Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Best Sword Build and Recommended Skills

Best sword build and recommended skills guide for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, including recommended Virtue stat allocation per level (Qi Points) for using iron sword weapons, best Martial Arts skills, Wizardry magic spells, Divine Beasts, and other useful tips.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Best Sword Build and Recommended Skills

Best Sword Build and Recommended Skills Guide for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Build Overview

The Sword Build for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty focuses on raising the Wood Virtue and Fire Virtue which raises your maximum HP and damage output using swords while giving you access to useful Wood Phase and Fire Phase Wizardry spells to complement your close-range combat style. This easy-to-use build aims to damage enemies using quick strikes that will allow you to switch to deflecting with as little gaps as possible.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Best Builds for Beginners

Primary Weapon

Swords will be your main armament of choice for this build. This weapon class favors one-on-one engagements (dueling) as its limited horizontal range make it somewhat difficulty to use against groups of enemies. Because of this, it is recommended to switch out to your secondary weapons, use Martial Arts or Wizardry spells, or pick off enemies one by one by luring them away from their team.

Secondary Weapon

Spears are a good backup weapon to have when maining swords to compensate for your primary armament’s limited range. Spear also scale well with the Fire Virtue and come with a variety of useful crowd control Martial Arts when taking on multiple opponents.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Best Weapons Tier List

Stats to Prioritize

Stat Priority
Wood Virtue ★★★★
Details Increases max HP (more so than any other stat), reduced Spirit loss from enemy attacks, access to Wood Phase Wizardries
Fire Virtue ★★★★★
Details Increases damage output using swords and spears, increases Spirit gain using normal attacks, reduces Spirit consumed using Martial Arts, access to Fire Phase Wizardries
Earth Virtue ★★★
Details Increases maximum equipment weight (to equip heavier armor), increases Spirit gained from deflecting enemy attacks

Prioritize Fire and Wood Virtues.

In general, you want to allocate most of your Qi points to the Fire and Wood Virtues with slightly more emphasis on the former. This ensures that you gain the best damage scaling from using swords (and spears). You will also build up and expend Spirit faster in battle, allowing you to perform Martial Arts or cast Wizardry spells more frequently.

Raise Earth Virtue as secondary stat.

You should also spend some of your Qi points on upgrading your Earth Virtue, mainly for the wider equipment options you will have to increase survivability. More stat points to Earth also gives you better Spirit gain when deflecting enemy attacks and is useful against bosses throughout the game.

Build Stat Allocation (Qi Points)

Stat Recommended Qi Points
Wood Virtue 30
Fire Virtue 40
Earth Virtue 25
Metal Virtue
Water Virtue

Recommended Martial Arts Skills

Martial Art Required Weapon
Coming soon To be confirmed.
Details To be confirmed.

Recommended Wizardry Spells

Wizardry Spell Morale Rank Required Virtue
Fire Bolt (Fire Phase) 0 Fire Virtue 2
Details Low Spirit-cost fire attack, useful against enemies weak to fire, requires 0 Morale
Absorb Vitality (Wood Phase) 0 Wood Virtue 3
Details Allows you and your allies to recovery HP when damaging enemies, useful spell for increased survivability, requires 0 Morale
Amplify Damage (Fire Phase) 0 Fire Virtue 12
Details Significantly increases damage dealt and damage received for a duration, requires 0 Morale
Flame Weapon (Fire Phase) 7 Fire Virtue 12
Details Useful against enemies weak to fire.
Cleanse (Wood Phase) 0 Wood Virtue 20
Details Useful skills for removing all debuffs and gaining temporary status ailment resistance (except Metal), requires 0 Morale
Perfect Restoral (Wood Phase) 15 Wood Virtue 30
Details Essential mulligan skill that lets you ignore damage from an enemy attack once.
Overpower Burst 0 Fire Virtue 30
Details Greatly increases the power of the next Martial Art or Wizardry you use.

The best skills for the sword build are mainly for increasing survivability and damage output, particularly those that require 0 Morale Rank to use. Absorb Vitality is a fantastic spell to have, especially during boss fights as it allows you to recover HP when attacking. Cleanse is useful for removing debuffs while also gaining improved resistance to them for a short duration. For surviving most enemy attacks, especially at low HP, Perfect Restoral is among the best Wizardries to get.

In terms of offensive magic, Fire Bolt is an easy-to-use Fire spell that costs very little Spirit to apply fire damage to enemies weak to it. You also want to get Flame Weapon to imbue your sword or spear with Fire to boost your damage output when taking on bosses susceptible to the element. You should also get the damage-boosting spells Amplify Damage and Overpower Burst, though the former also causes you to suffer more damage from enemy attacks (so use it sparingly).

Recommended Divine Beats


Divine Beast Favors
  • Martial Arts Damage: +3.9% to +7.8%
  • Martial Arts Spirit Consumption: -2.6%
  • Negative Effect Duration: -3.6%
  • Slow on Enemy upon Martial Arts
Summon Ability Deistic Exorcism: summons Xiezhi to fight alongside you for a short duration. The duration increases when your Morale Rank is 10 or above.
Resonation Summons Xiezhi to apply Flame damage to your weapon. Increases automatic Spirit recovery and HP damage dealt.


Divine Beast Favors
  • Fire Phase Spell Spirit Consumption: -3.0% to -6.0%
  • Spirit Gain from Normal Attacks: +3.5%
  • Spirit Damage Received While Attacking: -3.5%
  • Power Gain upon Martial Arts
Summon Ability Zhuque’s Scorch: summons Zhuque to engulf the surrounding area in fire. An additional attack is performed when your Morale Rank is 10 or above.
Resonation Summons Zhuque to apply Flame damage to your weapon. Increases HP damage and ailment accumulation dealt.

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