Arena of Valor Valiant Online Community Tournament - Day 21 Round-Up

Welcome to the daily round up for rounds five, six, and seven. The tournament is almost coming to a close, and those who are yet to be eliminated face the ever-growing chances of becoming the first champion in Kaisaya’s Valiant Online Community tournament. Let us look at the intense action that happened in the tournament –

Myth Esports vs PowerRangers

Myth Esports PowerRangers
Liliana Tulen
Murad Lindis


Myth Esports PowerRangers
MYT.Smzo – The Joker Ton. – TeeMee
MYT.Ambenski – Alice SG Relax – Wisp
MYT.Nayeon – Preyta PR Black – Maloch
LoMi – Max PR Blue – Kriknak
MYT.Slapstick – Zephys JoBunny – Superman

A dominant performance was showcased by Power Rangers as they defeated Myth Esports with a final score of 27-10. Maloch was the X factor for PowerRangers as he contributed 17 assists for the team.

Thanks to Fenrir’s Tooth, Maloch’s abilities were given an extra buff in damage, which contributed to his high assist count. SG Relax’s Wisp did her role efficiently, gathering 13 kills and 9 assists in the match. The combination of Superman and Kriknak also provided PowerRangers with enough gold due to their proficient farming skills.

Despite the valiant effort from Myth Esports, they were unable to counter any of PowerRangers attacks due to the lack of gold to complete their items builds. Without any chance to complete their items, PowerRangers immediately pushed through MythEsports’ towers to reach their core.

Winner: PowerRangers
MVP: PR Black (Maloch, 1-1-17 KDA; 12.9 MVP)

PowerRangers vs EurasiaSuperfly

PowerRangers EurasiaSuperfly
Lindis Maloch
TeeMee Superman


PowerRangers EurasiaSuperfly
SG Relax – Violet ESF.Maverick – Fennik
JoBunny – Tulen ESF.Buck – Zephys
PR Blue – Xeniel ESF.Jomz – Alice
Ton. – Cresht ESF.Zelle – Max
PR Black – Ryoma ESF.Don – Liliana

PowerRangers were unable to stop the onslaught of EurasiaSuperfly during the last minutes of the match with a final score of 6-15.

EurasiaSuperfly showed the power of teamwork in the game with their individual scores close to each other, they performed well during team clashes, which proved to be a huge advantage when both teams went to slay the Dark Slayer. Despite PowerRangers having enough power to kill the Dark Slayer, EurasiaSuperfly’s teamwork led them to stealing the buff.

The Dark Slayer buff then helped Eurasia Superfly push through the remaining towers of PowerRangers. With the buff too strong for Power Rangers to handle, they were unable to prevent their towers from getting destroyed, which led EurasiaSuperfly to continue towards the core for the victory.

Winner: EurasiaSuperfly
MVP: ESF.Buck (Zephys, 5-0-4 KDA; 11.8 MVP)

Team Marksman vs Nova PH Ravenous Game 1

Team Marksman Nova PH Ravenous
Maloch Superman
Max TeeMee


Team Marksman Nova PH Ravenous
TMM. – Tulen n ylf – Chaugnar
Sn – Liliana n NY – Airi
SG RvP – Arthur n Dondon – Preyta
vQuiet – Ormarr n Neptune – Alice
Impressive – Zephys n HungryBox – Lindis

The first game of the winner’s bracket saw Team Marksman and Nova PH Ravenous slugging it out to advance to the next round. Team Marksman had a very peculiar lineup with two mobile mages, Liliana and Tulen. On the other side, Nova PH had a typical meta lineup with Lindis leading the offense.

The first few minutes was a back-and-forth affair. Team Marksman started out very aggressive in the early game. It backfired however, as Nova PH got the first blood in under a minute. Team Marksman retained their aggressiveness and managed to get a 7-2 lead in the 6th minute mark.

Nova PH, to counter the snowball potential of Team Marksman, imitated the aggressive pace of Team Marksman. It went well for them as they caught up to the kill score with a 17-10 comeback in just seven minutes. They also managed to capture the Dark Slayer in the process which led to two high ground towers of Team Marksman getting destroyed.

In the 15th minute mark, Nova PH decided to quickly go in the Dark Slayer lane to force a team fight and try to quickly end the game. Team Marksman made the final stand, but the strength of the creeps made it hard for them to make it out alive. Nova PH eventually destroyed the tower, giving them the first game advantage against Team Marksman.

Winner: Nova PH Ravenous
MVP: n YLF (Chaugnar, 3-1-14 KDA, 13.8 MVP)

Team Marksman vs Nova PH Ravenous Game 2

Nova PH Ravenous Team Marksman
TeeMee Alice
Superman Maloch


Nova PH Ravenous Team Marksman
n YLF – Chaugnar SN – Tulen
n NY – Max TMM – Airi
n Dondon – Liliana SG RvP – Xeniel
n Neptune – Lumburr vQuiet – Arduin
n HungryBox – Lindis Impressive – Violet

Team Marksman needed to win this game in order to force a game three. With this, they decided to pick a typical hero composition with Violet and Tulen in the backline while Xeniel, Airi, and Arduin in the frontline. Nova PH also picked a very strong composition with Liliana and Lindis manning the offensive end.

The game started out slow, with both teams feeling each other out. The first blood came at three minutes where Nova PH managed to get Tulen in a small skirmish at the 3rd minute mark. The game suddenly went back-and-forth again with both teams exchanging kills and objectives.

In the later stages of the game, Nova PH went for the Abyssal Dragon. Team Marksman tried to stop them but Nova PH still got the Abyssal Dragon. Nova PH immediately went for Team Marksman. Max went to Airi quickly bursted her down. They then went on to sweep all the members of Team Marksman.

With all of Team Marksman dead, Nova PH quickly pushed the mid lane and end it in a dominating fashion, 15-4.

Winner: Nova PH Ravenous
MVP: n YLF (Chaugnar, 3-0-10 KDA, 14.4 MVP)

BrenEsports vs EVO Game 1

BrenEsports EVO
Xeniel Teemee
Ryoma Maloch


BrenEsports EVO
Leathergoods – Krixi Grtz – Max
Antiihero – Zephys Nab – Liliana
Arcadia – Alice RapB – Airi
Kurokii – Superman Jerz – Lindis
ACTIONMAN – Violet Phey – Mina

The last game for the Day 21 Round-Up saw BrenEsports battle EVO in a Best-of-3 series for Round 5 of the Upper Bracket. BrenEsports is still riding a ton of momentum, being undefeated in the tournament so far, while EVO is up to the task of toppling their opposition.

BrenEsports ran a team that consisted of Krixi, Zephys, Alice, Superman, and Violet. This was a unique lineup, since it was a mix of high tier and lower tier heroes. Meanwhile, EVO chose Max, Liliana, Airi, Lindis, and Mina, with the hopes of banking on the new heroes to throw off BrenEsports.

BrenEsports were firing in all cylinders, getting a quick first blood on EVO at the early stages of the match. They continued to EVO’s jungle, trying to steal some of the neutral monsters. EVO managed to mitigate BrenEsports’ jungle pressure in the Sage Golem, but their opponents adjusted quickly and stole EVO’s Might Golem buff.

Proper positioning and timing were the key elements of the game, as BrenEsports capitalized on picking the right moment to engage with their Superman to secure kills on their way to a 6-0 team score lead at just under 4 minutes. EVO got some breathing room as they finally got into the team scoreboard, following an overzealous Superman charge at the Abyssal Dragon lane side for a 7-2 deficit.

After shutting Kurokii’s Superman down, EVO seemed poised to ride the momentum, inching closer and closer to evening the team score at just under 7 minutes. They were trailing by 3 at 9:18, and looking to take the lead with one team fight. However, BrenEsports maintained their composure and focused on securing objectives and lane management. This was enough for them to keep EVO’s streak in check for most of the middle stage of the match.

A well-timed clash by BrenEsports at 11:16 ramped up their lead at 14-9 and led them to push EVO’s middle lane. This led to EVO on the defensive, while BrenEsports set up the Dark Slayer for a potential game-ending clash. EVO pushed BrenEsports away from the Dark Slayer pit, and the ensuing fight saw BrenEsports coming out on top, 16-10.

Eventually, BrenEsports began pulling away from EVO after winning a team fight in the late game and securing Dark Slayer at 14:40. An ill-advised engage from EVO at 16:00 proved to be costly, as BrenEsports sniped down Airi and Max in quick fashion; BrenEsports followed up by seizing the top lane, getting the ace and Game 1, 25-12.

Winner: BrenEsports
MVP: ACTIONMAN (Violet, 6-0-11 KDA; 15.5 MVP)

BrenEsports vs EVO Game 2

BrenEsports EVO
Xeniel Teemee
Liliana Max


BrenEsports EVO
Leathergoods – Tulen Grtz – Superman
Antiihero – Lu Bu Phey – Lumburr
Arcadia – Alice Jerz – Zephys
Kurokii – Maloch RapB – Airi
ACTIONMAN – Lindis Nab – Jinnar

EVO planned to bounce back on Game 2 against BrenEsports, banning Teemee again and nabbing Superman for their team. They also ran a crowd-control heavy lineup to complement Superman with Lumburr, Zephys, Airi, and Jinnar. On the other side, BrenEsports picked a well-balanced team composition, choosing Tulen, Lu Bu, Alice, Maloch, and Lindis.

BrenEsports wasted little time in establishing their dominance yet again, invading EVO’s Might Golem to begin the match. However, EVO has learned from the previous game, and invaded BrenEsports’ opposite jungle to throw them off their strategy. BrenEsports showcased their excellent rotations, moving in and getting first blood again while continuing the pressure against EVO. One instance saw BrenEsports pester EVO’s Might Golem buff which led to BrenEsports effectively separating EVO’s team, to which they isolated and took down a couple of EVO players to stack up their lead.

BrenEsports continued their rotations, securing vital objectives and taking down EVO’s towers in the process. To their credit, EVO did their best in defending BrenEsports’ onslaught, but in the end, BrenEsports cannot be denied, winning the Best-of-3 series, 17-6, securing their semifinals spot, and continuing their undefeated streak.

Winner: BrenEsports
MVP: Leathergoods (Tulen, 8-0-8 KDA; 16.5 MVP)


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Hosted by Kaisaya, a well known Philippine shoutcaster, the AOV Valiant Online Community Tournament is a community-based online event which provides a platform for professional and amateur teams to showcase their skills and experience an official-esque environment. This event also gives aspiring English shoutcasters the opportunity to hone their craft and build their portfolio for casting.

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