Arena of Valor (AoV) - Premiere Valor League (PVL) Playoffs Begin This Week

Eight teams remain in the Premiere Valor League (PVL), the foremost Arena of Valor league in North America. The first round kicks off this week on Wednesday and Thursday (North American Central Time).

Premiere Valor League (PVL) Playoffs Begin This Week

After a grueling twelve week regular season, the Premiere Valor League (PVL) playoffs are finally upon us. The first season of the top Arena of Valor league in North America consisted of sixteen teams split into four groups, with two teams from each group advancing to the playoffs stage.

Making it out of group “Might” were TheZelphNation and Knights of Zodiac, out of group “Sage” were Yugen Dynasty and Team Supreme, out of “Abyssal” came VeniVidiVici and ATroubledFew, and climbing out of group “Valiant” were PrideStark and iNFamous.

The playoff bracket was revealed over the weekend:

The biggest first-round match up is between Valor Series Season 2 competitors VeniVidiVici and PrideStark. Both teams have come on strong as of late and look to be continuing their solid play. VeniVidiVici in particular has a heavy Latin American following, so expect lots of support from their fans.

The playoff teams’ rosters are as follows:

PVL Playoffs Players (Top Half)
TheZelphNation Team Supreme Knights of Zodiac Yugen Dynasty
Top Meis Tiamat CasualKitty Sitgo
Mid Zelph ActiveFrost Jennie’ DualSpirals
Jungle Nutted YuanHB Vvriter SwwavEy
Bot James Priv8Dancer KZxLEE Galaxy
Support Creamy gadu[WOKE] Devil_Heroes HiiT
Sub Debonair xEXIAx [FUND]Kefla TrashTobias
Sub Hycs LogoSpite WSSxHiro November
Sub Lucifer ImTrash Tempting
PVL Playoffs Players (Bottom Half)
VeniVidiVici PrideStark ATroubledFew iNFamous
Top McFly Zune Toothpic xWrath
Mid Ninja Ra LateFrost errVICIOUS
Jungle Waseem Beast Viral Fierce
Bot Rood Vaor Komodo SiEG
Support WizarD Doze vadderung Wrath
Sub Jordin cDubs ninja Neytiri
Sub Frozzen Ruby euryleias Paranoiac
Sub fearless Player 3 SteveFox Killzon3

Schedule and Casters

First round coverage will begin on Wednesday, December 5th at 7:30 CST with KnightsofZodiac versus Yugen Dynasty followed by iNFamous taking on ATroubledFew at 8:30 PM CST. On Thursday, the big tilt between PrideStark and VeniVidiVici will again start at 7:30 CST with TheZelphNation vs Team SUPREME at 8:30. All matches will be broadcast on PVL’s official Twitch channel.

Casting the event will be DTwo and 1Rain, with other guest casters in the mix as well.

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