Horizon Forbidden West - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Horizon Forbidden West Walkthrough and Guide Page containing main story walkthroughs, side quest walkthroughs, boss guides, game databases, cheats, tips, news, and updates for the action role-playing game developed by Guerilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.

News and Updates

▼Horizon Forbidden West News

Main Quests

▼Main Quest Walkthroughs
Reach for the Stars The Point of the Lance
To The Brink The Embassy
Death’s Door The Dying Lands
The Eye of the Earth The Broken Sky
The Kulrut Cradle of Echoes
The Sea of Sands Seeds of the Past
Faro’s Tomb Gemini
All That Remains The Wings of the Ten

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Side Quests

▼Side Quests Walkthroughs
Deep Trouble Side Quest 2
Side Quest 3 Side Quest 4

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▼Errands Walkthroughs
A Dash of Courage A Bigger Boom
Learning Machine Strike Signals of the Sun


New Machines

▼All New Machines
Bristleback Burrower
Clamberjaw Clawstrider
Fanghorn Grimhorn
Leaplasher Rollerback
Scrounger Shellsnapper
Skydrifter Slaughterspin
Slitherfang Sunwing
Tideripper Tremortusk

Returning Machines

▼All Returning Machines
Behemoth Fire Bellowback
Ice Bellowback Charger
Fireclaw Frostclaw
Glinthawk Grazer
Longleg Ravager
Redeye Watcher Rockbreaker
Sawtooth Scorcher
Scrapper Shell-Walker
Snapmaw Stalker
Stormbird Strider
Tallneck Thunderjaw

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▼All Characters
Aloy Erend
Petra Forgewoman Sylens
Talanah Khane Padish Varl
Regalla Kotallo
Tilda Hekkaro

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Strategy Guides

Getting Started

▼Getting Started
Game Controls Game Difficulty
Tips for Beginners Permanent Events
Things to Do First Post-Game Unlockables

Useful Guides

▼Useful Guides
Trophies and Achievements How to Get All Outfits
Tips for Combat All Materials Locations
How to Craft Items Best Skills to Get
All Door Codes Should You Kill or Spare Regalla?
How to Earn Skill Points Fast Errand List
Raid Camps Cauldron List
All Gauntlet Run Locations and Rewards All Black Box Locations and Rewards
All Warrior Totem Locations and Rewards All Relic Ruins Locations and Rewards
All Mounts List How to Farm Metal Shards
How to Fast Travel Best Bows
Hunting Ground Trials How to Get Flying Mount

Game Database

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Weapons Outfits
Ammo Traps
Potions Crafting Materials
Skills Mounts

Game Overview

Horizon Forbidden West - Game Overview 1

Horizon Forbidden West is the sequel to the action role-playing title Horizon Zero Dawn released in 2017.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by animalistic machines, Horizon Forbidden West take players to new and uncharted territories across a strange frontier called The Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West - Game Overview 6 Horizon Forbidden West - Game Overview 5

Aloy, the heroine of the first game, returns as the protagonist and now leads a band of explorers to investigate the deaths caused by a mysterious plague devouring the land.

Horizon Forbidden West - Game Overview 7

Throughout Aloy’s journey, various locales can be explored, including regions marked by harsh weather and environmental conditions. A host of new enemies, both man and machine, also appear in the The Forbidden West. Among the foes making their debut in the game is a mysterious tribe of nomadic raiders who have tamed machines, utilizing them as mounts in combat.


Source: Playstation Official YouTube channel

Game Information

Game Horizon Forbidden West
Genre Action Role-Playing
Platform Playstation 4, Playstation 5
Developer Guerilla Games
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release Date February 18th, 2022
Official Website https://www.playstation.com/en-ph/games/horizon-forbidden-west/