NEO: The World Ends with You - All Pin Mutations List

A guide on all Pin mutations in NEO: The World Ends With You (NEO: TWEWY) on the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Included are basic information on Pin mutation, how to mutate Pins, list of all Pins that can mutate, and required level and characters for mutation.

NEO: The World Ends with You - All Pin Mutations List

All Pin Mutations List

NEO: The World Ends With You - All Pin Mutations

What is Pin Mutation?

Similar to Pin evolution, Pin mutation is a process that enhances a Pin’s properties and effects through leveling it up in battle. A specific character, however, must equip the Pin for it to mutate, which is indicated after a battle when it is ready.

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How to Know If a Pin Can Mutate

Marino Ohara (Evolutionary Secrets)

You can unlock the perk Evolutionary Secrets from Marino Ohara’s Social Network node to know which Pins can mutate in the game. The perk is unlocked by clearing Marino’s side quest at Tower Records Shibuya on Week 3, Day 6.

Social Network List and Rewards

Note that you do not need to unlock the Evolutionary Secrets perk for Pin mutation to occur. You can simply use the table below to know all Pins that can mutate in the game.

All Pin Mutations

Below are all Pin mutations in NEO: The World Ends With You (NEO: TWEWY), including the required level and character to mutate them.

All Pins List and Locations

Pin Required Level to Mutate Required Character
No. 004 Once Upon a Dream (Top o’ Topo) 5 Fret
No. 008 My Precious Moments (Top o’ Topo) 15 Rindo
No. 011 Riled-Up Ribbon (Top o’ Topo) 3 Neku
No. 016 Topo the Adventurous (Top o’ Topo) 5 Beat
No. 021 The Benevolent King (Top o’ Topo) 10 Shoka
No. 032 Disco Divekick (Joli Becot) 3 Beat
No. 055 Slashcicle (Tigre Punks) 6 Beat
No. 068 Classical Cacophony (Cony x Cony) 5 Neku
No. 073 Polar Princess (Cony x Cony) 5 Fret
No. 097 KoCho Void (RyuGu) 3 Shoka
No. 114 Be of Two Mines (Garagara) 3 Shoka
No. 128 Let the Rain Fall Down (Il Cavallo Del Re) 5 Minamimoto
No. 145 The Great Balloon Voyage (Shepherd House) 3 Nagi
No. 153 A Moonlit Night Inside (Shepherd House) 3 Nagi
No. 156 A Cozy Hilltop Windmill (Shepherd House) 5 Nagi
No. 161 The Wooly Jazz Player (Shepherd House) 5 Rindo
No. 166 Shishio (Jupiter of the Monkey) 7 Rindo
No. 179 Jupiter of the Monkey II (Jupiter of the Monkey) 6 Neku
No. 192 No Turning Back (Monocrow) 3 Minamimoto
No. 215 Lovebird Magnum (Natural Puppy) 5 Fret
No. 239 Hog Fang (Hog Fang) 10 Beat
No. 267 Doku Doku Panic (Croaky Panic) 5 Shoka
No. 271 Snap Crackle Popcorn (Croaky Panic) 3 Nagi

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