Arena of Valor Valiant Online Community Tournament - Day 22 Round-Up

Samurai Gamers are back with the Day 22 Round-Up of Kaisaya's AOV Online Community Tournament. The semifinals is about to begin, and the remaining teams are surely pulling out all the stops to win the grand prize!

Greetings and welcome to Samurai Gamers’ Day 22 Round-Up of Kaisaya’s AOV Valiant Online Community Tournament. We are nearing the end of the tournament, and the semifinals is just around the corner. With that in mind, the last of the teams still in the running are firing at all cylinders in order to get a chance at the grand prize. Here are some of the AOV action from Round 8 and 9 of the Lower Bracket:

EVO vs EurasiaSuperfly

EVO EurasiaSuperfly
Airi Alice
Teemee Superman


EVO EurasiaSuperfly
Jerz – Zephys Zelle – Max
Phey – Xeniel Don – Liliana
Gtrz – Lindis Buck – Kriknak
RapB – Thane inzaiplays – Lumburr
Nab – Preyta Maverick – Fennik

The first game of the day was EVO and EurasiaSuperfly in the lower bracket. EurasiaSuperfly opted for a ton of offensive options such as Max and Liliana. On the other hand, EVO had a more team fight oriented lineup with Thane, Xeniel, and Preyta.

EurasiaSuperfly quickly asserted their dominance in the game, constantly rotating and stopping EVO from easily finding openings. The score went as far as 1-9 in just nine minutes. EurasiaSuperfly also managed to destroy the high ground tower in the Abyssal Dragon after wiping every member of EVO in a team fight.

The final nail in the coffin was when they got the Dark Slayer buff after destroying the AD high ground tower. EVO tried their best to defend their towers and managed to sneakily kill of two members of EurasiaSuperfly. This was shortlived as EurasiaSuperfly’s Fennik and Thane managed to avoid dying by kiting the enemies. until their team mates revive. In the end, EVO couldn’t handle the firepower of EurasiaSuperfly, 17-7.

Winner: EurasiaSuperfly
MVP: ESF.Maverick (Fennik, 3-0-8 KDA, 13.3 MVP)

Team Marksman vs. Kimochiii

Team Marksman Kimochiii
Max Lindis
Xeniel Superman


Team Marksman Kimochiii
impressive – Slimz Off. – Arthur
Yats. – Airi DashOut – Teemee
TMM – Tulen Rikun – Taara
vQuiet – Alice KMC.Anxiety – Ryoma
RvP – Maloch Cyriux – Preyta

The last match for Round 8 of the Lower Bracket was between Team Marksman and Kimochiii. Team Marksman opted to run a mobile team that dealt burst damage in Slimz, Airi, Tulen, and Maloch. Meanwhile, Kimochiii’s team consisted of a beefy front line and crowd control with Arthur, Teemee, Taara, Ryoma, and Preyta.

Both teams employed a three-man invade on each of their Sage Golems to start the match, while their mages manned the middle lane, keeping tabs on their teammates should they need a hand. impressive’s Slimz was able to chunk significant damage to DashOut’s Teemee, which prompted Yats to pursue the low-health support and get the first blood. Kimochiii retaliated a few moments later, picking off RvP on the Abyssal Dragon lane via 4-man gank to even the score. A quick skirmish at the Abyssal Dragon saw Kimochiii come out on top, taking the 3-1 lead and securing the early game objective.

Kimochiii then focused on securing kills, while Team Marksman changed their strategy and pushed the side lanes. Once Kimochiii realized what was happening, they tried to stop Team Marksman’s push at the bottom lane. This allowed Team Marksman to goad Kimochiii into team fights wherein the former had the numbers and position advantage.

After winning a team fight near the Abyssal Dragon at 5:30, Team Marksman continued to rotate to the off lanes and managed to pick off Kimochiii one by one, further ramping up the team score 9-5 in their favor. Team Marksman’s run-and-gun strategy proved to be the winning formula, as they began to snowball and were able to harass Kimochiii as the game progressed.

By 13:05, Team Marksman was leading the team score, 20-8, and have destroyed Kimochiii’s top lane high ground tower. Kimochiii took a final stand, and when the dust settled, Team Marksman stood victorious with a 25-9 win.

Winner: Team Marksman
MVP: TMM (Tulen, 9-2-11 KDA; 14.0 MVP)

EurasiaSuperfly vs Team Marksman

EurasiaSuperfly Team Marksman
Superman Max
Alice Zephys


EurasiaSuperfly Team Marksman
Zelle – Xeniel TMM – Tulen
Don – Liliana impressive – Kriknak
inzaiplays – Teemee Yats. – Airi
Buck – Lu Bu RvP – Maloch
Maverick – Lindis vQuiet – Lumburr

The final match for the Day 22 Round-Up of Kaisaya’s Tournament pitted EurasiaSuperfly against Team Marksman. EurasiaSuperfly opted a lineup that offered lane pressure and strong team fight potential in Xeniel, Liliana, Teemee, Lu Bu, and Lindis. Team Marksman, on the other hand, ran a similar burst-heavy team as their previous game with Tulen, Kriknak, Airi, Maloch, and Lumburr.

Team Marksman used their patented 3-man invade on EurasiaSuperfly’s Might Gole; EurasiaSuperfly responded by stealing Team Marksman’s Might Golem. Both teams then resided to play defensively for a couple of minutes, taking pot shots at each other whenever they can. The game’s first blood honors went to EurasiaSuperfly following an intense clash at the Abyssal Dragon. This set the pace for the rest of the match, as both teams went tit-for-tat in kills.

EurasiaSuperfly took advantage of Team Marksman’s low health at 6:33 to take the 6-2 team score and take down the first tier towers in the middle and bottom lane. Team Marksman tried to bring the fight to EurasiaSuperfly by initiating a team fight at 7:45, but EurasiaSuperfly did not engage until they were at the most advantageous position. This led to EuraisaSuperfly getting the best of the clash, by sniping down RvP to increase their lead to 7-2.

By the 8 minute mark, EurasiaSuperfly was dictating the pace of the match – they systematically controlled the lanes so that Team Marksman were relegated to defending against the creep waves while they secured Dark Slayer. EurasiaSuperfly was relentless, executing a 3-2 lane pressure strategy which left Team Marksman scampering to defend. After a final clash at the core, Team Marksman falls to EurasiaSuperfly, 13-2.

With this victory, EurasiaSuperfly will face the loser of the BrenEsports-Nova PH Ravenous match.

Winner: EurasiaSuperfly
MVP: ESF.Maverick (Lindis, 6-0-6 KDA; 14.3 MVP)

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About the Tournament:

Hosted by Kaisaya, a well known Philippine shoutcaster, the AOV Valiant Online Community Tournament is a community-based online event which provides a platform for professional and amateur teams to showcase their skills and experience an official-esque environment. This event also gives aspiring English shoutcasters the opportunity to hone their craft and build their portfolio for casting.

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