Arena of Valor Valiant Online Community Tournament - Day 5 Round-Up

The 5th day of the tournament left many surprises and exciting match-ups. From total domination to slugfests, the tournament proved one thing – that this can be everyone has the same chances of winning. This day also gave us the final picture of who is in the winners and losers bracket. Let us look at the highlights of this day’s battle –

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Match 1: VainMY.Blaze vs. Zero Gravity

VainMY.Blaze Zero Gravity
Superman Kil’Groth


VainMY.Blaze Zero Gravity
ѵαιη• – Arthur zg chetto – Alice
ѵαιη•Rs – Zephys zg topasio•sw – Maloch
• YY – Chaugnar ᶻᴳ ʑɛཞơ – Murad
ѵαιη•ʏᴜʜ7̶7̶ – Xeniel ᶻᴳ ʂơƖ•sᴡ – Lauriel
ѵαιη•iSolo – The Joker uroneo•s – Airi

In the first match of the fifth day, VainMY.Blaze and Zero Gravity both had strong lineups that emphasize large skirmishes and late game scaling. VainMY had The Joker and Zephys acting as the damage dealers while Zero Gravity had Murad, Airi, and Lauriel as the core carries.

It was a slow start for both teams as it had been quiet in the first five minutes of the game. In the 5th minute mark, VainMY managed to secure the first blood and another kill to put them ahead. Zero Gravity answered back with two kills of their own to tie the game at the early stages of the game.

However, the mid-late game quickly went in favor of Zero Gravity as they managed to get kills after kills to put them in a comfortable spot. Zero Gravity’s Lauriel along with Murad and Maloch proved to be a hard obstacle for VainMY. In the end, Zero Gravity maintained their aggressiveness and shoved all of the lanes of VainMY.

The clash at the 19th minute mark sealed the deal for Zero Gravity as they killed four members of VainMY along with all the high ground towers. VainMY tried to defend their base for the last time in the dying minutes of the game but was not enough, giving Zero Gravity the win, 25-8.

Winner: Zero Gravity
MVP: ᶻᴳ ʂơƖ•sᴡ (Lauriel, 11-0-14 KDA, 21.9 MVP)

Match 2: TridentMyanmar vs. Scammed Gamers

TridentMyanmar Scammed Gamers
Superman Kil’Groth


TRIDENTMyanmar Scammed Gamers
ᵀᴹ-Ash Kay O – Lauriel SG Kyzer – Lu Bu
ᵀᴹ-ҜЯᎯTΩЅ – Thane SG Exile – Xeniel
ɪɴƒ • cαnníвαlíѕ – Ryoma Piput – Alice
ᵀᴹ-Ædмιяαℓ – Mina SG Kreuz – Jinna
ᵀᴹ Sticker – Astrid SG Yuri – Zephys

The second game was against a team from the Philippines, Scammed  Gamers, versus a Myanmar-based team, TridentMyanmar. Both teams had good team compositions that has a ton of firepower when it comes to initiating team fights and AoE damage.

Surprisingly, the second game was a breeze for Scammed Gamers as they manage to score a dominating 21-0 kill record. They also had the largest margin so far in the tournament. They got the first blood in less than a minute of play. TRIDENTMyanmar had difficulties rotating and jungling due to Scammed Gamers impressive rotations and ganks.

TRIDENTMyanmar tried to bounce back from the game and force a miracle but the power of Scammed Gamers was too much to handle for the Myanmar-based team, eventually succumbing in just 10 minutes.

Winner: Scammed Gamers
MVP: SG Yuri (Zephys, 6-0-14 KDA, 17.8 MVP)

Match 3: M8HEXA SnP vs. OniOneesama

M8HEXA SnP OniOneesama
Superman Chaugnar


M8HEXA SnP OniOneesama
M8S.Husky – Xeniel 鬼ѕαρρнιяє – Valhein
M8S.xQ – Maloch 鬼●є¢нσσσ – Arduin
Ɗєηzσσℓσσ – TeeMee 鬼●sнyvαиillα – Mganga
M8S.Mario – Kahlii Prívαtє-Pj – Thane
XXF_ – Lindis Zylier – Arthur

In the third game, M8HEXA opted for a standard team composition along with the newly-released, TeeMee. On the other team, OniOneeSama went with Valhein and Mganga as their damage dealers.

M8HEXA showed signs of domination in the early game as they scooped an 8-0 run in just five minutes until OniOneeSama got a kill because of tower agression. Despite the miscalculation of M8HEXA, they still went aggressive in the whole game.

In the 7th minute mark, M8HEXA had a commanding 4 man kill in the DS lane. They then immediately pushed in the mid lane to end the game. OniOneeSama wasn’t able to bounce back as they fall to M8HEXA, 19-2

Winner: M8HEXA SnP
MVP: XXF_ (Lindis, 8-1-8 KDA, 14.5 MVP)

Match 4: Kimochiii Dieux vs. EurasiaSuperfly

Kimochii EurasiaSuperfly
Xeniel Superman


Kimochiii Dieux EurasiaSuperfly
CFS Cонєєᴅ – Ryoma ESF.Zelle – TeeMee
SG Pray – Preyta ESF.Don – Tulen
SG Symmond – Arduin ESF.Buck – Airi
Neex. – Mina inzaiplays – Lindis
Leap. – Zephys ESF.Jomz – Maloch

The valiant effort that Kimochiii Dieux put out during the final minutes of the game was not enough to stop the rampage of EurasiaSuperfly in this exciting third game of the Day 5.

EurasiaSuperfly’s inzaiplays played a fantastic Lindis during the early to middle stages of the game as he was able to poke through enemy defenses and kill the enemy heroes one by one while also avoiding heavy damage thanks to the pesky defense and durability of the team’s Maloch and TeeMee.

However, the most impressive play in this game was not from the winning team but from Kimochiii Dieux’s SG Pray (Preyta) as he was able to defend the team’s core while killing 3 enemy heroes alone. After this miraculous play, it seemed liked EurasiaSuperfly loss a little bit of their composure as three of their heroes were killed during the last clash of the game, but Maloch and TeeMee were able to defeat the remaining heroes of Kimochiii Dieux as they win this game with a final score of 16-29.

Winner: EurasiaSuperfly
MVP: inzaiplays (Lindis 9-3-15 KDA, 14.5 MVP)

Match 5: OPPAI GAMING vs. PowerRangers

Xeniel Superman


OG.Icefrog – Thane PR Black – The Joker
OG.Spådę – Preyta PR Blue – Airi
OG.HuDas – Kil’Groth Ton. – TeeMee
OG.Protector – Maloch PR Yellow – Jinnar
OG.Tee Hee天 – Zill SG Relax – Zephys

The fourth game showed why there is “Power” in PowerRangers’ name as they opted to utilize two powerful Warrior/Assassin heroes using an aggressive playstyle. PowerRangers had the advantage when it comes to gold thanks to Airi and Zephys who got 10000+ gold each, a testament to PR Blue and SG Relax’s methodical jungling skills, which resulted to OPPAI GAMING having almost no resources to get gold around the map.

OPPAI GAMING were also unable to answer PowerRangers’ relentless attacks as Preyta, the planned damage dealer for OG, was often the one to die first during clashes. Thane and Maloch could have protected Preyta but they have failed to complete their item builds to make them more durable, which resulted to them having a combined total of 12 deaths.

All in all, PowerRanger’s fast playstyle proved to be effective as OPPAI GAMING failed to initiate any counterattacks and just started to be reactive to the enemy team’s movements during the late stages of the game, resulting to a final score of 25-11.

Winner: PowerRangers
MVP: SG Relax (Zephys, 9-2-10 KDA, 14.6 MVP)

Match 6: Kimochiii vs. PL LAMIAE

Kimochiii PL LAMIAE
Zephys Superman


Kimochiii PL LAMIAE
ⁿ Snow. – Alice PL Mephisto – Kil’Groth
Cyriux – Tulen PL Creize – Arduin
ⁿ Rikun. – Xeniel PL Zeus – Preyta
Off. – The Joker PL Rias – Kriknak
愛 Kei. – Ryoma PL Vision – Chaugnar

This game was almost like a picnic for Kimochiii as they were able to pick apart and devour PL LAMIAE with a final score of 14-1.

Kimochiii displayed fantastic teamwork as they would often pressure all lanes simultaenously, forcing PL LAMIAE to always be on defense. The combination of Alice and Xeniel helped the other heroes of Kimochiii gain enough support to be durable in the entirety of the game.

PL LAMIAE was unable to do anything in the game due to lacking enough damage to defeat Kimochiii during team clashes. In the end, this quick game proved that Kimochiii has enough firepower to move to the next round in the tournament.

Winner: Kimochiii
MVP: 愛 Kei. (Ryoma, 6-0-7 KDA, 15.8 MVP)


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About the Tournament:

Hosted by Kaisaya, a well known Philippine shoutcaster, the AOV Valiant Online Community Tournament is a community-based online event which provides a platform for professional and amateur teams to showcase their skills and experience an official-esque environment. This event also gives aspiring English shoutcasters the opportunity to hone their craft and build their portfolio for casting.

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