Hades 2 - Incantations List

All Incantations and their effects in Hades 2 (Hades II), including required materials and recipes in the game. Also covered are Alchemy Incantations.

Hades 2 - Incantations List, Effects, and Recipes

All Incantations List and their Effects in Hades 2

Below is a list and breakdown of all Incantations in Hades 2 (Hades II). This includes each Incantation’s recipes and effects in the game.

List of Incantations

Incantation Incantation Effect Recipe
Fated Intervention Beseech the Three Fates to lend their aid in a time of great need.
  • Silver x1
  • Ash x2
  • Moly x2
Summoning of Mercantile Fortune Persuade the Wretched Broker to appear, with whom you may trade Bones for various resources.
  • Bones x10
Night’s Craftwork Reveal Gathering Tools within the Silver Pool. Unlock them to gather Silver, Psyche, and more.
  • Moly x1
Reagent Sensing After Encounters, become alerted to any valuable resources in the area.
  • Moly x1
Flourishing Soil Create two Soil Plots, for growing Nightshade and other plants. Grants 1x Nightshade Seed.
  • Moly x1
Doomed Beckoning Beseech Moros to reappear, in accordance with the will of the Three Fates.
  • Fate Fabric x3
  • Nightshade x1
Forget-Me-Not Improve your memory. Press right-click on recipes for at-a-glance reminders for which resources you need.
  • Moly x1
Floral Fortune Exchange plants and other goods for Bones at the Wretched Broker.
  • Ashes x1
  • Nightshade x1
Woodsy Lifespring Reveal Hidden Glade in Erebus, where you may restore some health amid the gloom.
  • Silver x3
  • Moly x1
Kinship Fortune Expands the Wretched Broker’s collection.
  • Bones x60
Gathering of Ancient Bones Cause a random main weapon each night to have Grave Thirst, granting Bones after each location.
  • Limestone x2
Reviving a Mournful Husk Make use of Golden Boughs in the Fields of Mourning, to better orient yourself there.
  • Myrtle x1
Divination of the Elements Reveal hidden elemental affinities of various Boons; Olympians will offer Boons that use these.
  • Psyche x2
Rite of Vapor-Cleansing Restore the Crossroads Hot Springs, so they may be used (min. 2 guests at a time). Grants +1 Bath Salts.
  • Moly x2
  • Lotus x2
  • Nightshade x2
Cleansing of Fountain-Waters All healing fountains heal 10% more.
  • Moly x1
  • Lotus x1
Briny Lifespring Reveal a hidden chamber in Oceanus, where you may restore some Healing in peace.
  • Limestone x3
  • Lotus x3
Permeation of Witching Wards Gain the ability to traverse Warded gateways, such as the one leading to the surface…
  • Cinder x1
  • Shadow x1
  • Moly x3
Rise of Stygian Wells Cause Locations in the Underworld to sometimes contain a Well of Charon.
  • Moly x1
  • Nightshade x1
Consecration of Ashes Enhance the Altar of Ashes so that you can unlock the potential of your Arcana. Grants +3 Moon Dust.
  • Ash x6
  • Cinder x1
  • Fate Fabric x6
Kindred Keepsakes
Manifest your collection of Keepsakes in the spaces separating each region.
  • Limestone x4
  • Moly x2
  • Lotus x1
Rich Soil Create two additional Soil Plots near the Grove.
  • Lotus x3
Purification of Fountain-Waters Enhance fountains so that they restore an additional 10% Life.
  • Nightshade x1
  • Cattail x1
Necromantic Influence Gain the ability to sprint into any Lone Shades you encounter to turn them against your foes.
  • Psyche x5
  • Nightshade 5
Golden Lifespring Unlocks rest areas in Tartarus where you can restore life.
  • Marble x3
  • Shaderoot x3
Propensity Toward Gold Reveal Golden Urns in various Locations, which yield up to 15 Gold Crowns once shattered.
  • Fate Fabric x1
  • Limestone x1
Unearthed Troves Unlocks Infernal Troves that challenge you to defeat enemies under a time limit for gold.
  • Nightshade x2
  • Limestone x5
Rite of Social Solidarity Restore the Crossroads Taverna, where Shades and others rest and recover. Grants +1 Ambrosia.
  • Nectar x2
  • Garlic x2
Faith of Familiar Spirits Gives you an item to create familiars.
  • Nectar x2
  • Lotus x1
Unraveling a Fateful Bond Forestall the effects of your bloodline’s ancient Life-draining curse that bars you from the surface.
  • Nightshade x2
  • Lotus x2
  • Moss x2
  • Thalamus x2
Verdant Soil Creates the last two planting plots.
  • Wheat x1
  • Garlic x1
Abyssal Insight Unlocks Trials you can attempt for Star Dust.
  • Moly x2
  • Pear x2
  • Fate Fabric x2
  • Nightshade x2
Aspects of Night and Darkness Reveal Aspects within the Silver Pool that further empower each main weapon.
  • Bronze x5
  • Nightshade x2
Rite of River-Fording Restore the Crossroads Fishing Pier, so it may be used (minimum of 2 guests at a time). Grants +1 Twin Lures.
  • Cattail x2
  • Driftwood x4
Attending a Faithful Beast Have your Animal Familiars stay in the Training Grounds; when rested, they can harvest +2 times.
  • Tears x1
  • Wool x1
  • Wheat x4
Greater Favor of Gaia Reveal enhancements within the Silver Pool that further empower each Gathering Tool.
  • Marble x2
  • Bronze x4
  • Iron x4
Empath’s Intuition Update the Book of Shadows with insight into relationship status with one’s acquaintances
  • Fate Fabric x1
  • Myrtle x3
Observance of Gaia’s Secrets Gain a 20% chance to gain one extra resource whenever you pick one up.
  • Moly x7
  • Lotus x7
  • Moss x7
Surge of Stygian Wells Cause a Well of Charon to appear in the space between each Underworld region.
  • Cattail x2
  • Moly x3
Summoning a Colony of Bats Make use of the All-Seeing Bats in their cages around the City of Ephyra, to better orient yourself there.
  • Moss x3
  • Rubbish x3
Circles of Protection Unlocks Warding Circles throughout Erebus.
  • Moly x1
  • Lotus x1
  • Mandrake x1
Rush of Fresh Air Cause a Shrine of Hermes to appear in the space between each surface region.
  • Fate Fabric x3
  • Wool x1
  • Driftwood x2
Sandy Lifespring Reveal a hidden isle in the Rift of Thessaly, where you may restore some health amid the tumult.
  • Iron x3
  • Driftwood x3

List of Alchemy Incantations

Incantation Incantation Effect Recipe
Shadow Extraction Manifest Shadow x1
  • Ash x30
  • Psyche x30
  • Fate Fabric x3
Beast-Loved Morsel Manifest Witch’s Delight x2
  • Star Dust x1
  • Lotus x2
Moonlit Essence from Stars Manifest Moon Dust x3
  • Star Dust x1
Moonlit Essence from Shadow Manifest Moon Dust x5
  • Cinder x1
  • Shadow x1

Which Incantations should you get first?

Unlock Night’s Craftwork first.

Gathering Tools are a high priority since getting Silver, Psyche and other resource will help unlock upcoming features quickly.

After that unlocking this Incantation, feel free to unlock the others in any order. Also, Moly has no other use aside from unlocking specific Incantations, so it is better to spend them on this feature.

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