Code Vein - Possible Code Vein Multiplayer Mode and the new Focus System: News

For today's Code Vein news, brace yourselves. Bandai has leaked out the idea of a possible Code Vein Multiplayer Mode in the Vampire RPG.

Possible Code Vein Multiplayer Mode

Bandai reveals in their Code Vein news that there’s a possible Code Vein Multiplayer Mode that’s going to happen in the Vampire RPG. There have been promising trailers that revealed the combat scene. But to reveal Multiplayer mode in a Dark Soul-esque game? While Dark Souls did have some form of multiplayer, it appeared to be more into PvP than actually looking for help defeating the enemy.

How does this possible Code Vein Multiplayer Mode even work?

Possible Code Vein Multiplayer Mode
Source: Wccftech Website

The possible Code Vein Multiplayer Mode may remove the support coming from the AI-Revenant partner. Instead, the AI-Partner will be replaced by a real player. Or, the possible Code Vein Multiplayer Mode will instead have another player controlling the AI-Partner such as Jack Rutherford and Eva Roux. While keeping the challenging portion of the Vampire RPG, producer Keita Iizuka adds a statement about the multiplayer system:

Yes, we are now thinking of the multiplayer support. But we cannot tell about details on this part. However, we really focus on the buddy system in this game so with this idea we negotiating and discussing with the development team to install a multiplayer support system. – Keita Iizuka, Producer of Code Vein

However, this idea of a possible Code Vein Multiplayer Mode seems to be just sitting in the wings. But how they plan to integrate that into the game is what’s more interesting.

Introducing the Focus System

While Bandai settled on creating a possible Code Vein Multiplayer Mode which involves co-op, they also released screenshots. Alongside these screenshots, Bandai also mentioned the new Focus System. Bandai also released a statement as to how the system works:

The Focus System can temporarily increase characters abilities during battle. This is best used when receiving and dodging attacks or surrounded by multiple enemies. The Focus System allows players to fight back in extreme situations, acquiring a power boost when intentionally placing themselves in danger. They can negate an attack, increase their own attack and throw enemies in the air!

The Partner Action will help players during fights. Companions will support players by attacking during battles, enhancing the skills and sharing Health Points when needed. – Bandai Official Statement

With that, players may have a better advantage while fighting through the enemies. Even with the hit-box system, Bandai seems to be providing multiple tools and possibilities on how to triumph against The Lost of Code Vein. However, this all lies in the hands on the player. How does the player use it and what does the player know about the enemies in Code Vein will dictate the level of challenge Code Vein has.

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