Arena of Valor Valiant Online Community Tournament - Day 3 Round Up

Day 3 roundup of Kaisaya's Arena of Valor (AoV) Online Community Tournament featuring different pro and non-pro teams from SEA server.

Welcome to Samurai Gamers’ Day 3 Roundup of the Arena of Valor Valiant Online Community Tournament!

Not even the inclement weather was enough to hinder the third-day matchups. Coming from almost four days off, this week’s competitors were in fighting form and raring to go duke it out in the Antaris Battlefield.

The matches were shoutcasted by Mal3ficarium and JBeeZee, who hails from the EU and NA, respectively; they provided an international flavor to the proceeding games:

AOV Valiant Online Community Tournament Day 3

Match 1: Nyan Zone vs. BrenEsports

Nyan Zone BrenEsports
Superman Xeniel
Nyan Zone BrenEsports
ʟᴀᴛᴛᴇ – Thane Leathergoods – Tulen
ᴘᴇʀʀʏ 오빠 – Kil’Groth AntiiHero – Lu Bu
Marclaren – Lauriel Arcadia – Teemee
ᴅᴀɪ – Ryoma Kurokii – Maloch
Tinker – Lindis Peaceboy – Kriknak

Nyan Zone opted to go for a mid to late-game team composition, with Lauriel and Kil’Groth as their main damage dealers. They are then backed up by Thane and Ryoma for crowd control, while Lindis provided artillery and advanced scouting. Meanwhile, BrenEsports’ team comprises of primarily dueling and single-target burst heroes such as Lu Bu, Kriknak, and Tulen; Maloch and Teemee offered a beefy frontline and utility for team fights and engages.

The early stages of the game saw Nyan Zone being highly aggressive, invading BrenEsports’ jungle and slowing down Kriknak’s experience and gold gain. This lead to a 4-2 Kill lead in favor of Nyan Zone. However, a clash near Abyssal Dragon at 2:45 saw Bren bounce back, killing Lindis and ending up with a shutdown on Ryoma and tying the kills at 5-5.

BrenEsports’ relentless 3-man roaming strategy proved to be the crucial factor, as they were able to pick off Nyan Zone’s Ryoma and Lindis in quick order. Nyan Zone tried to initiate a team fight near the Dark Slayer pit at 6:03, which led to 7-10 score in favor of BrenEsports.

Excellent placement from Tulen during the final clashes was also pivotal, as BrenEsports began bum-rushing Nyan Zone after securing Dark Slayer. After a final clash in the bottom lane, BrenEsports emerged with a 20-9 victory.

Winner: BrenEsports
MVP: Leathergoods (Tulen, 13-2-2 KDA; 12.9 MVP)

Match 2: Saiyan.Paranoia vs. Shallow Dead

Saiyan.Paranoia Shallow Dead
Superman Kil’Groth
Saiyan.Paranoia Shallow Dead
ᵀˢ ɴιgнтѕтαℓкєя- Teemee ѵαιη•cαrrymє – Ryoma
ᵀˢ Ðαякѕнα∂σω – Zephys Ꭵм.Kyvern – The Joker
ᵀˢ LυqυιєᏒ – Violet Startleless – Lumburr
ᵀˢ ѕкєєռу – Maloch LOST – Ormarr
ᵀˢ ƝєσŦαя – Xeniel Huge Rogue – Zill

Saiyan.Paranoia’s lineup consisted of a standard composition, with Violet and Zephys providing their team’s damage, while Xeniel, Maloch and Teemee offered crowd control, clashing power and support. Conversely, Shallow Dead chose to go for a single-target-oriented team, with Zill, The Joker and Tulen providing heavy firepower, with Lumburr and Ormarr rounding up their squad for their tanking and crowd control needs.

A highly competitive match, Saiyan.Paranoia and Shallow Dead started the early stages feeling out each other. First Blood honors was awarded to Saiyan.Paranoia, thanks to a 3-man gank on the Dark Slayer lane. This led to Saiyan.Paranoia securing Abyssal Dragon at 2:49.

Shallow Dead was quick to rally, killing Maloch near his tower at Abyssal Dragon lane at 5:00. Xeniel’s global presence starts to shine when Saiyan.Paranoia wins a clash near Abyssal Dragon – Xeniel uses Angelic Splendor to Zephys, who was in the thick of the team fight. This led to his team securing a 7-5 score.

The mid and late game saw Saiyan.Paranoia rotating and securing vital objectives such as Abyssal Dragon and Dark Slayer. However, Shallow Dead pressed the attack at 16:56, winning a clash near Saiyan.Paranoia’s Might Golem, but failed to capitalize or push for the high ground towers.

In the end, Saiyan.Paranoia managed to rally and secure another Dark Slayer at 18:21. Following this, Saiyan.Paranoia initiated the deciding team fight at 18:26 for an ace and the 34-24 win.

Winner: Saiyan.Paranoia
MVP: ᵀˢ ƝєσŦαя (Xeniel, 8-4-17 KDA; 12.2 MVP)

Match 3: Hooligans vs. Kanser Gaming

Hooligans Kanser Gaming
Superman Teemee
Hooligans Kanser Gaming
ᴴᵍᴺ` xiGZ – Zephys ᴷᴳrod – Maloch
ᴴᵍᴺ` Ho̷wl 幸運 – Lu Bu ᴷᴳRaidou13 – Xeniel
ᴴᵍᴺ` Inyerfeys – Tulen ❀Sophie❀ – Mina
ᵖˡ – Ɠαℓαω – Lumburr ᴷᴳCyr – Lauriel
ᴴᵍᴺ`Artifex – Kil’Groth ᴷᴳMaki – Kriknak

Match 3 saw Hooligans and Kanser Gaming both using non-Marksman lineups: Hooligans went for a dueling-heavy composition with Zephys, Lu Bu, Tulen, and Kil’Groth, with Lumburr capping off their team for clashing and crowd control. Meanwhile, Kanser Gaming employed a team-fight-oriented lineup with Maloch, Xeniel and Mina providing a heavy front line, while Lauriel and Kriknak handling the bulk of their team’s damage.

Hooligans started the match with a Sage Golem invade, but were quickly scouted by Kanser Gaming. Afterwards, both teams reverted back to their lanes. Hooligans get First Blood at 2:51, but Kanser Gaming rallied back with a double kill to tie their team KDA 2-2.

Kanser Gaming then secures Abyssal Dragon at 3:30, and continued to camp the Abyssal Dragon Lane. Hooligans retaliates by winning a clash at mid lane, 4 kills to 1 for a 7-3 team kill lead and an Abyssal Dragon for their team.

Undeterred, Kanser Gaming wins a team fight near the Dark Slayer pit, 4 to 3, with their Lauriel nabbing a Triple Kill. As the mid to late game progressed, it appeared that Kanser Gaming’s clashing power is too much for Hooligans to deal with. But a crucial clash at 11:14 saw Hooligans’ Tulen get a triple kill by first sniping Lauriel. This led them to secure Dark Slayer, push mid lane all the way to Kanser Gaming’s core for the 19-10 win.

Winner: Hooligans
MVP: Artifex (Kil’Groth, 6-1-9 KDA; 15.0 MVP)

Match 4: PeerLess TYCHE vs. SG TG

Superman Teemee
PL Sicario – Kriknak SG cym – Airi
PL Plata – Xeniel SG Champ – Thane
PL Cris – Preyta SG Mata – Tulen
PL Pheo – Alice SG Cosmo – Zephys
PL Pretty – Arduin SG Skyrie – Maloch

Much like the previous match, both PeerLess TYCHE and SG TG employed a non-Marksman lineup. PeerLess TYCHE’s team boasted a mix of physical and magic damage burst in Kriknak and Preyta, with a sizable front line in Xeniel and Arduin, and Alice providing further utility in team fights. On the other side, SG TG picked heroes who have strong one-on-one capability such as Airi, Zephys and Tulen, with Thane and Maloch providing initiating power as well as good crowd control during clashes.

SG TG showcased highly aggressive play in the early game, utilizing a 4-man invade on PeerLess TYCHE’s Might Golem side. This allowed them to get the buff for their team, while PeerLess was quick to retaliate by invading SG TG’s Might Golem and stealing the buff as well.

However, First Blood honors go to SG TG thanks to a Tulen gank on the Dark Slayer lane which resulted to Airi getting the kill on Arduin. The 4-man rotation from SG TG continued to hinder PeerLess’ Kriknak, which allowed SG TG to get an early Abyssal Dragon and jungle pressure and a decent gold advantage.

PeerLess tried to respond by setting a 4-man gank of their own against Airi at 5:16, but she proved to be too mobile to get picked off. SG TG was quick to collapse and aid Airi. Following this, SG again raided PeerLess’ Sage Golem side of the the jungle, netting them 2 more kills and a commanding 7-0 team kill score.

PeerLess tried to stop the bleeding, picking of a couple of kills here and there against SG. But ultimately, SG TG’s 4-man rotation strategy proved to be too strong for PeerLess to overcome – SG’s 4-man ran roughshod on PeerLess’ jungle, picking off stragglers, while their fifth member pushed the far offlanes for a convincing 16-10 victory.

Winner: SG TG
MVP: SG Mata (Tulen, 2-1-10 KDA; 12.9 MVP)

Match 5: VainMY.TitanZ vs. Renaissance

VainMY.TitanZ Renaissance
Teemee Superman
VainMY.TitanZ Renaissance
ѵαιη•⁴²⁰L – Xeniel ᴿᴺˢ│Zcræ – Mina
ѵαιη•AryL – Toro ᴿᴺˢ│Elly – Jinnar
ѵαιη•ᴀᴇʀɪᴛʜ – Raz ᴿᴺˢ│Jendeukie – Zephys
ѵαιη•GeminiC – Yorn ᴿᴺˢ│Rock – Cresht
ѵαιη• ʜᴀɴ – Kriknak ᴿᴺˢ│Chigga – Kil’Groth

The final match for Day 3 saw VainMY.TitanZ battle Renaissance. Vain went for a peculiar poke/harass lineup which consisted of Xeniel and Toro for their front line, Raz for their Mage, Kriknak for their jungler, and Yorn for their Marksman. Renaissance answered by opting for an initiation-intensive lineup with Mina, Jinnar, Cresht, Zephys and Kil’Groth.

VainMY got First Blood courtesy of a 3-man gank on Kil’Groth near the Might Golem side of Renaissance at 0:55. Renaissance retaliates by securing Abyssal Dragon and picking off Yorn, Toro and Kriknak at 2:25 for a 3-1 team kill lead.

The mid-game saw Vain get some pot shots in against Renaissance which netted them a 7-6 team score lead. However, Renaissance’s Kil’Groth has managed to get to his power spike, and the team were quick to stick together and minimize the chances of them getting pelted by Vain.

Eventually, Renaissance’s lineup proved to be the better composition, as they were able to pick off an out-of-positioned Kirknak, Xeniel and Toro at 9:50 in a 3-for-none routing. They continued to roll past the remaining towers, tank the damage and secure the win, 10-9.

Winner: Renaissance
MVP: Jendeukie (Zephys, 1-1-8 KDA; 10.2 MVP)

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About the Tournament:

Hosted by Kaisaya, a well known Philippine shoutcaster, the AOV Valiant Online Community Tournament is a community-based online event which provides a platform for professional and amateur teams to showcase their skills and experience an official-esque environment. This event also gives aspiring English shoutcasters the opportunity to hone their craft and build their portfolio for casting.

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