Hades 2 - Sister Blades Weapon Guide (Nocturnal Arms)

Sister Blades Nocturnal Arms Weapon Guide for Hades 2 (Hades II), including a breakdown of moves, aspects, and ratings and recommendations.

Hades 2 - Sister Blades Weapon Guide (Nocturnal Arms)

Nocturnal Arm Sister Blades Weapon Guide in Hades 2

Sister Blades guide in Hades 2 (Hades II), including the Nocturnal Weapon’s moves, aspects, and ratings and recommendations.

Hades 2 Nocturnal Arms Weapon List

Sister Blades Weapon Overview

Play Style Slash with furious attacks, or strike from afar with a flurry of Specials.
Description The Sister Blades Lim and Oros serve the Unseen, and are never separated.
How to Unlock Go to the Staging Room and spend one Silver to craft the weapon.

Sister Blades Weapon Moves

Input Move
Left Click (Repeatedly) Normal Attack: Hit targets with multiple quick attacks.
Right Click Special Attack 1: Hit targets with dart-like energy projectile from a decent range.
Q Ensnare Foes: Unleash a magic circle around her and ensnare foes.
Space Dash-Strike: Dash before hitting enemies with quick attacks.
Left Click (Hold) Omega (Ω) Attack: Hit targets with a charged lunge attack with multiple strikes.
Right Click (Hold) Special Attack 2: Charge energy before dealing multiple dart-like energy projectile in a cone-shape range.
Q (Hold) Ensnare and Destroy: Unleash a magic circle around her and ensnare foes. Then, an explosion will follow as a finisher.

Sister Blades Weapon Aspects

How to Unlock Aspects

Get all weapons first and use each weapon once when playing the main story. Speak to Hecate after the conclusion of Erebus and unlock the Aspects feature in exchange for”

  • Bronze 5
  • Nightshade x1

Aspects List

Aspect Aspect Effect Materials
Aspect of Melinoë
  • Attacks and Specials deal more damage by striking foes from behind.
  • Increases backstab damage per each rank.
  • Default Aspect
Aspect of Artemis
  • While you channel your Omega (Ω) Attack, you occasionally Parry, then Riposte right after.
  • Increases Omega (Ω) Attack speed per each rank.
  • Silver x15
  • Glassrock x1
Aspect of Pan
  • Your Specials seek foes in your Casts, and fire more blades after you Channel.
  • Increases Omega (Ω) Bonus Blades per each rank.
  • Wool x1
  • Shaderock x1

Sister Blades Weapon Enhancements

Enhancement Enhancement Effect
Final Slash The damage dealt by the last blow of a series of normal attacks is increased by +300%, and the attack range is expanded.
Back Slash Normal attack on an enemy from behind deals +200% damage.
Bomber Blade Omega (Ω) Normal attack deals +400% damage, which increases mana consumption by +20 at the expense of increasing the attack range.
Infinity Rush Omega (Ω) Special attacks consume -66% of mana, which greatly reduces the time it takes to inject magic.
Escalating Blades During each battle, each time you kill an enemy with Omega (Ω) standard attack, your strength increases by +5.
Assault Slash Instead of being able to hold down a normal attack for a quick succession, you can Omega (Ω) disable normal attacks.
Focus Rush Each time Omega (Ω) special attack hits the same enemy, it increases its strength by +4.
Spiral Dagger Special attacks deal +40% damage, and a single Omega (Ω) special attack throws up to 16 daggers around you.
Dancing Dagger Special attack damage is increased by +15%, and a single attack bounces off up to two more enemies.
Straight Lash Omega (Ω) daggers thrown with special attacks fly straight ahead, reducing the range of special attacks to +20%.
Hook Dagger Daggers thrown with special attacks will now come back, and if you attack an enemy from behind, you will take +50% damage.

Sister Blades Weapon Rating and Recommendations

Normal Attack

  • Faster attack speed and high combo damage potential.
  • Has a short range and needs to be close to the target.
  • Omega (Ω) normal attacks can instantly approach and hit the enemy.
  • Damage power can be improved by Daedalus’ hammer.

Special Attack

  • Shoot dart-like energy projectiles forward.
  • Dart-like energy projectiles reach a short range.
  • Omega (Ω) special attacks fire five dart-like energy projectiles.

Weapon Strategies

  • Sister Blades are effective to close enemies. Hit them with multiple strikes and dodge upcoming enemy attacks.
  • Sister Blades require hitting targets immediately with high damage power. You will take damage if you don’t time your strikes and is recommended to experienced players.
  • Omega (Ω) attacks, when enhanced with Daedalus Hammer, can deal more damage.
  • Omega (Ω) special attacks are difficult to use consistently due to high mana consumption. Preferably use Omega (Ω) normal attacks or magic circles.

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