Sephera Item Builds

December 30, 2018 Rice Secretary 0

Sephera Item Builds How to Play as Sephera Sephera’s Stats and Abilities Item Builds List If there’s one common thread across all Sephera builds, it’s that she needs cooldown reduction. Not only is Tide of [ … ]

Sephera Hero Guide

December 30, 2018 Rice Secretary 0

Sephera Sephera’s Item Builds Sephera’s Stats and Abilities Sephera Overview Sephera is a mage/support who likes to poke her enemies from afar with Water Spirits. In fact, it’s really her only reliable source of damage. [ … ]

AIC 2018 Final Weekend Recap

December 17, 2018 Rice Secretary 1

Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC) Final Weekend Recap Coming into the double-elimination final four, AHQ from Korea and J Team from Taiwan appeared to be the favorites over upstarts Team Flash from Vietnam and [ … ]

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