Wuthering Waves - How to Get Lustrous Tides

A guide on how to get Lustrous Tides in Wuthering Waves (WuWa), including all methods to get Lustrous Tides, exchangeable items and currencies, how to get Lustrous Tides every month, how to use Lustrous Tides, recommended banners for beginners, and other useful information.

Wuthering Waves (WuWa) - How to Get Lustrous Tides

How to Get Lustrous Tides Guide for Wuthering Waves (WuWa)

Below is a summary of things you can do to get Lustrous Tides in Wuthering Waves.

Ways to Get Lustrous Tide Obtainable Lustrous Tide
Union Level Reward 50
Pioneer Podcast Reward 5 – 7 for every Pioneer Podcast
Exchange Corals (Item Exchange Menu) 6 per month
Exchange Wood-textured Shards at the Souvenir Store 5
Sonance Casket Delivery Reward 3
Exchange Data Sets at the Points Shop 3
Exchange Astrites Infinite

Union Level Reward

You can get the Level Bundle Supply Pack, which includes Lustrous Tides, once you reach a certain level. Aside from Level Bundles, you can also get 50 Lustrous from the “Awakening Journey” just by increasing your Union Level. It is also highly possible to get Lustrous Tides from quests and future events.

Wuthering Waves Union Leveling Guide

Pioneer Podcast Reward

The Pioneer Podcast offers a variety of rewards, such as EXP materials, Shell Credits, and Lustrous Tides, which can be obtained by increasing your Podcast level. Moreover, purchasing or subscribing to the “Insider Channel” will grant you greater rewards.

Exchange Corals (Item Exchange Menu)

In the Item Exchange menu of the Store, you can exchange Aftershocked Corals and Oscillated Corals for Lustrous Tides. These corals are acquired by pulling characters from the gacha (Convene), which in turn provides more opportunities to pull or acquire new characters.

Item Exchange Rate Obtainable Lustrous Tide
Aftershocked Coral 8 Aftershocked Corals Infinite
Oscillated Coral 70 Oscillated Corals 6 (resets every month)

Exchange Wood-Textured Shards at the Souvenir Store

Aside from Corals, you can also exchange Wood-textured Shards for Lustrous Tides at the Souvenir Store in Jinzhou. The Wood-textured Shards can be obtained from the Overworld and treasure chests.

Sonance Casket Delivery Reward

Deliver Sonance Caskets to Chenpi, the Relic Merchant, to obtain rewards, including Lustrous Tides. While the quantity of Lustrous Tide you receive may not be plenty, the other rewards are significantly valuable for your progression and characters.

Exchange Data Sets at the Points Shop

You can exchange Data Sets, which are obtained by completing Tactical Holograms, for Lustrous Tides. However, Tactical Holograms are the stronger versions of the bosses in the game, so make sure your team is optimized and prepared for a difficult battle.

Exchange Astrites

Additionally, you can exchange 160 Astrites for a Lustrous Tide in the Store’s Item Exchange menu. Note that Astrites can also be exchanged for Radiant Tide and Forging Tide. Exchange your Astrites for items required for the banner you wish to pull from.

Wuthering Waves Astrite Farming Guide

Use Astrites for Radiant Tides over Lustrous Tides.

Radiant Tides hold more value than Lustrous tides, as they are used to pull from featured banners, whereas Lustrous Tides are used to pull from regular and beginner banners. Moreover, Lustrous Tides can be acquired through various methods, such as collecting items from the overworld and progressing in the game.

How to Use Lustrous Tides

Recommended banner for new players

Novice Convene: Utterance of Marvels

Once you have unlocked the Convene (gacha), you will be able to choose from different banners. It is highly recommended to use your Lustrous Tides for pulling characters in the Novice Convene: Utterance of Marvels, as this banner offers a discount, reducing the amount of Lustrous Tides required. The Novice Convene banner also guarantees a 5-star character after pulling 50 times.

Furthermore, after obtaining a 5-star character from the Novice Convene banner, it will disappear and be replaced with a new banner.

Beginner’s Choice Convene: Cleansing Reflections

Wuthering Waves (WuWa) - Beginner's Choice Convene Event Banner

The next banner, Beginner’s Choice Convene: Cleansing Reflections, allows you to pull a 5-star character of your choice within 80 convenes. This banner provides the opportunity for you to strengthen or build a team. The Beginner’s Choice Conevene banner will disappear and, once again, be replaced with a new one.

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