Wuthering Waves - How to Get Radiant Tides

A guide on how to get Radiant Tides in Wuthering Waves (WuWa), including all methods to get Radiant Tides, exchangeable items and currencies, how to get Radiant Tides every month, how to use Radiant Tides, recommended banners, and other useful information.

Wuthering Waves (WuWa) - How to Get Radiant Tides

How to Get Radiant Tides Guide for Wuthering Waves (WuWa)

Below is a summary of things you can do to get Radiant Tides in Wuthering Waves.

Ways to Get Lustrous Tide Obtainable Radiant Tide
Union Level Reward 50
Pioneer Podcast Reward 5 – 7 for every Pioneer Podcast
Exchange Corals (Item Exchange Menu) 6 per month
Exchange Astrites Infinite

Union Level Reward

You can get the Level Bundle Supply Pack, which includes Radiant Tides, once you reach a certain level. Notably, the Level 70 Supply Pack includes 15 Radiant Tides, although attaining level 70 may require a considerable amount of time.

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Pioneer Podcast Reward

The Pioneer Podcast offers a variety of rewards, such as EXP materials, Shell Credits, and Radiant Tides. However, in order to get Radiant Tides from the Pioneer Podcast, you must first purchase or subscribe to the “Insider Channel.” Doing so will allow you to Convene more times, increasing the chances to get a new character.

Exchange Corals (Item Exchange Menu)

In the Store menu, you can exchange Aftershocked Corals and Oscillated Corals for Radiant Tides. These corals are acquired by pulling characters from the gacha (Convene). Exchange your Corals for items required for the banner you wish to pull from.

Item Exchange Rate Obtainable Radiant Tide
Aftershocked Coral 8 Aftershocked Corals Infinite
Oscillated Coral 70 Oscillated Corals 6 (resets every month)

Exchange Astrites

In addition, you can exchange 160 Astrites for a Radiant Tide in the Store’s Item Exchange menu. Astrites can also be exchanged for Lustrous Tides and Forging Tides. We highly recommend using your Astrites for Radiant Tide, as they are used to Convene the limited-time character from the featured banner.

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How to Use Radiant Tides

Used to pull characters from the Character Event Convene.

The Radiant Tide is used to pull characters from the featured character banner, whereas the Forging Tide is used to pull weapons from the featured weapon banner. The featured character banner guarantees a 5-star character within 80 Convenes. It’s important to note that the Character Event Convene rotates periodically, showcasing different upcoming characters.


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