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This page contains news on Code Vein Weapons Introduction. It includes a breakdown of the weapon types and explains the roles of each.

Code Vein Weapons Introduction

Following Code Vein Development, the game will be showcasing 5 different weapon types. For the Code Vein Weapons Introduction, the game claims to offer a niche for each type.

Code Vein Weapons Introduction

Source: Bandai Namco

Brush up on the knowledge for each weapon to learn about the general aspects of each type.

Code Vein Weapons Introduction: Axes

Thanks to their construction, swinging the Axe can deal damage over a wide area. This weapon can dish out multiple combos and will require timing to master the techniques. In comparison to the greatsword which specializes in dealing damage from a distance, the Axe is efficient in producing powerful swinging moves.

Code Vein Weapons Introduction: Bayonet Rifles

The Bayonet Rifle offers both melee damage as well as distant Ranged shooting. The built-in blade that is fastened on the barrel enables the wielder to perform melee. These weapons distinguish themselves from the rest by offering Ranged damage. Executing sidesteps while having this weapon equipped can result to strafing in a unique fashion.

Code Vein Weapons Introduction: Greatswords

This weapon offers sluggish executions due to the weapon’s gigantic size. The advantage to using this weapon is the exceptional reach it offers. As a result, the Greatswords wielder can deliver damage even to enemies stationed far away. Seek for a long window in order to inflict damage without suffering from being punished during this weapon’s long recovery.

Code Vein Weapons Introduction: Hammers

The opposite of Greatswords, these weapons do not offer the best Reach. However this is compensated by the weapon’s tremendous damage output. This weapon is suitable for players who have gained familiarity of the enemy’s attack patterns. Best to find the time when the enemy is vulnerable, for instance after they just finished executing their attack. Follow-up by closing the distance and executing close quarter melee to whittle them down quickly and efficiently.

Code Vein Weapons Introduction: Longswords

The Longswords offer the quick attacks while granting safe recovery after each delivery. This has earned them the reputation of being efficient for hit-and-run tactics. Thanks to their quick animations, these weapons are able to adapt to most encounters more easily than the other weapons.

Code Vein Weapons Introduction: Variety of Properties

Weapons contained within the category will contain various kinds. Each will give the Player a unique play style experience through a number of Attacks and Skills. Analyze each weapon once they come out and tailor to your preference.

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