Wuthering Waves - How to Use Waveplates (Stamina)

A guide on how to use Waveplates (Stamina) in Wuthering Waves (WuWa), including the recommended and best ways to spend Waveplates, each content's overview and Waveplate consumption, how to unlock the material farming contents, and how to restore Waveplates in the game.

Wuthering Waves (WuWa) - How to Use Waveplates (Stamina)

How to Use Waveplates (Stamina) Guide for Wuthering Waves (WuWa)

Best Ways to Spend Waveplates

Content Details
Weekly Challenge [Priority: ★★★]

Can only be challenged three times per week.

Character and Team Development [Priority: ★★]

Strengthens your character and your whole team. Increases the chances of clearing in-game contents.

Echo Farming [Priority: ★]

Echo’s stats are completely random (RNG-based).

Make the Weekly Challenge the top priority.

Wuthering Waves (WuWa) - Weekly Challenge

Use or save up Waveplates for Weekly Challenges, as they can only be challenged three times per week and come with a set of rewards that can only be obtained by clearing them. However, we suggest that you do the Weekly Challenge later in the week and try to level up your Union Level before doing the Weekly Challenge. Doing so might allow you to challenge the higher-level Weekly Challenge and receive more rewards upon completion.

Make the Character and Team Development the second priority.

The strength of your team is crucial for defeating bosses and clearing challenging content in the game. It’s advisable to invest Waveplates in enhancing your characters, particularly those in your main team. Given that character enhancement typically requires a significant number of Waveplates (often 60), prioritize upgrading your main DPS or 5-star characters first.

Prioritize your Main DPS and Support.

Focus on your main DPS and support characters first, raising their level and leveling up their skills. In the early stages of the game, your DPS will carry you most of the time, but as the enemy difficulty increases, buffs and healing skills become crucial. Therefore, it’s advisable to strengthen your support characters as well.

Wuthering Waves Best Characters Tier List (Version 1)

Echo Farming

Wuthering Waves (Wuwa) - Echo Tuning

Since the main stats and substats of the Echoes are completely random, you should focus more on strengthening your characters than your Echoes during the early stages of the game. It may take some time to get the ideal main stats and substats for the build you are aiming for, which is why we suggest that you do this later in the game.

Contents That Use Waveplates

Content How to Unlock
Forgery Challenge (Weapon and Skill Materials) [Waveplate Consumption: 40]

Reach Union Level 10

Simulation Challenge (EXP Materials) [Waveplate Consumption: 40]

Unlocked automatically once you reach Jinzhou.

Boss Challenge (Resonator Ascension Materials) [Waveplate Consumption: 60]

Reach Union Level 10

Tacet Field Cleanup (Echo Materials) [Waveplate Consumption: 60]

Reach Union Level 19

Weekly Challenge (Advanced Skill Materials) [Waveplate Consumption: 60]

Clear Chapter 1 Act 3: Ominous Star

About Forgery Challenge

Wuthering Waves (WuWa) - Forgery Challenge


The Forgery Challenge allows you to obtain materials essential for enhancing or upgrading weapons and character skills, with some materials exclusively available through this challenge. Each successful completion of the Forgery Challenge consumes 40 Waveplates.

About Simulation Challenge

Wuthering Waves (WuWa) - Simulation Challenge

The Simulation Challenge offers valuable EXP materials, including Resonator EXP and Weapon EXP. It’s not just a source of EXP materials for characters and weapons, as it also enables players to farm Shell Credits, the currency for enhancing Resonators, weapons, and Echoes.

About Boss Challenge

Wuthering Waves (WuWa) - Boss Challenge

The Boss Challenge consumes 60 Waveplates in exchange for Resonator Ascension materials. As you progress further in the game, your character stats and level will reach a limit. In order to break through the limit, you will have to Ascend your characters, which will significantly improve their stats and level them up further. This makes the Boss Challenge one of the top priorities in the game.

About Tacet Field Cleanup

Wuthering Waves (WuWa) - Tacet Field Cleanup

The Tacet Field Cleanup provides a variety of Echoes and Echo Tune-up materials for 60 Waveplates. It is recommended to farm this content later in the game, as Echoes are also obtainable from the Overworld. There is no guarantee of acquiring the specific Echo you desire from the Tacet Field Cleanup, making it more crucial to prioritize your characters and other content.

About Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge offers Advanced Skill materials that enhance your character’s skills. This challenge is capped at three attempts per week, highlighting its importance as a top-priority activity within the game. It recommended to verify the specific Advanced Skill material needed for the character skill you wish to upgrade prior to selecting a Weekly Challenge boss.

How to Recover Waveplates (Stamina)

Waveplate recovers by 1 every 6 minutes.

Waveplates, also referred to as Stamina, restore at a rate of 1 every 6 minutes in real-time. If you deplete your Waveplates, it takes 24 hours to be fully restored. It is advisable to utilize your Waveplates at least once daily to avoid reaching the cap.

Waveplates Recovery Methods

Wait for the time to pass.

As mentioned above, Waveplates recover by 1 every 6 minutes. Therefore, you can just wait for your Waveplates to naturally replenish, or if you have depleted them entirely, wait 24 hours for them to be fully replenished.

Use Crystal Solvent

Crystal Solvent recovers 60 Waveplates after use. This item does not expire and will remain in your backpack until it is consumed, meaning you can save it for the later stages of the game where the rewards are much greater. It is recommended to save your Crystal Solvents until you reach a high Union Level, which will allow you to obtain better rewards and high-quality items.

Can your Waveplates exceed beyond the limit?

The answer is yes; the Waveplate can exceed its limit (240) through the use of the Crystal Solvent and Astrite. However, it is not advisable to have your Waveplates exceed their limit, as you might want them to recover every 6 minutes.

Use Astrite

Similar to the Crystal Solvent, Astrite can instantly replenish your Waveplates upon use. Nevertheless, Astrite is a valuable item or currency used to pull characters from the gacha. If you are a free-to-play player, it may be wise to conserve Astrite for character pulls instead of using it to restore Waveplates.

Remember, the amount of Astrite needed, or the cost, increases with consecutive uses for Waveplate recovery.

No. of Times Used Astrite Cost
1 60
2 60
3 120
4 120
5 120
6 120

Wuthering Waves Astrite Farming Guide

How to Check Waveplates

Open the Map.

You can view your Waveplates by simply opening the Map on the upper left side of your screen. In addition, you can also recharge your Waveplates on the Map screen.

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