Hades 2 - Witch’s Staff Weapon Guide (Nocturnal Arms)

Witch's Staff Nocturnal Arms Weapon Guide for Hades 2 (Hades II), including a breakdown of moves, aspects, and ratings and recommendations.

Hades 2 - Witch's Staff Weapon Guide (Nocturnal Arms)

Nocturnal Arm Witch’s Staff Weapon Guide in Hades 2

Witch Staff guide in Hades 2 (Hades II), including the Nocturnal Weapon’s moves, aspects, and ratings and recommendations.

Hades 2 Nocturnal Arms Weapon List

Witch’s Staff Weapon Overview

Play Style Strike with a quick close-range Attack, or long-range Specials and Omega (Ω) moves.
Description Descura, also called the Staff of Dusk, grows stronger in obscurity.
How to Unlock Default Weapon

Witch’s Staff Weapon Moves

Input Move
Left Click (Repeatedly) Normal Attack: Hit targets with pointed energy to thrust enemies.
X Button
Right Click Special Attack 1: Hit targets with pointed energy projectiles.
Y Button
Q Ensnare Foes: Unleash a magic circle around her and ensnare foes.
Space Dash-Strike: Dash before hitting enemies.
Left Click (Hold) Omega (Ω) Attack: Hit targets in front of her and her blindside with a shockwave.
Right Click (Hold) Special Attack 2: Charge energy before dealing damage to targets in a straight line.
Q (Hold) Ensnare and Destroy: Unleash a magic circle around her and ensnare foes. Then, an explosion will follow as a finisher.

Witch’s Staff Weapon Aspects

How to Unlock Aspects

Get all weapons first and use each weapon once when playing the main story. Speak to Hecate after the conclusion of Erebus and unlock the Aspects feature in exchange for”

  • Bronze 5
  • Nightshade x1

Aspects List

Aspect Aspect Effect Materials
Aspect of Melinoë
  • You channel your Omega (Ω) moves faster
  • Improves channel speed per each rank.
  • Default Aspect
Aspect of Circe
  • After landing 21 attacks or specials, gain Serenity
  • Serenity: Your Omega (Ω) moves are 15% faster, and you rapidly restore Magick.
  • Increases Serenity duration per each rank.
  • Silver x5
  • Lotus x5
Aspect of Momus
  • While you have no more than 50% life, absorb your Omega (Ω) Special to restore 5 life.
  • Improves special and Omega Special power per rank.
  • Limestone x2
  • Pearl x1

Witch’s Staff Weapon Enhancements

Enhancement Enhancement Effect
Assault Strike If you hold down a normal attack, you can unleash the attack 50% faster, but instead you can Omega (Ω) use the normal attack.
Break Swipe The Dash Strike’s attack range is increased, destroying 60% of the enemy’s total armor.
Double Strike A single normal attack will unleash two attacks.
Cross Disaster Omega (Ω) Normal attack deals +40% damage, and attacks are fired left and right.
Vampire Disaster Omega (Ω) Killing an enemy with a normal attack restores 5 HP.
Rapid Moon Fire Special attacks have 20% more attack speed and +5 strength.
Multi-Moonshot The maximum number of enemies that can be bounced off special attacks is increased by two, and the damage dealt by a single hit is increased by +10%.
Reach Strike Normal attacks have a longer reach and +50% damage to distant enemies.
Double Disaster A single Omega (Ω) normal attack will unleash two attacks, but no attack will be performed in the back.
Aitel Moon Burst Omega (Ω) unleashes a power shot with a special attack that deals +20% damage and restores 5 mana.
Giga Moon Burst Omega (Ω) Infuses +40 more mana when injecting magic into special attacks, dealing +300% damage over a wider area.
Double Moon Shot When you make a special attack, it fires two bullets to track the enemy.

Witch’s Staff Weapon Rating and Recommendations

Normal Attack

  • Slightly faster attack speed and reaches a long range.
  • Can deal 3 combo attacks while damage power gradually increases.
  • Omega (Ω) normal attacks have longer range and high damage power.
  • Convenient to use.

Special Attack

  • Shoot energy projectiles forward.
  • Energy projectiles are slow but still reaches a long range.
  • Omega (Ω) special attacks fire an energy projectile forward and deals a shockwave when enemies are hit.

Weapon Strategies

  • Witch’s Staff can be used to deal damage from afar and so keep your distance from enemies.
  • Witch’s Staff can finish off enemies without a barrier by dealing multiple hits.
  • Witch’s Staff can finish off enemies with a barrier or high movement with special attacks.
  • Witch’s Staff special attacks can low damage power but can be fire as a faster rate. Once you upgrade the weapon, the damage power can be increased.
  • Omega (Ω) attacks are difficult to use consistently due to high mana consumption. Only use them for Omega (Ω) special attacks or cast attacks such as dealing magic circles.

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