Virtue for increasing attack power when using dual sabre weapons in the game. Putting points into Water also gives you access to ranged weapons such as bows and crossbows, allowing you to cover both melee and ranged damage dealing. High levels in Water Virtue also improve stealth which make it easier to perform Fatal Strikes to initiate combat.

A good secondary stat to invest in when maining dual sabres is the Wood Virtue which gives you the best incremental increases to maximum health and opens up options to use Wood Phase Wizardries to further increase survivability.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Best Builds for Beginners

Primary Weapon

As mentioned, this build focuses on wielding dual sabres which boast immense combo potential thanks to their extremely fast swing speed. This lets you build Spirit at a faster rate compared to all other types of armaments so you can use Martial Arts and Wizardries more frequently in battle.

The dual sabres perform extremely well in one-on-one encounters but somewhat struggle when up against groups of enemies. Because of this, you will need to get comfortable with picking off targets one by one or using Wizardries to stay mobile when outnumbered.

Secondary Weapon

Bows and crossbows are the obvious choices for backup weapons when maining dual sabres. Having the option to engage foes safely from a distance lets you avoid taking too much damage compared to being in their face all the time. You can also use ranged weapons to stealthily pick off enemies from their group. Once isolated, you can engage them one-on-one which is much easier than taking on multiple foes at once.

Alternatively, you can also choose to switch to spears which have decent scaling with the Wood Virtue if you need a weapon with better range than dual sabres.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Best Weapons Tier List

Stats to Prioritize

Stat Priority
Water Virtue ★★★★★
Details Increases damage output using dual sabres and ranged weapons (bows and crossbows), increases stealth, access to Water Phase Wizardries
Wood Virtue ★★★★
Details Increases maximum HP (more so than any other stat), access to Wood Phase Wizardries
Fire Virtue ★★★
Details Increases Spirit gain rate, reduces Spirit cost of Martial Art, access to Fire Phase Wizardries

Prioritize Water Virtue.

The Water Virtue is your main stat to level up which directly affects the amount of damage you dish out using dual sabres and ranged weapons. This stat alone already covers the requirements to make your main and secondary weapon viable so allocate as many Qi points to it as possible.

Raise Wood Virtue as your secondary stat.

To improve survivability, invest some Qi points to Wood Virtue as well. Raising Wood increases your maximum HP more than any of the other Virtues while letting you use a few useful Wood Phase Wizardries to pull through tough encounters throughout the game. Leveling Wood can also give you decent damage numbers with some spears if you decide to use them as secondary weapons.

Put Qi points into Fire Virtue.

To benefit from the dual sabres’ combo potential, it is also recommended to raise Fire. Doing so further boosts the rate at which you accumulate Spirit and lowers the cost of using Martial Arts so you can use weapon skills more freely in battle. There are also some useful Fire Phase Wizardries you can get to enhance damage output even more, though they are not essential to this build.

Build Stat Allocation (Qi Points)

Stat Recommended Qi Points
Wood Virtue 30
Fire Virtue 25
Earth Virtue
Metal Virtue
Water Virtue 40

Recommended Martial Arts Skills

Martial Art Required Weapon
Coming soon To be confirmed.
Details To be confirmed.

Recommended Wizardry Spells

Wizardry Spell Morale Rank Required Virtue
Frost Lance (Water Phase) 0 Water Virtue 1
Details Low Spirit-cost ranged ice attack, useful for the early game, requires 0 Morale
Absorb Vitality (Wood Phase) 0 Wood Virtue 3
Details Allows you and your allies to recovery HP when damaging enemies, useful spell for increased survivability, requires 0 Morale
Alacrity Haste (Water Phase) 7 Water Virtue 4
Details Increases movement speed for a duration, useful for evading enemy attacks or escaping
Unseeable Form (Water Phase) 12 Water Virtue 8
Details Temporarily become invisible, useful for performing Fatal Strikes on powerful enemies to initiate battle
Ice Weapon (Water Phase) 7 Water Virtue 12
Details Useful against enemies weak to ice.
Obscuring Frost (Water Phase) 7 Water Virtue 20
Details Area-of-effect debuff that lowers enemy targeting accuracy, making it easier to evade attacks
Aqua Blink (Water Phase) 7 Water Virtue 12
Details Useful frontal teleport for pursuing enemies and maintaining pressure
Cleanse (Wood Phase) 0 Wood Virtue 20
Details Useful skills for removing all debuffs and gaining temporary status ailment resistance (except Metal), requires 0 Morale
Perfect Restoral (Wood Phase) 15 Wood Virtue 30
Details Essential mulligan skill that lets you ignore damage from an enemy attack once.

For Water Phase Wizardries, try to get Unseeable Form as becoming invisible has a multitude of uses throughout the game. Frost Lance is a cheap ranged ice projectile that requires 0 Morale that you can regularly cast, especially during the early stages of the mission. Alacrity Haste and Aqua Blink, meanwhile, are useful Wizardries for mobility for when you need to outrun enemies or continue building up Spirit by staying on them.

Obscuring Frost is another good Water Phase spell for easily dodging enemy attacks, most notably projectiles. It also has its uses against certain bosses to lower their chances of landing hits on you.

Finally, get Absorb Vitality from the Wood Phase Wizardry tree to let you heal each time you attack enemies. This spell works particularly well with dual sabres because of the weapon class’ fast attack speed. If you can, try to get Perfect Restoral as well to be able to tank through enemy attacks that would normally kill you throughout the various missions.

Recommended Divine Beats


Divine Beast Favors
  • Water Phase Spell Spirit Consumption: -3.0% to -6.0%
  • Deflect Spirit Consumption: -2.6%
  • Fatal Strike Damage: +4.6%
  • Have upon Deflect Counterattack
Summon Ability Phantom Blightfrost: summons Baize to detect the location of enemies in the area. Additionally, Baize fires icicles at all enemies within the search area. The search range increases when your Morale Rank is 10 or above
Resonation Summons Baize to apply Ice damage to your weapon. Increases automatic Spirit recovery and decreases HP damage taken.


Divine Beast Favors
  • Ranged Attack Damage: +5.2% to +10.4%
  • Ammo Replenish upon Fatal Strike: +1
  • Enemy Detection: +24
  • Power Drop to Enemy upon Ranged Attack
Summon Ability Xuanwu’s Cryosphere: summons Xuanwu to strike nearby enemies with a continuous frost wave, as well as to attack close enemies with icy projectiles. The attack range increases when your Morale Rank is 10 or above.
Resonation Summons Xuanwu to apply Ice damage to your weapon. Increases automatic Spirit recovery and HP damage dealt.

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