Wuthering Waves - Astrite Farming Guide

Astrite farming guide for Wuthering Waves (WuWa), including the best ways to get Astrite fast, recommended activities and content to do, and other useful tips.

Wuthering Waves (WuWa) - Astrite Farming Guide

Astrite Farming Guide for Wuthering Waves (WuWa)

How to Earn Astrite (F2P)

Activity (Content) Astrite Earned
Daily Activities (Dailies) 60 Astrite (daily)
Limited Events 100 to 500 Astrite (first-time clear only)
Tower of Adversity (Stable and Experiment Zone) 1,800 Astrite (first-time clear only)
Tower of Adversity (Deep Zone) 700 Astrite (monthly)
Depths of Illusive Realm 430 Astrite (first-time clear only)
Main Quests 10 to 100 Astrite (first-time clear only)
Path of Growth (Skill Training and Basic Training) 10 to 20 Astrite (first-time clear only)
Supply Chests 3 to 10 Astrite (one-time only)
Trophies 5 to 10 Astrite (one-time only)

Daily Activities (Dailies).

Clearing your Daily Activities (Dailies) rewards you with up tp 60 Astrite. This may seem small but being able to run these missions each day is the best way to steadily farm Astrite in the game as long as you log-in and play everyday.

Limited Events

You can also do any of the available limited events that become available as you progress further along the main story. The amount of Astrite you get from clearing these one-time clear missions varies, ranging from 100 to as much as 500 Astrite per clear. Because of this, try to do all limited events to earn Astrite before their duration ends.

Tower of Adversity (Stable Zone and Experiment Zone)

Clearing the Stable and Experiment Zones of the Tower of Adversity for the first time also rewards you with a hefty 1,800 Astrite. Afterwards, you can start doing the Deep Zone challenges which give out 700 Astrite and reset after a certain period.

The Tower of Adversity floors are quite challenging, especially when you reach the last floor of each zone. Because of this, be sure to run these dungeons with a competent team of characters at high levels.

Depths of Illusive Realm

It is also possible to obtain Astrite by clearing the Depths of Illusive Realm. Doing so lets you earn 430 Astrite as a first-time clear reward.

The Depths of Illusive Realm is an event that encourages you to try out various characters you do not main while giving you the chance to earn Astrite along the way.

Main Quests

Clearing various main story quests also net you with Astrite at varying amounts which range from 10 to 100 pieces per clear. Main quests do not have time limits unlike special events so feel free to spend time progressing in the former whenever you feel like it.

Path of Growth (Skill Training and Basic Training)

You can also complete any of the Skill Training and Basic Training missions under Path of Growth (Guidebook) to earn around 10 to 20 Astrite as first-time clear rewards. Note that a new Skill Training mission is added to your Guidebook each time you obtain a new Resonator character in the game.

Supply Chests and Trophies

Finally, Astrites are also rewarded for opening various Supply Chests found all throughout the open world. You are also given Astrites for unlocking Trophies after meeting each of their conditions in the game.

How to Earn Astrite (Paid)

Activity (Content) Astrite Earned
Lunite Subscription 3,000 Astrite (monthly)
Purchase Lunite Varies

Lunite Subscription

Availing of the paid Lunite Subscription from the Convene shop also lets you obtain a total of 3,000 Astrite. Upon purchasing the premium pass, you instantly get 300 Lunite which can be converted to 300 Astrite as well as earn 90 Astrite everyday for 30 days every time you log-in.

Purchase Lunite

You can also buy any of the Lunite bundles from the Convene shop with real money. Note that purchasing any of the Lunite bundles for the first time avails you off a one-time purchase bonus as summarized in the table below.

Lunite Bundle First Time Purchase Bonus
Lunite x60 60
Lunite x300 300
Lunite x980 980
Lunite x1,980 1,980
Lunite x3,280 3,280
Lunite x6,480 6,480

As can be seen above, each one-time purchase of any Lunite bundle lets you receive double the regular amount which is a great deal.

How to Use Astrite

Used to exchange for Lustrous Tides, Radiant Tides, and Forging Tides at the Convene shop.

Astrite is used to exchange for Lustruous Tides, Radiant Tides, and Forging Tides which are the currency used to pull from the various Convene banners. Lustruous Tides are the resource required for permanent banners. Radiant Tides and Forging Tides, meanwhile, are those spent for pulling from limited character and weapon banners respectively.

You can exchange Astrite for Lustruous Tides, Radiant Tides, and Forging Tides at the Item Exchange of the Convene Shop. The exchange rate is the same for all resources at 160 Astrite for 1 Lustrous Tide, Radiant Tide, or Forging Tide.

Since the limited banner Tides cost exactly the same permanent banner ones, it is generally recommended to almost always exchange your Astrite for the former type as much as possible.

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Used to replenish Waveplates.

Astrite is also used to recover Waveplates. Note that you can recover 60 Waveplates for every 60 Astrite consumed for the first time, up to a maximum of six times. The number of Astrite required to recover Waveplates will then increase to 120 from the third time you spend Astrite onwards.

No. of Times Waveplate is Recovered via Astrites Required Astrite
1 60
2 60
3 120
4 120
5 120
6 120

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