Arena of Valor Valiant Online Community Tournament - Day 20 Round-Up

From close fights to dominant wins, here is a look at what happened during Round 6 and 7 of the Loser's Bracket in Kaisaya's AoV Valiant Online Community Tournament. Our Day 20 Round-Up showcases the crucial points in each match of the day.

A couple of lopsided matches and close games are showcased in Day 20 of Kaisaya’s AoV Valiant Online Community Tournament. All the teams that are involved in this day are desperate to win in order to advance through the loser’s bracket, which means that they would be eliminated from the tournament once they are defeated once in these rounds. Know more about the crucial moments that happened here in our Day 20 round-up.

Day 20 Round-Up

Forgiven United vs PowerPuffBoys – Nova PH

Forgiven United PowerPuffBoys – Nova PH
Xeniel Superman
Zephys Max


Forgiven United PowerPuffBoys – Nova PH
f.N – TeeMee n NGIN – Maloch
f.FL – Taara n Bane – Preyta
f.SILL – Lindis RG – Ryoma
.Yanyan – Lu Bu n BabyWafu – Alice
FU.predator – Tulen PL Tupe – Kriknak

A lopsided win for PowerPuffBoys took place in this match against Forgiven United, led by Maloch who has 3 kills, 11 assists, and 0 deaths. Maloch was able to perfectly time his ultimate ability during team clashes, making it easier for his teammates to anniliate the enemy heroes.

Forgiven United were only able to get 4 kills overall, which is abysmal considering that they have Tulen, Lindis, and Lu Bu which are heroes that are known to deal massive damage to enemies. With Kriknak paving the way for PowerPuffBoys to gain a lot of gold through jungling, he was also able to steal the jungle monsters from the enemy team’s territory, which made it difficult for Forgiven United to farm for gold.

At the last minutes of the games, it was easy for PowerPuffBoys to overpower Forgiven United once they reached the core, which led to a dominant 23-4 win.

Winner: PowerPuffBoys – Nova PH
MVP: n NGIN (Maloch, 3-0-11 KDA; 12.9 MVP)

EnemyE-Sports Gods vs Kimochiii

EnemyE-Sports Gods Kimochiii
Alice Xeniel
Max Lindis


EnemyE-Sports Gods Kimochiii
.M – Raz DashOut – TeeMee
EMY.StifLer – Zanis Cyriux – Tulen
EMY.miro.8 – Slimz Off. – Ryoma
EMY.FAITH – Superman Rikun – Maloch
EMY.Micro – Cresht Jiryu – Zephys

Another dominant win was showcased in this game as Kimochiii was able to widen the gap between them and EnemyE-Sports Gods during the later stages of the match as they got 19 kills overall.

Tulen was an importance peace for Kimochiii as he was able to get 3 kills and 11 assists. Without dying even once, Tulen made sure that Kimochiii defenses were still intact during the enemy’s tower pressure. Zephys was the one who destroyed the enemy team’s defenses as he got 11 kills due to the big damage the he deals during team clashes thanks to the jungle item Leviathan.

It was a close fight during the early minutes of the match, but Zephys was able to jungle efficiently and farm enough gold in order to make an almost complete item build to wipe out the enemy heroes who were lacking in items to deal enough damage to Kimochiii. In the end, Kimochiii bested the enemy team with a commanding 19-8 score.

Winner: Kimochiii
MVP: Cyriux (Tulen, 3-0-11 KDA; 13.8 MVP)

EurasiaSuperfly vs Nova S

EurasiaSuperfly Nova S
Maloch Zephys
Superman Max


EurasiaSuperfly Nova S
inzaiplays – Alice n Chivas – Airi
ESF.Zelle – Xeniel n Chiki – Wisp
ESF.Don – Liliana n Mcdohl – TeeMee
ESF.Maverick – Lindis n Xerxes – Arthur
ESF.Buck – Kriknak n Shitiao – Ignis

Despite having a close fight during the early to middle stages of the match, EurasiaSuperfly showed why it is more important to finish objectives than get kills as they outplayed Nova in the last stages of the game with a final score of 12-5.

Inzaiplays’ Alice showcased the power of a good support with having a 0-0-10 KDA, making sure that his teammates will not die during ganks or suprise attacks by activating Alice’s second ability in the right moment. Xeniel also did his job for EurasiaSuperfly with 6 assists which he accomplished by coming to the rescue of his teammates at the right time as well using his teleportation ultimate ability.

ESF.Maverick is also a crucial member for EurasiaSuperfly’s victory despite getting killed 2 times during the early minutes of the match. With having a strong item build focusing on the powerful effects of Scorching Wind, Lindis was able to take down multiple foes during team clashes.

Chiki’s Wisp was unable to kill any enemy heroes due to the dominating combination of Alice and Xeniel, which makes her damage almost inefficient during team fights.

All in all, EurasiaSuperfly was able to take down the enemy team’s towers swiftly, making Nova S unable to break any towers from ESF and focus on being defensive. With the power of the Dark Slayer buff in the final minutes, EurasiaSuperfly takes down Nova S’ core with ease.

Winner: EurasiaSuperfly
MVP: inzaiplays (Alice, 0-0-10 KDA; 10.9 MVP)

Kimochiii vs PowerPuffBoys – Nova PH

Kimochiii PowerPuffBoys – Nova PH
Lindis Tulen
Maloch Xeniel


Kimochiii PowerPuffBoys – Nova PH
Off. – Max n BabyWafu – Alice
Rikun – Airi n NGIN – Arthur
DashOut – Lumburr n Bane – Astrid
Jiryu – Kil’Groth RG – Lauriel
Cyriux – Aleister PL Tupe – Zephys

The combination of Kil’Groth, Airi, and Max was too much for PowerPuffBoys to handle as they lost this match against Kimochiii with a score of 13-22.

Kil’Groth was one of the crucial factors for Kimochiii during the middle stages due to his aggressiveness during towers, which led PowerPuffBoys to keep defending for their towers. Despite a good performance from PowerPuffBoys’ Alice, the hero was also unable to do anything to protect teammates due to having an incomplete build.

Airi and Kil’Groth were able to jungle efficiently not only in their territory, but also the enemy team’s, making it harder for PowerPuffBoys to farm for gold during the later stages of the game.

Lumburr was also able to remain durable during team clashes while also helping his teammates to sustain a little bit of damage thanks to Asterion’s Buckler.

Near the end of the match, Kimochiii didn’t even need to destroy the remaining towers in the Dark Slayer and Abyssal Dragon lanes as they immediately went ahead towards the open middle lane to take out PowerPuffBoys core for the victory.

Winner: Kimochiii
MVP: Rikun (Airi, 7-1-9 KDA; 13.9 MVP)


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About the Tournament:

Hosted by Kaisaya, a well known Philippine shoutcaster, the AOV Valiant Online Community Tournament is a community-based online event which provides a platform for professional and amateur teams to showcase their skills and experience an official-esque environment. This event also gives aspiring English shoutcasters the opportunity to hone their craft and build their portfolio for casting.

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