Arena of Valor (AoV) - Arena of Valor Tier List (Eight Edition)

A rating list of the strength of heroes (characters) in Arena of Valor organized and separated by tier ranking with an explanation for their placement on the list
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Update December 9, 2018: Riktor Added

Update November 28, 2018: Elsu Added

List includes heroes (champions) from the Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Southeast Asia (Malaysia / Philippines / Singapore), and India servers.

Arena of Valor Hero Tier List

This is our tier list for the mobile version of Arena of Valor. For our tier list on the Nintendo Switch version, click here.

Visual List

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Tier List Information

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All heroes can be strong or weak given a particular situation. We’ve done our best to rank them based on their average strength, but some heroes’ levels fluctuate wildly depending on their circumstances:

  • “+” denotes a hero whose rating is highly dependent on the player’s skill – more so than your typical hero. For instance, a capable Murad is a maddening presence for the opposing team (and thus belongs in Tier S), whereas a Murad who doesn’t understand his cooldowns and ultimate usage will be the deciding factor in a decidedly bad way.
  • “^” denotes a hero who performs better in a solo queue setting than in an organized or cooperative team environment. In the typical chaos of ranked play, Tel’Annas will demolish anyone who gets caught in her attack range, while teams who play together will jump her the instant they smell an opportunity.
  • “#” denotes a hero who is much more effective in an organized or cooperative team setting. Though Mina can’t do much by herself, she is a terror if her team cooperates with her.
  • “~” denotes a hero whose value diminishes by one or more tiers if not played in their primary role. For the sake of your teammates, please don’t try to play Alice in a lane by herself.


These are different from the roles delineated in the game; instead, they are the roles (1 being their primary role) that optimize the character’s functionality throughout a game of Arena of Valor.

  • Jungle – You’re the jungler. Go do jungly things.
  • DS Lane – Dark Slayer Lane (or just solo/side lane, if you have a dedicated roaming support). You’re good at solo-laning. Sit in the corner and soak those minion waves.
  • Support – Characters who fare much better when travelling with a damage-dealing ally. If you’re alone, it’s because you’re scouting out the enemy or purposely allowing teammates to farm more experience and gold.
  • Damage – Follow up on your team’s initiation by bringing the heat. Position-wise, you are in the Abyssal lane solo or duo.
  • Mid – The middle lane: typically mages who can clear safely (with some exceptions).

Tier SS

Unlike our previous SS tier, these heroes are simply more effective than the heroes in the S Tier, but not necessarily impossible to deal with.

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Hero Role Description
Arena of Valor Y'bnethY’bneth 1. DS Lane
2. Support
Y’bneth can seem like The Immovable Object at times, pushing his enemies around and then forcing them to stay in place with Nature’s Realm.
This feels like a temporary placement: pros are already figuring out ways to deal with Groot 2.0 in their matches, and players on the ladder are sure to follow suit. By not easily giving Y’bneth the ability to constantly Redwood Rush and by diligently playing around Nature’s Realm – either by baiting it or spreading out in advance – players can counter Y’bneth the same way they figured out Lauriel and Rourke. That all said, Y’bneth is an absolute beast in the chaos of solo queue, often taking on 2-3 heroes by itself and coming out alive.
Arena of Valor KriknakKriknak~ 1. Jungle
2. DS Lane
A burst assassin with incredible mobility who can demolish squishies and high-health targets alike with a percentage-based ability.

His speed and lethality have bumped the insect assassin up into our highest tier. Kriknak is just too oppressive when used competently. His damage can rip all but the tankiest of enemies apart before they have time to react, and his high mobility makes him difficult to escape from or catch up to when fights break out.

Arena of Valor ElsuElsu+
Added 2018/11/28
1. Mid
2. Jungle
3. Damage
A sniper who balances ridiculous range and damage with relatively poor mobility and attack speed.

Being such a polarizing character, we wanted to see what the pros thought of Elsu before making any determinations. Based on the first weekend of the AIC, it appears they fear him as well. Which makes sense, considering he’s a hero with a high skill floor and ceiling – and pros have, by definition, the best skills in the world. Just don’t be that guy (or girl) who uses him improperly and becomes the reason for your team’s loss.

Arena of Valor RiktorRiktor+
Added 2018/12/09
1. DS Lane
2. Jungle
A jack-of-all-trades, burst-damage warrior with good mobility, damage, and survivability.

Riktor has been high on the pick/ban priority list since he burst onto Taiwan’s server nearly two months ago. Not much has changed since, as his ability to win most matchups in the solo lane while being an excellent dive assassin in team fights has maintained his lofty status in the AIC – despite receiving some small nerfs. Though his potential on the ladder is heavily tied to player skill, those wishing to climb will want to prioritize learning him.

Tier S

Tier S heroes can feel unfairly strong, though they can be countered with solid micro and macro play.

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Hero Role Description
Arena of Valor CreshtCresht 1. Support
2. DS Lane
A tank who excels at babysitting allied squishy heroes and can transform into an offensive and defensive juggernaut with his ultimate.
Now that Cresht can really show off his abilities, he has shown just how terrifying he can be. The sea creature’s ultimate is now available much more frequently, allowing him more free use of the game-changing ability as well as ensuring that it is available whenever he needs it. Players have additionally found that Cresht can excel when in the Slayer lane. No longer trapped as a babysitting support, Cresht can build up some damage and tear up foes.
Arena of Valor The FlashThe Flash 1. Mid
2. Jungle
The Flash is a mobile assassin capable of rushing in and out of fights and dishing out his damage before enemies have a chance to react.
His presence isn’t quite as felt as in the past, but The Flash is still a very effective mage assassin. As ranked play lacks the coordination of professionals – both in draft cohesion and in-game play – a skilled Flash player can rip apart discombobulated teams. He can move quickly to isolated enemies and hit them with some sharp damage before slipping back to safety. Neither the patch changes nor the recent meta shifts are quite enough to tear down The Flash from his place in S tier.
Arena of Valor LindisLindis 1. Jungle
2. Damage
A marksman who is capable of immense amounts of damage and can quickly and safely move around the jungle.

Lindis isn’t hit as hard by the Soulreaver changes as Violet, able to get by just fine with Scorching Wind. She remains a terror in the jungle, even if the changes to monster gold growth has slowed down her progression a bit. Assassins have been finding their way back into the jungle recently, though, so Lindis players will additionally have to pay more attention in fights to avoid getting jumped.

Arena of Valor MaxMax 1. DS Lane
2. Support
A bruiser tank with a game changing ultimate who dominates enemies who rely on regeneration effects.

Max remains very influential with his global presence and health-whittling passive. The boy wonder can jump onto stray squishy heroes and tear them down, leaving his team at a heavy advantage in team fights. With the recent changes encouraging more immobile marksmen in the Abyssal lane, Max players suddenly have more targets to choose from.

Arena of Valor ZephysZephys 1. Jungle
2. DS Lane
An assassin who boasts a large amount of damage and disruption ability despite being able to withstand a significant amount of enemy fire.
Making a comeback in popularity, Zephys is a great assassin. Not only does he pack a considerable amount of damage and crowd control, he is rather durable as well. Zephys can do well both when diving onto the back lines to pick damage dealers off or when attacking more durable foes to keep his allies safe.
Arena of Valor VioletViolet 1. Jungle
2. Damage
A high-damage marksman who is able to roll out of danger and poke enemies with an empowered, long range, high-frequency attack.
The loss of Soulreaver to her kit was a hit, but Violet can still find ways to excel. Taking Mr. Stabby as a jungling item or shifting to Scorching Wind won’t be as effective as Soulreaver, but the marksman will still be able to hit like a truck and rip enemies apart. She will have more trouble taking down epic creatures late game now, as players will need to sell off Mr. Stabby in exchange for a more directly-damaging item later in the game.
Arena of Valor RyomaRyoma 1. DS Lane
2. Jungle
A warrior who uses his long range and high damage to burst away opponents before flipping to safety.
Ryoma’s heavy damage and regeneration keep him firmly in place in the S tier. The ronin can deal large amounts of damage, very quickly tearing down squishy foes and helping tear through tankier enemies. The range that he attacks from allows for safe trades, especially against enemy warriors who are typically confined to rather short ranges.
Arena of Valor MuradMurad+ 1. Jungle
2. DS Lane
While difficult to play, Murad possesses the ability to dish out dramatic amounts of damage while remaining safely hidden from the battlefield.
Many have figured out Murad’s playstyle, making him a bit less effective in professional play. When solo-queueing, however, fewer people know how to deal with the time assassin and thereby remain easy targets to him and Temporal Turbulence. He is very slippery and can be very difficult to capture when able to disengage from fights.
Arena of Valor ArumArum 1. DS Lane
2. Support
A tank who summons lion spirits to damage any who get close and drain the life of her enemies.
Arum can be an oppressive force, able to survive continued attacks from two to three different enemies at once. Her ability to completely lock an enemy down can be a huge benefit in fights as well, especially when up against rather mobile foes. While she can be countered by anti-regeneration items, forcing an enemy to buy one cripples their build and can still be seen as a strength to the character.
Arena of Valor Kil'GrothKil’groth 1. DS Lane
2. Jungle
A warrior that rips towers and enemies apart with his mighty, high-speed normal attacks while safely immune to control effects.
Kil’groth packs an insane amount of lethality while able to safely slip out of enemy attacks. The Terror can tear down towers or epic monsters extremely quickly, making him very effective at split pushing. This doesn’t come at the cost of team fight potential either, as Kil’groth’s regeneration will keep him up in fights and his splashing attack damage will allow him to beat down grouped enemies.
Arena of Valor LilianaLiliana+ 1. Mid
2. Jungle
A mage who can shift between a long range nuker and a close-range assassin, able to deal large amounts of damage as each.

With an immense amount of burst damage at her disposal, Liliana remains a very potent force in the midlane. Her incredible mobility serves the dual purpose of keeping her out of trouble and indirectly allowing her to build as burst-y as possible since she has an escape built in. Minions aren’t even a problem when it comes to striking enemies, Shining Light a point target ability rather than a line shot.

Arena of Valor XenielXeniel 1. DS Lane
2. Support
A strong tank who can both take in and deal out large amounts of damage with his mighty shield and whose presence is felt all across the battlefield.

Xeniel can be the deciding factor in a number of team fights. The heal and damage reduction that he provides can greatly swing momentum into his team’s favor. In addition, he makes an excellent tank, his large health pool augmented by regular shields. What’s more, the angel has a global presence, able to sweep into any fight no matter his distance at the time. The latest meta shifts have boosted Xeniel’s influence, as Angelic Splendor is a great panic button to hit when the team’s back line is getting dived by an assassin.

Arena of Valor LU-BULu Bu+ 1. DS Lane
2. Jungle
A strong warrior who can control enemies with his disruptive abilities and is able to flip flights with a large damage and survivability steroid.
With recent buffs raising him into “really Tencent?” levels, Lu Bu is more effective now than ever before. He is just as oppressive with his abilities as before, but now will have some additional attack speed to help him into damage town. The warrior will give other top laners a run for their money as he fights his way up to the top of the role.
Arena of Valor RoxieRoxie 1. DS Lane
2. Jungle
A very flexible hero, capable of manning the Dark Slayer lane early and being a potent force in team fights into the late game.
The change to Roxie’s ultimate is huge. Not being able to purge it or reduce the duration with resistance will allow Roxie players to drag heroes across the map and nab those previously immune to her drags like Kil’groth or Superman. Roxie maintains quite a bit of fighting utility as well, her damage still high and her durability still solid.
Arena of Valor SupermanSuperman 1. DS Lane
2. Support
A mobile, durable, and aggressive sidelaner, Superman can sweep into the battlefield to tear enemy teams apart.
While he fell out of the limelight after his nerfs, Superman is still effective and oppressive. The man of steel can push enemies around the battlefield, take quite a bit of punishment, and damage enemies in decent amounts as well. Though not as devastating as he was earlier in the year, Superman is still a very powerful weapon in the hands of those who know how to use him.
Arena of Valor OmenOmen# 1. DS Lane
2. Jungle
Omen is a strong duelest who excels at one on one combat and has an unescapable ultimate that traps the target in its range.
Still one of the game’s premiere solo laners, Omen is a fearsome split pusher and duelist. High on both damage and durability, the warrior can be a terror to fight against. While not the greatest in team fights, Omen can take down enemy after enemy after building up a number of core items.

#Note: it may seem strange that we have a solo-laner as a hero who especially benefits from good team play, but Omen is a special case where his teammates need to be able to play around his split-pushing capabilities and capitalize late-game on opportunities he creates with Death’s Embrace

Arena of Valor JinnarJinnar 1. Mid
2. DS Lane
A durable mage who excels at team fighting due to a number of area-of-effect abilities and a shielding ultimate.
A very powerful mage who excels getting up close to enemies rather than attacking from afar. Jinnar can withstand a lot of damage during fights, even when fully building damage. He can trap those he is chasing, condemning them to an assured death as he rushes over them.
Arena of Valor RazRaz+ 1. Mid
2. Jungle
A melee mage who is able to poke enemies with a power fireball before sweeping in and finishing them off with his powerful, magical punches.

Raz’s power has been more and more evident lately with several high-profile players picking the mage up. With high amounts of damage and mobility at his disposal, Raz can tear enemies up before slipping into safety. He additionally has a decent amount of crowd control to keep enemies in place or push them into your team.

Arena of Valor MarjaMarja 1. DS Lane
2. Mid
A magical brawler, Marja rejuvenates her health as she attacks and is able to safely dive under towers to finish off fleeing enemies.
Marja remains a powerful slayer lane hero, able to deal out consistent damage with little to no risk to her own life. She is able to very safely trade through her life steal and invulnerability frames. The slows that her abilities have additionally punish enemies for getting close, giving her incredible control over her lane.
Arena of Valor IgnisIgnis 1. Mid
2. DS Lane
Dealing sustained damage rather than bursting, Ignis enjoys running around fights and trapping opponents while barraging them with fireballs.
Ignis finally got a well-deserved buff, catapulting up to the top of the pack. He is now a machine gun of abilities, able to throw out Fire Crash after Fire Crash to blast away enemy life. Being able to apply Marks of the Flame immediately will allow Ignis to constantly stun foes and gain shields, healing himself all the while. Side note: while we know Ignis has been highly favored in professional leagues and some players are frustrated playing against him, his damage output is lacking enough to prevent him from being in the SS stratosphere.
Arena of Valor MalochMaloch 1. DS Lane
2. Support
Possessing a high-damage cleave and an exceptional initiating ultimate, Maloch can tear apart enemy teams with his high durability and damage.
While not as impactful as before, Maloch remains a solid rock on the battlefield. The demon is able to withstand dramatic amounts of damage, set up attacks like a champ, and deal considerable amounts of his own damage. He has mobility problems and can be locked down by particularly control-heavy enemies, so we debated dropping him down a bit, but his influence on the battlefield is enough to keep him up in S tier for at least one more list.
Arena of Valor SkudSkud 1. DS Lane
2. Support
A brawler who is both able to dish out significant amounts of burst damage and set up ganks for his team with a number of strong control abilities.

Another character who was at risk of falling, not because of his own strength but because of the heroes around him. He can deal quite a bit of damage, able to burst down squishier foes in a single hit. Above that he is still a rather durable tank and can knock enemies around with a suite of control abilities. While he might struggle against some of the now more powerful Slayer lane heroes, Skud remains a rather strong hero who can both excel when alone in lane or with his allies in a team fight.

Tier 1

The best of the “balanced” heroes.

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Hero Role Description
Arena of Valor AliceAlice#~ 1. Support A nimble support who can boost along allies with speed-enhancing shields as well as trap foes in her powerful control abilities.
Alice remains one of the game’s premiere supports. While not consistently game swinging enough to be up in the S tier, the Adorable Mystic remains a very potent hero. The utility that she provides through the speed and protection of her Friendship and the control of her Sunshine and Hissy Fit can be the deciding factors of fights. That said, she requires enough careful aim, timing, and positioning that players will need to be rather practiced to succeed with her.
Arena of Valor LaurielLauriel 1. Mid
2. DS Lane
Able to take on several enemies at the same time due to her powerful regeneration and spammable abilities, Lauriel plays like a durable mage warrior.
The recent buff to her passive preserved Lauriel’s place in tier 1. The angel can be incredibly influential in fights, dealing out large amounts of damage while keeping her health from falling. That said, she requires more build up to get going than other mages. Players have to play rather cautiously early game in order to hit her power spike.
Arena of Valor ThaneThane~ 1. Support An exceptionally durable tank who is capable of peeling enemies away from allies and set up fights before finishing targets off with his devastating ultimate.
Thane received a tidy buff that makes the tank even harder to kill when his passive is active. Durable and packing lots of utility, Thane can be huge in fights. That said, he is rather helpless if left alone, as he relies almost completely on teammates for damage. His main combo pushes instead of pulls, as well. While he can use it to trap enemies for long periods, it requires more careful positioning than other supports.
Arena of Valor ArthurArthur^ 1. DS Lane
2. Support
A warrior who can quickly traverse the map with a spammable speed boost and execute high priority targets in team fights.
The beefy hero grows even beefier. Now with more armor at his disposal, Arthur will be incredibly tanky early game. Everything else wonderful about the suave hero remains the same. Fast, bursty, and durable, Arthur can fill a number of holes on the team and contribute effectively in each. While he doesn’t excel quite as well in a particular role as any specialists, his versatility more than makes up for it.
Arena of Valor MinaMina#~ 1. Support
2. DS Lane
A tank who supports allies by drawing in enemies and forcing them into attacking as she whittles away their health with her whirling scythe.

Continuing her rise in popularity, Mina is widely considered the best true (non-flex) support. She is able to hook enemies in with her scythe before locking them to her with a taunt. In addition, she is quite durable and can deal okay damage if built that way. Mina is almost completely reliant on her team, however, and thereby will need some organization if players want to succeed with her.

Arena of Valor NatalyaNatalya 1. Mid
2. Damage
A burst mage who can dish out dramatic amounts of damage with her combo when able to land each shot.
Her heavy damage continues to impress, overcoming her low mobility. Natalya has gained a bit of additional notoriety recently as well, acting as a counter to the oppressive Y’bneth while being a natural pair with Mina and Grakk. Her abilities require careful aim and positioning, making her a bit less reliable than other mages. That said, her high damage makes her one of the best choices among less-mobile mages.
Arena of Valor ZillZill~ 1. Jungle
2. DS Lane
A jungling mage who is able to quicly close the distance to his targets with a powerful ultimate that renders him invincible while casting.
Having grown more popular with the return of jungle assassins, Zill has found a renewed popularity. He can deal quite a bit of damage and do so safely. He is invincible when casting his ultimate and can warp away directly afterwards. He is very similar to The Flash and Murad in the regard. That said, he cannot withdraw from fights quite as reliably as the other two and lacks The Flash’s control or the same level of damage as Murad.
Arena of Valor PreytaPreyta 1. Mid
2. DS Lane
A long-range siege mage who can transition into a normal-attacking monster after activating his ultimate and absorbing his wyvern’s spirit.
Preyta is a powerful siege mage who can damage enemies from a considerable distance. He additionally has a nice bit of control and can transition into a more up-front battle mage with his ultimate. His main damaging ability, Plague Specter, is the ultimate in requiring careful aim and set up. Players will need to be crafty in their approach in order to consistently hit their targets.
Arena of Valor ChaugnarChaugnar 1. Support
2. DS Lane
3. Mid
A support tank who switches seamlessly between poking and harassing the back line while being able to cleanse himself and allies of control effects.

Chaugnar indirectly suffers as a number of heroes that relied on their control effects have gained immunity to cleanses. That said, the chaos elephant can still free his allies from other control effects while tanking for his team and damaging enemies. His heavy presence in fights makes him a valuable choice for support. Aggressive players can find a lot of use from that support and cause a lot of chaos on the battlefield.

Arena of Valor GrakkGrakk#~ Support A tank who plays like a support, Grakk is capable of dragging enemies to his waiting team or suppress targets with an area of ultimate

Similar to Mina in that players have been enjoying his rather powerful support capabilities lately. With careful aim, Grakk can snatch players away from their teams and drag them to an early demise. The Glutton additionally can lock groups of heroes down with is ultimate, World Devourer. One downside of Grakk is that he is very hit-or-miss, both literally and figuratively: the outcome of the game can depend on whether or not Grakk is hitting his hooks.

Arena of Valor KrixiKrixi 1. Mid
2. DS Lane
A nimble mage who boasts large amounts of firepower when dealing with enemies up close due to her aura-based ultimate.
Still a rather powerful mage, Krixi has maintained her popularity due to her high burst and maneuverability. Krixi doesn’t have quite the dramatic potential as an S-tier mage, still relying completely on her movement speed to get around. However, the pixie can blast enemies into oblivion after getting a few items. Additionally, the knock up she has can be a great way of starting skirmishes.
Arena of Valor ZukaZuka 1. DS Lane
2. Jungle
An agile assassin who is able to quickly chase down opponents with a multitude of movement abilities and burst them away with empowered normal attacks.
When looking at solo laners, the question we often came back to was: can they deal with super-duelers Omen, Kil’groth, and Lu Bu? While Zuka has a dramatic amount of damage at his disposal and is able to get in and out of fights very easily, he can’t really deal with that trio past level four. What’s worse is that players have started to play more carefully around Zuka’s Chi passive, which is his lifeblood when he’s trying to take someone out. Actually, with the need for lethal assassin junglers on the rise, Zuka’s main role could be in the jungle once more. Who knows, maybe a change of scenery can bring him back to the top.
Arena of Valor FennikFennik~ 1. Jungle
2. Damage
Possessing dramatic amounts of burst damage early game, Fennik is a marksman both exceptionally capable at tearing down jungle monsters and enemy towers.
While not as capable as other jungle marksmen, Fennik remains strong. His high burst allows him to take enemies out very quickly and tear down towers early game. Compared to fellow speedy jungle clearer Lindis, Fennik is far superior at bringing down towers but lacks in the team fighting department as he needs to stay and finish off the same target he’s applied Thief’s Mark to. Without careful team coordination, Fennik players will have trouble finding opportunities to force down towers if the opposing team is careful to stop him.
Arena of Valor ValheinValhein 1. DS Lane
2. RNG 2nd stun
A marksman who is focused more on attack speed than damage, Valhein can build as either a marksman or a mage as he stun locks opponents.

Players have started to remember why Valhein was so bad before and the surprise of his sudden rise has faded. Add that with a few nerfs to his passive damage, and Valhein is in a much more manageable place. This is still assuming that players build a hybrid Valhein heavy on health. A typical marksman build will drop the demon hunter down a good two tiers.

Arena of Valor AnnetteAnnette#
1. Support
2. Mid
A support with reasonable damage, Annette has a wealth of situational healing and disruptive abilities that can be devastating if used well.
Annette is a rare breed in Arena of Valor. As a caster support, it could be easy to write her off as not fitting in with the current meta. However, she has proved herself on Antaris battlefield. The wind mage is capable of buffeting enemies around and trapping them with her abilities, locking them in place for allies. This additionally prevents them from either approaching or escaping. Having great synergy with ability spammers Lindis, Raz, Ignis, and the like helps her cause as well.
arena of valor TeeMeeTeeMee 1. Support
2. Damage
A strong support tank who are able to control the flow of fights with large amounts of crowd control and a powerful revival ultimate.
The string of nerfs that the Tanuki pair has received throughout the year have finally caught up with them. While still able to provide quite a bit of utility to their teams, their presence is much weaker than it had been in the past. Players will have to work much harder to protect their teammates with the brothers. Falling behind will risk them turning into a revive bot, which will fall far short of other supports.
Arena of Valor TulenTulen 1. Mid
2. Jungle
An early game mage who excels at finishing off enemies and staying just out of reach of the opposition.
Despite a return of some movement speed, Tulen remains edged out by the meta. While capable of large amounts of damage and snowballing, he puts himself in considerable more danger to do so than his peers. The extra mobility is greatly appreciated though, as it will help a lot as the lightning mage moves between the lanes to gank.
Arena of Valor The JokerThe Joker 1. Mid
2. Damage
3. Support
A marksman who plays more like a mage assassin, The Joker is both able to burst away opponents and slip out of fights unharmed.
The previous nerf to The Joker’s Canned Laughter hit him harder than we had previously realized. While still able to do significant damage, he is at a high risk of dying as he moves. The bonus that he receives now is a nice addition. However, the extra attack speed will act more to ensure that the target dies rather than a new feature of his kit.
Arena of Valor AiriAiri 1. DS Lane
2. Jungle
An extremely agile top laner who can sneak up to enemies to attack and zip away to safety with a number of dashes.
The kunoichi received a baffling nerf, some her durability shifted over to damage instead. While stated as a method of getting people to use her as an assassin, in reality it will probably put more of a focus on durability when building items. That said, the assassin is still rather capable of taking down enemies. This is particularly the case when it comes to dashing into the enemy’s back line.
Arena of Valor Wonder WomanWonder Woman 1. DS Lane
2. Support
A powerful warrior who can either rush into enemy teams or drag low-health targets towards her with her whip before tearing them down with a number of strong attacks.
Wonder Woman was a bit of a tricky hero for us. She has fallen out of popularity and struggles to keep up with some of the other Slayer lane heroes in the game, particularly duelers like Omen, Kilgroth, and Lu Bu. Our first impression was to drop her down to tier 1, but then she got a buff. Now we’re in the embarrassing position of dropping a hero as she gets a buff. She is still a capable warrior and is able to both damage enemies and protect allies well. However, even with the improved stats, Wonder Woman will struggle to have quite the same impact as the S tier warriors when it comes to making plays or pushing the lane.
Arena of Valor MorenMoren 1. Jungle
2. Damage
One of, if not the most durable marksman in the game, Moren is capable of tearing apart enemies with a stream of attacks.
We debated Moren a bit for this tier list. While he is undoubtedly a very capable jungle marksman, his power spike comes much later than others. His high damage, moderate speed, and respectable durability kept us from dropping him for now. We might see a drop in the future, however, as the meta shifts away from jungle marksmen.
Arena of Valor SlimzSlimz+ 1. Jungle
2. Damage
Capable of devastating ganks and of quickly tearing down enemy tanks, Slimz uses a large spear to stun from afar before jumping in to finish his target off.

Another who has suffered a bit with the nerfing of jungle marksmen. Slimz himself received some rather direct nerfs as well, his ability to disengage now much more limited than before. The Trustworthy will still be a capable carry and deadly damage dealer, but players will need to be much more careful with positioning than before.

Arena of Valor AmilyAmily 1. DS Lane
2. Jungle
A durable warrior that quickly traverses the map searching for single targets to annihilate.
Amily is a very strong warrior and is just now picking up some popularity at time of writing. We debated moving Amily all the way up to Tier S after some extremely strong showings from her in the GCS. That said, many haven’t figured out the warrior’s potential and we will need some more observation before moving her so far up the list, so she will stay in tier 1 for the time being. In the meantime, we’ve switched her primary and secondary role, as she is clearly better in a solo lane.

Tier 2

Most Tier 2 heroes are viable picks in professional competition.

(Click on a hero for ability mechanics, attack and ability ranges, hero guides, item builds, and more)

Hero Role Description
Arena of Valor BatmanBatman~ 1. Jungle
2. DS Lane
One of very few heroes with stealth abilities at their disposal, Batman can absolutely destroy squishy enemies left out in the open.

A capable assassin, though one who falls short in a lot of respects. While able to dish out a lot of damage, this is all primarily early game. Batman will fall off later game, especially if he can’t keep a consistent string of kills. He is able to transition into more of a warrior role, but is a bit lackluster in that capacity in comparison to other warriors. Players who are practiced with him will be able to do quite a bit in matches, though many might find themselves falling short.

Arena of Valor TelannasTel’Annas^ 1. Damage
2. Jungle
A high range marksman who can tear enemies apart with her quick attacks, provided she can stay in a safe position to do so.
The changes made to Tel’annas are quite interesting, turning the elf into a hybrid damage dealer. This will make defending against her quite difficult and could go a long way in giving the marksman a more definite place in teams. We brought her back up to tier 2 for now, as these changes should make her much more accessible.
Arena of Valor ArduinArduin 1. DS Lane
2. Support
A warrior with plenty of crowd control at his disposal along with a regular shield and the ability to regenerate lost health with his passive.
Arduin has proven himself as a solid Slayer lane hero despite not quite having the same potential as some others. While damage isn’t his strong suit, Arduin has durability and control in spades. He can get into enemy teams and continually disrupt them with Rend and Cull, protecting himself and amplifying his damage with Undying Protector. His lack of popularity can lend him some additional use as well. Many players won’t see him often and thereby won’t be as practiced in dealing with him.
Arena of Valor Diao ChanDiao Chan 1. Mid
2. Support
With a large amount of crowd control and some moderate damage at her disposal, Diao Chan can greatly disrupt enemies when able to land her abilities.
Diao Chan received some reasonable buffs that may allow her to rise as players get used to her new utility. Her damage is a bit low, but she makes up for it with the amount of stuns and slows that she can offer the team in a fight. She is rather immobile and very vulnerable to assassins and other burst damage dealers as a result. The biggest downfall to the character continues to be that players will have to mute their game in order to stand playing as her.
Arena of Valor KAHLIIKahlii 1. Mid
2. DS Lane
A long range mage capable to tearing through minion waves very quickly and attacking enemies from impressively far away.
A long range mage who has found a comfortable place in the current meta. While not the most game breaking, Kahlii mains have discovered ways to get a lot of use out of the Ghost Guardian. She is capable of sieging enemies from great distances as well as zipping around the map at high speeds. Finally, Kahlii can act as a great defense late game, able to clear minion waves with ease.
Arena of Valor AleisterAleister# 1. Mid
2. Support
With a large number of control abilities, Aleister excels at zoning enemies out of fights and setting targets up for his team to pick off.

The recent changes to Aleister really cleaned him up and turned the Loki look-alike into a much more capable hero. He still has a few quirks that we’re not overly fond of – stunning himself to cast his ultimate being one of them – but he has shown himself to be much stronger now. Players can use his zoning potential to dominate the lane and shift into locking heroes completely down in team fights.

Arena of Valor TaaraTaara 1. DS Lane
2. Support
A warrior tank who is able to deal out large amounts of damage when her health is low and regenerate any health she is missing with her powerful ultimate.
While we (well, DTwo) proclaimed loudly on Reddit that the new Taara change was a buff, it makes playing her so much more difficult now that we had to drop her. Playing the new Taara requires hovering around 40% health in order to be in the sweet spot of dealing decent damage while also healing off of her abilities. The new assassin-like play style may be jarring to players who try to play Taara like her former immortal self. We imagine that it’s just not worth it for most players to learn her when there are so many other capable solo laners out there.
Arena of Valor NakrothNakroth+~ Jungle A capable assassin with large amounts of damage who relies on his exceptional mobility to make up for lacking defenses.

While the current meta supports melee junglers at the moment, Nakroth doesn’t have quite the capabilities of other assassin junglers when it comes to immediately blowing a target up. Nakroths who try to jump in and out of fights will find themselves taking more damage than dealing it, particularly since Nakroth isn’t exactly the type of hero to snowball an early game lead. That all said, part of Nakroth’s issue is that current pros are stubbornly sticking to Leviathan when we feel that the new Soulreaver could bring him up a notch.

+Tier Range: S (if you’re Vex) to 4

Arena of Valor OrmarrOrmarr 1. Support
2. DS Lane
A warrior who enjoys setting up kills rather than gathering large amounts of his own, Ormarr is a crowd control machine and one of the premiere roaming supports.
Ormarr is by no means bad, but isn’t quite the shining paragon of support he was in the past. He’s not the best pick in protect-the-carry comps, which is a heavy part of the current meta’s focus. In addition, his reliance on a rather vague RNG mechanic can make the warrior less reliable than other choices. He is still great in highly aggressive teams, though, particularly those that are wanting to do a lot of diving under towers.
Arena of Valor AstridAstrid 1. DS Lane
2. Support
An aggressive warrior who can survive large amounts of damage as she makes her assault, going completely immune to it when using her ultimate.
Astrid remains a rather standard warrior without the ability to stand out. She has respectable amounts of damage and survivability, but lacks a certain oomph to really stand out. Part of her problem is just how packed the Slayer lane is with good to great heroes, making her average nature all the more damning. Still, players who enjoy the warrior shouldn’t avoid her. The girl still packs enough punch to keep up with the rest when in skilled hands.
Arena of Valor ButterflyButterfly^~ Jungle An assassin who jumps from opponent to opponent to finish them off in fights, regaining her abilities and health as she does so.

Butterfly has found a nice place in the game with her new mechanics. The assassin can now effectively get into fights, chase down targets, brutally murder them, and retreat to safety. While she doesn’t have the same utility as other stand-out assassins, she remains a rather safe pick for the jungle. Further, if the search for blow-em-up style assassin junglers continues, Butterfly could actually move up.

Arena of Valor LumburrLumburr#~ Support An excellent baby-sitting tank who offers both passive protection to allies and a large amount of crowd control in fights.
Lumburr has a lot of utility but is a bit lacking in all other respects. The tank is a huge help in team fights and scuffles when with his team, but is absolutely pathetic on his own. Since he plays as a support, this isn’t the worst thing in the world. But, compared to other supports like TeeMee, Mina, Grakk, Thane, or Alice, Lumburr players have to rely much more on their items to survive fights and work much harder to properly support their team.
Arena of Valor WispWisp~ 1. Damage
2. Jungle
A marksman able to rip apart clumps of enemies with both explosive ammunition and a long range artillery strike.

A decent marksman who received quite a few buffs in the most recent patch. Wisp will be enjoying a number of new toys, from a faster Barrel Bomb to a Shock and Awe that slows targets. The latter is particularly useful, as it helps prevent enemies from simply stepping out of the area. There is very little wrong with Wisp at this point (save a meh passive), but she still doesn’t have quite enough to be considered tier 1. Maybe another meta shift or creative build will pick her up in the future.

Arena of Valor YornYorn 1. Damage
2. Mid
Capable of immense amounts of damage that pierces through enemies in a line, Yorn is a powerhouse when able to position himself well.

Now with a stronger early game, Yorn will have an easier time reaching his damage heights. Sadly, this safer early game came at the cost of not being able to do quite as much damage late game. Still, the marksman packs an incredible punch and will be a huge benefit when it comes to tearing enemies down. His reliance on positioning and damage-and-damage-only kit stand in the way of him getting much higher than tier 2.

Arena of Valor Wu KongWukong~ 1. Jungle
2. DS Lane
Able to completely devastate solo heroes, Wukong relies on critical strikes to deliver heavy amounts of burst damage to enemies.
The monkey king suffers from similar problems as other mid-tier junglers. High early-game potential but a fall off late game and a reliance on snowballing. What’s worse here is that Wukong has to additionally rely on RNG for his early-game damage. If players are unlucky they won’t get the crits they need early. If they don’t get early crits, they don’t get early kills. If they don’t get early kills, they lag behind and nobody’s happy.
Arena of Valor MgangaMganga 1. Mid
2. DS Lane
With poisons that both damage enemies and heal allies, Mganga excels in drawn out fights with his stacking damage of time effects.
No changes here, save for a nerf to one of Mganga’s new favorite items: Berith’s Agony. The poisonous jester is great at whittling opponents down before blasting them away with a Detonation. While Mganga is great at dueling and in prolonged fights, his lack of immediate burst and poor mobility can make him an easy target for ganks.
Arena of Valor PeuraPeura/Payna~ 1. Support A pure support who heals and protects allies with her auras while also chain stunning enemies who have grouped together.
After taking the world by storm with buffs last patch, Tencent decided that the deer girl was out of control and sent some nerfs her way. While still capable of maintaining her team and disabling the enemies. Her heal is now more effective on enemies above 80% health than it was before, so popping Healing Light early is needed to have a similar feeling to the Peura of before.
Arena of Valor RourkeRourke
1. Jungle
2. DS Lane
Durable despite a large amount of burst damage at his disposal and an amazing mustache, Rourke is able to obliterate enemies one-on-one.
No matter how much I (Green) try to talk sense to him, DTwo refuses to listen to reason and insists on dropping the poor captain down to tier 2. What a jerk, write him a nasty letter detailing your distaste. Anyway, Rourke’s effectiveness has been hindered by how often he was played in the summer and how players have learned to play around him.

Tier 3

The heroes in Tier 3 lack in mobility, damage, or utility compared to other heroes.

(Click on a hero for ability mechanics, attack and ability ranges, hero guides, item builds, and more)

Hero Role Description
Arena of Valor Azzen'KaAzzen’Ka 1. Mid
2. Support
Azzen’ka is able to lock down opponents with a number of control abilities, though they can be somewhat difficult to land. Azzen’ka also suffers from extreme lack of mobility and durability.
Despite more reliable stuns coming his way, Azzen’ka remains a below-average mage. He needs way too much precision to be reliably effective. This is especially true in the moving frantic ball of heroes and abilities that is a team fight. Players can succeed with Azzen’ka, though those same players would likely do much better choosing a more reliable control mage like Diao Chan or Aleister, or a more reliable damage mage like Liliana.
Arena of Valor IlumiaIlumia+ 1. Mid
2. Support
A mage capable of locking down the entire enemy team with her ultimate, Ilumia can unleash a steady stream of controlling orbs as she spams her abilities.

Ilumia just doesn’t have much going for her. We suppose her ultimate can be nice in team fights? Knowing where enemies are periodically is nice too we suppose. The rest of her kit is very lackluster though, lagging behind other mages in damage or control or both. While mastering her difficult play style to the point of actually being effective in games may be rewarding, no amount of mean comments from Ilumia mains will change our position, barring a radical change in her kit or the meta.

Arena of Valor ZANISZanis 1. Jungle
2. DS Lane
A warrior who grows in power with each kill or assist that he scores, Zanis is able to rip apart even the tankiest of enemies due to his possession of true damage.

Zanis is the definition of a snowball hero. If he can get a quick lead, he’ll do great, but if he can’t, it’s curtains for the dragoon. The lack of a reliable dash to get to the back line in team fights is especially painful. The good news is that Zanis is a very good Clone Clash hero.

Arena of Valor BaldumBaldum 1. Support
2. DS Lane
A disruptive tank with the ability to both brawl and pick off targets who are out of position.
Poor Baldum. The poor guy just can’t offer much to fights. Sure, he can be really tanky and set up fights. His ultimate though…it’s just too wonky. Unless players have a really, really good sense of the fight, they heavily risk helping the enemy rather than hurting them. Even beyond that his control is minor and his damage lackluster.
Arena of Valor GildurGildur 1. Support
2. Damage
A control-focused tank, Gildur can set up fights for his allies by trapping groups of enemies with his ultimate or stunning them with his Brilliance.
Gildur got one of his shields back. Woohoo! Unfortunately, the Gold Geezer still shows his age in fights. He has a bit of control in his kit that players can use well, true. However it is less reliable and more dangerous than other heroes and has nothing to make up for the difficulty. If building him tankily, he will lack the damage to be effective and if building him with AP, he will be too vulnerable to contribute in fights.
Arena of Valor VeeraVeera 1. Mid
2. Damage
Excelling in one on one combat, Veera is a simple mage that can deal large amounts of damage to single targets.

Veera keeps getting numbers buffs when she needs some mechanical tweaking to really get ahead. She is far too situational of a hero, only really excelling at duels. As soon as another enemy steps in, she won’t be able to get that sweet instant kill. This in turn leaves her open to attack, where she’ll almost definitely die.

Tier 4

Here is our obligatory, “You can still win with Tier 4 heroes.” But why hurt yourself like that?

(Click on a hero for ability mechanics, attack and ability ranges, hero guides, item builds, and more)

Hero Role Description
Arena of Valor OMEGAOmega 1. DS Lane
2. Support
As all of his abilities damage towers – and two can stun them – Omega can rip down enemy structures rather quickly.
Omega is unchanged and continues to suffer from clunky animations and a lack of presence in team fights. He is basically Omen without the ability to win duels or the spiffy sword.
Arena of Valor ToroToro 1. Support
2. DS Lane
Toro has high durability and thereby can withstand large amounts of enemy fire without much worry.
Toro is also unchanged. He is a damage sponge without any reason to be attacked. Players are better off asking the enemies very nicely not to attack than to rely heavily on Toro.


Welcome to the eighth edition of the Samurai Gamers Arena of Valor Hero Tier List! This list is an attempt to rank heroes based on their effectiveness in all levels of ranked play. It is based off of our (Master-rank) opinion, with weight given to high-level players’ opinions and certain heroes’ ban, pick, and win rates in professional matches around the world.

Keep in mind that heroes are judged on their own merits, and not as part of very specific team compositions – though being viable in multiple situations is a big plus. Therefore, the list should be viewed based on heroes’ potential in solo-queue, without the need for heavy team cooperation or organization. That all said, we’ve affixed separate symbols to characters whose value changes dramatically when played either solo or in an organized team.

Changes From the Sixth List

  • Brought back “SS” Tier

We’re somewhat tentatively bringing back the SS tier, though the meaning behind it is a bit different this time. Whereas the old SS tier consisted of hero(es) that were seemingly un-counterable, this version’s SS tier is simply there to distinguish between the great heroes and the best heroes. Further, we’re already anticipating a drop for the current SS heroes whether a nerf comes or not, as players continue to learn how to play around them. In fact, we’re already seeing a shift in professional play from must-pick Y’bneth to occasionally letting him slide out of the draft entirely.

So why bring back the SS tier at all, if we think they’ll drop? Well, we feel it’s worth taking a snapshot of which heroes are the best at the moment. Plus, it’s not guaranteed that the players on ladder figure out how to play around Y’bneth and Kriknak like the pros have started to. After all, if they continue to dominate the ladder a month from now, we’ll certainly feel silly. That said, players eventually figured out how to play around Lauriel and Rourke – heroes with similar limitations to Y’bneth – so we feel comfortable in our prediction.

Finally, with upcoming heroes Elsu* and Richter seeming like SS material, we felt it necessary to set a bar for them to achieve. The current SS heroes certainly meet that criteria.

*Note: though Elsu is currently available on multiple servers, including the MSP server, we’re holding off on adding him to the list until we can get a better feel for where he stands.

Side Lane Rules

Fourteen of the twenty four heroes in S or SS are heroes whose main role is one of the side lanes. In fact, we considered Amily, Zuka, Wonder Woman, Airi, and Valhein for Tier S as well before drawing a fine line between them and the other side lane monsters. The variety of side laners is impressive too: duelers, global heroes, team fight brawlers, split-push specialists, and more are represented.

With so many strong options to choose from, we suggest players take a page out of the pros’ book and go one of two options: deploy a heavy poke composition with something like Violet, Ignis, and three beefy front liners, or forego marksmen all together and combine an assassin jungler like Kriknak with side laners who can help dive the opposing back line.

Still Top Heavy

There are just a lot of good heroes at the top of Arena of Valor. As we’ve mentioned before, every single hero through Tier 2 is a viable pick in professional competition – that’s 65 of 73 heroes in our list. That also means that any of those heroes can be picked in your ranked matches without feeling like you’re at a severe disadvantage (not that picking Ilumia puts you at a disadvantage…please, Ilumia mains: put down your pitch forks and torches).

As an aside, there are no “true” supports in Tier S or SS – only heroes who can flex into the DS Lane. While a hero like Mina often finds herself a high priority in professional matches, it’s difficult to carry a ranked game by yourself with her. That said, supports are always needed, and she can be amazing with good cooperation, so don’t shy away from the support role if your team needs it.

A Tier List, Not a Meta List

When we decide where to place heroes, we generally do so based on who we think is strong, not necessarily who is popular. Though those two measurements often overlap, it’s important to point out that a low play rate on the ladder doesn’t make a hero weak. With so many viable heroes to play, it’s nearly impossible to come across all of them in ranked matches – especially when player bases often flock to and practice the hero of the moment.

The distinction is also important because of the server differences. Though most of the heroes are the same at this point (apart from the Switch version), different player bases develop different play styles and simply prefer some heroes over others for various reasons.

Customary Reminder

Before we get to the list, we need to remind everyone that all the heroes in Arena of Valor are capable of winning at very high levels – yes, even those down in Tier 4. Picking a hero from the top of this list won’t immediately vault you to Master rank, just like buying a new tennis racket won’t turn you into Roger Federer. Playing any hero in any role requires good game sense, knowledge, intuition, and practice. And if you’re most comfortable making plays with good ol’ Toro, don’t let those meanies in the match lobby bully you into switching to someone more “meta.”

In-Depth Discussion on Placements

Watch the video below where our head writers DTwo and Green talk about the reason for each hero’s placement in the tier list!

Past Hero Tier Lists

Let Us Know What You Think!

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