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While everyone's been saying that Code Vein is similar to Dark Souls, they're more similar to Devil May Cry. There are many elements that seem to match.

Similar to Devil May Cry

When Code Vein first came out, the gameplay always had comparisons to Dark Souls. However, personally, there’s another game people keep forgetting that it has similarities to. If anything, the game play and story line of Devil May Cry has some striking similarities to that of Code Vein more than any hack-and-slash game seen. While it often links to Dark Souls due to its macabre appearance and it being the king of all hack-and-slash, Code Vein is more similar to Devil May Cry in more ways than we think.

Similar to Devil May Cry

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What makes Code Vein similar to Devil May Cry?

There are multiple things that make Code Vein similar to Devil May Cry. Now, this may draw a bit of ire but hear me out for a bit as I list what parts make it similar to Devil May Cry.


One of the few things that makes it similar to Devil May Cry is the premise. While Code Vein deals with Vampires, Devil May Cry has demons. In a sense, they both deal with chthonic creatures which intend to bring the world down. These demons also feast on blood just like vampires, hence always going after Dante. However, the main difference between the two is the personality. Dante has a more hardy personality, taking down things whenever it irked him. The protagonist on the other hand has a sense of duty while living in the fort that is Code Vein.


The setting in itself is the same. In Devil May Cry 3, the world looked more like a desolate wasteland turned upside down. The only thing that seemed fixed or in order was the castle and Dante’s office. But even then, Dante’s office looked turned upside down. However, if one were to look closely, they are in the same setting. It’s just that Code Vein had better technology to fix the graphics.

Weapon Types

When it comes to weapon types, both Devil May Cry and Code Vein have similar systems for the weaponry. They have the same idea that the weapons have a certain range and also different fighting style. For example, Dante’s movements for Alastor (Devil May Cry 1) are different from his movements in using Agni and Rudra from Devil May Cry 3. Same applies to Code Vein which also has a variety of weapons. However, the difference is that Devil May Cry doesn’t have weapon stats but instead has a list of combos per weapon. For Code Vein, maybe theirs has some stats.

Boss Duels

While playing Devil May Cry especially against the bosses, there’s always that annoying hit box. Especially when you’re fighting the angry twins Agni and Rudra, it’s a pain to actually plan which one is the lesser evil. Code Vein also has that similar feature. But then again, as a hack and slash game, they can’t make it that easy either. Even if the bosses are literally twice, triple, or even quadruple your size.

What does this mean?

While Code Vein is already drawing a lot of comparisons, Bandai Entertainment plans to make Code Vein unique to the genre of Hack and Slash. We’re hoping that the game is as good as it looks! Considering that they were the creators of God Eater, Bandai already has some experience in the hack-and-slash department. Hopefully, the game won’t just be similar to Devil May Cry. Maybe it might have some new features that doesn’t make it similar to Devil May Cry.

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