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Bandai Namco just said in this Code Vein News: There is No Difficulty Setting in Code Vein. But why? Why would they do that? Simple: it's challenging.

No Difficulty Setting in Code Vein

Yes, you heard right. There is no difficulty setting in Code Vein. Bandai Namco’s latest Code Vein news states that players have no choice but to play the game “as-is-where-is”. There are no difficulty settings and there’s probably no way to cheat one’s way out of it either. It’s going to be a pure hack-and-slash bonanza, dodging, slashing, and praying-that-you-don’t-die kind of fest. When the creators release those Code Vein news, they also added that there are still some ways to defeat the bosses.

So, what do players have?

no difficulty setting in Code Vein
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In replacement for the no difficulty setting in Code Vein, creators gave players a chance to “change” how their characters are built. Players have a chance to customize their gifts and Blood Veils, allowing them a variety of strategies. Players also get to choose their Revenant Partners. Earlier this summer, Bandai Namco revealed partners: Mia Karnstein, a bayonet wielding Revenant and Yakumo Shinonome. These partners will then provide healing and support to one’s output damage depending on the situation.

Why remove the Difficulty Setting?

According to Bandai Namco, they deliberately removed the difficulty setting in Code Vein. Why? This was to prevent players from taking the easy way out. Having no Difficulty Setting in Code Vein may actually challenge our minds to think out of the box instead of relying purely on our AI-controlled partners. Often times, we players tend to lower the difficulty just so we can get past a certain part. However, Bandai intends to make this game challenging. Challenging in a sense similarly to Dark Souls in which one must really climb over the learning curve to defeat a boss. If it takes awhile then, it’s okay. Besides, this would also give players a chance to think of combinations. The real “difficulty sliders” depends on how well one can build their characters and use their builds.

For us, it looks like a pretty action packed game. After all, the ones who created Code Vein is the same team that brought to life God Eater. Code Vein is scheduled to release in Spring 2018 in PS4, Xbox, and, PC.

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