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What if there was Code Vein Multiplayer? The idea seems to be in the wings but let's see what happens if there was Code Vein Multiplayer.

Do we need Code Vein Multiplayer?

Considering Code Vein is hack-and-slash, players might feel the need for it. For Code Vein Multiplayer though, what could possibly go into it? There’s already co-op mode in mind for the story mode. However, Code Vein Multiplayer can’t be just that. After all, players already have AI Partners that are capable of healing and performing combos with the player.

Code Vein Multiplayer
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What could they possibly add in Code Vein Multiplayer?

Code Vein Multiplayer Idea
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Personally, making Code Vein multiplayer may make the game lose its challenging aspect. However, adding Code Vein Multiplayer might give developers more ideas in making harsher dungeons. And when we say “harsher dungeons”, we’re talking about the ones that can possibly take 5 hours of one’s life if not done right. Another idea could also include PvP (player versus player) where we’re talking doubles death match or single death match. Or, if one plans to bring in another player for co-op, they can also scale the boss to the number of people included. That way, the challenge included in Code Vein doesn’t slip.

There can also be some musou aspect as part of the co-op mode in Code Vein should Bandai proceed with making Code Vein multiplayer. Something similar to survival mode; adding that could possibly have some flavour. The key would then be King of the Hill – defeat as many as you can. Every ten waves, there’s a new boss. And when there’s a new boss, the difficulty increases the more you go. Or, the spawn rate of the enemies can increase the more waves the players defeat.

As of now, we’re not sure exactly how many players will Code Vein Multiplayer allow. But based on the images, Bandai only intends to let only two players take on multiplayer. However, these ideas for the multiplayer mode may need a whole lot more people and probably more programming than usual.

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