Arena of Valor Valiant Online Community Tournament - Day 4 Round Up

After an action-packed day three at the start of week two, notable teams from the Valiant Server have been slowly leaving their mark in the tournament, with some even dominating their match-ups without much difficulty. This day left many surprises for the amateur and professional teams.

The duo of Mal3ficarum and JBeeZee once again casted the intense matches to determine who gets to be in the upper and lower bracket of the tournament. Here are the highlights of the second day of Week 2 –

Day 3 Kaisaya

Match 1: Esto Dignus Esports vs. Origins.Dominions

Esto Dignus Esports Myth Esports
Kil’Groth Xeniel


Esto Dignus Esports Origins.Dominion
ᴱᴰlBandido – Thane [og] xTuah – Alice
ᴱᴰl•Ojneb?• – Maloch [og] WakDon – Zephys
ᴱᴰlxKaLviN – Kriknak [og] Axers5526 – Superman
ᴱᴰI•crσw• – Jinna G SHIN – Lauriel
ᴱᴰl Louise! – Arthur [og] Knight – Ryoma

Both teams had interesting lineups for the first game. Esto Dignus Esports opted to go for a very safe lineup with Arthur, Thane, and Maloch in the frontline. On the other hand, Origins.Dominions had an aggressive lineup with Lauriel, Superman, and Ryoma.

Origins.Dominion had a very aggressive start, rotating in other lanes and finding weak spots as much as they can. The aggressiveness paid off, as they got the first blood in the Abyssal Dragon lane. Their gameplan backfired however, as Esto Dignus Esports answered back with a 5-0 beating.

It was then Esto Dignus Esports who controlled the flow in the mid game by slicing through the squishy heroes of Origins.Dominion. In the 13th minute mark, a clash ensued in which Origins.Dominion won the fight. They got the Dark Slayer and immediately pushed in the AD lane to try and finish the game.

They overestimated the opposing team and was unable to push the towers to their core. Esto Dignus answered back by rallying together and fighting them as a team. In the 20th minute mark, both teams fought for the control of the second Dark Slayer which Esto Dignus Esports captured along with a kill. With the huge advantage, they pushed towards the middle and ended the game in a slugfest, 28-17.

Winner: Esto Dignus Esports
MVP: ᴱᴰl Louise! (Arthur, 11-1-13 KDA, 18.5 MVP)

Match 2: MYTH FIRST BLOOD vs. Zero Gravity 3

Kil’Groth Xeniel


MYT•Naeun – Lu Bu XG • Jσɳɾαҽ – Ormarr
MYT•^ – Zephys ♧ ᴄ.ɢ.ɴ. – Lauriel
MYT•Jokepit” – Jinna ♧ςαиттσυςнтн – Zanis
MYT•Jeco – Slimz ♧ɴιgнт ʙℓυє – Lindis
MYT•Dabestar – Mina ♧мαѕтєя – Maloch

In the second game, both teams had a team composition that is dependent on their marksman. MYT had Slimz while Zero Gravity showed off their Lindis. MYT had a tankier lineup while Zero Gravity opted for a more offensive option.

MYT tried to finesse at the start of the game by having a 5-man invade in the opposing jungle. It quickly backfired though, as Zero Gravity captured the first blood and another kill, 2-0. MYT maintained their aggressiveness by rotating in large numbers and capturing objectives. They got their break in the three minute mark with a kill on Zero Gravity’s Lauriel.

It was not enough as Zero Gravity kept on getting good looks in team fights despite the great initiations from MYT. Despite the bad start that MYT had, they still maintained their gameplan and still focused on their rotations and picking mispositioned heroes.

It was a back-and-forth game in the middle stages of the game until a team fight happened in the DS lane in the 13th minute mark which finally gave the momentum to MYT after a staggering 3-0 clash.

MYT’s Lu Bu was also split pushing in the DS lane that time which resulted in the destruction of the high ground tower. In the 13th minute mark, MYT had captured the Dark Slayer and a 4-0 fight. They immediately pushed in the middle lane to capture the game, 17,13.

MVP: MYT•Naeun (Lu Bu, 4-0-6 KDA, 12.5 MVP)

Match 3: Nova PH Blacklisted vs. Team Marksman


Nova PH Blacklisted Team Marksman
Lauriel Maloch


Nova PH Blacklisted Team Marksman
ⁿᵒᵛᵃ cHiLLocCo – Superman SG RvP – TeeMee
ᵀʰᵉ Boss- Lu Bu vQuiet. – Xeniel
ʟғ•ʙʟᴅ.ɢяᴇᴇꈤᎥᴇ – Arduin TMM – Arthur
ʟғ•ʙʟᴅ.ѕᴜяɢє – Kahlii SN – Tulen
Swakpak – Lindis Impressive – Batman

The third game was a one-sided affair in favor Team Marksman. Nova had a great lineup with high meta picks such as Superman and Arduin. On the other side, Team Marksman picked the newly-released hero, TeeMee, and other strong picks such as Tulen and Xeniel.

The only fight in which Nova PH had a kill was in the starting minute of the game where Team Marksman’s Arthur found himself dying against Nova PH’s Lindis after a jungle invade by the former team. It was a disaster in the side of Nova PH in the next few minutes until the end of the game.

Team Marksman was hyper aggressive in the opposing team’s jungle. Getting kills while also avoiding deaths because of TeeMee and Xeniel. Team Marksman ended in eight minutes with an astounding 25-1 kill record.

Winner: Team Marksman
MVP: Impressive (Batman, 9-0-12 KDA, 19.9 MVP)

Match 4: PowerPuffBoys vs. ScareBears

PowerPuffBoys ScareBears
Superman Kil’Groth


PowerPuffBoys ScareBears
ⁿᵒᵛᵃᴘᴇɴɢᴜɪɴ – Xeniel MYT•Eng – Zephys
ⁿᵒᵛᵃBane – Lu Bu S•S – Maloch
ⁿᵒᵛᵃ BabyWafu – Thane S•IN – Alice
ʀᴛɢ – Airi S•SYFR – Preyta
PL Tupe – Zill S•BYR – The Joker

The fourth game was between two teams with interesting names, PowerPuffBoys and ScareBears. The former had a balanced lineup of offense and defense. On the other hand, the latter had an offensive-focused lineup, with The Joker heading the charge.

It was a close game in the early parts of the game with both teams securing objectives and rotating lanes in order to get kills. In the seventh minute mark, PowerPuffBoys pulled off a 5-0 sweep against ScareBears, putting the momentum in their side.

PowerPuffBoys then continued to push the towers of ScareBears. They secured the Dark Slayer buff at the 10th minute mark and went directly to the enemy’s base. They destroyed all the towers and pressured the enemy team to fight back or lose the core. After a few seconds of harassing ScareBears, they succumbed to the strategy of PowerPuffBoys, losing the team fight, 4-1, and the game with a final score of 18-4.

Winner: PowerPuffBoys
MVP:  (ʀᴛɢ, 9-0-5 KDA,15.4 MVP)

Match 5: EstoDignus Esports xD vs. Myth Esports

Esto Dignus Esports xD Myth Esports
Superman Kil’Groth


Esto Dignus Esports xD Myth Esports
ᴱᴰlᴊᴀʏ&ᴊᴀʏ – Xeniel SG chanchan – Arthur
ᴱᴰl John – Zephys MYT•Ambenski – Alice
ᴱᴰ°Ꭶꃅմꎇꎇℓєґ ° – Jinna MYT• Nayeon – Lauriel
ᴱᴰl sapnU puaS – Maloch MYT•LoMi – Lu Bu
ᴱᴰ l*•bonito• – Ormarr MYT•Slapstick – Kriknak

The final game was between two veteran teams who already have a name for themselves in the MSP region, Esto Dignus Esports xD and Myth Esports. Both teams had the standard tournament lineup that consists of Lauriel, Alice, Zephys, Maloch, etc.

It was intense in the first few minutes of the game, as both teams traded kills and objectives. No one clearly had the lead and it was anyone’s ball game. Esto Dignus got the slight lead after a series of skirmishes which proved to be an advantage from them since they have long range initiators such as Xeniel and Maloch.

despite the lead that Esto Dignus had, Myth Esports utilized the damage output of their team and decided to split push. It worked as MYT’s Lu Bu destroyed the DS high ground tower as the rest were engaged in a team fight.

In the 15th minute mark, MYT had another huge break after Lu Bu continued to push the AD lane and killed Esto Dignus’ Xeniel who was defending the high ground tower. After Xeniel’s demise, the rest of Esto Dignus had to retreat from a team fight in the other side of the tower to defend the DS lane.

MYT managed to follow the enemy team and killed off Esto Dignus’ members one by one. After the side towers were destroyed and the base was vulnerable, Myth Esports shoved towards the core to win the last game of the day, 19-22.

Winner: Myth Esports
MVP: MYT•Slapstick (Kriknak, 8-2-9 KDA,13.6  MVP)


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About the Tournament:

Hosted by Kaisaya, a well known Philippine shoutcaster, the AOV Valiant Online Community Tournament is a community-based online event which provides a platform for professional and amateur teams to showcase their skills and experience an official-esque environment. This event also gives aspiring English shoutcasters the opportunity to hone their craft and build their portfolio for casting.

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