SaGa: Emerald Beyond - Souls List and Guide

Souls list and guide for SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB), including how to get all obtainable Kugutsu Souls, effects, and other useful information.

SaGa: Emerald Beyond - Souls List and Guide

Souls List and Guide for SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB)

List of All Kugutsu Souls

Soul Name Effects How to Get
Earth Dragon
  • Strike Power +3%
  • Fire Resistance +10%
Delta Side Event “Catch a Different Dimension Cat!”
Iron Maiden
  • Thrust Power +3%
  • Power +10% when Angered
  • One-Handed Gun Tech “Awakening Ricochet”
Grelon Main Event “The Final Emperor’s Truth” (Iron Maiden)
  • Strike Power +3%
  • Combo Rate +3% when attacking weak points
  • Two-Handed Gun Tech “Carapace Buster”
Grelon Side Event “Guillaume’s Field”
Alraune Instant Death Resistance +50% Witchdom Pulchra Side Event “Scorching Tower”
Boar Warrior
  • Strike Power +3%
  • Bad Odor Resistance +50%
  • Pulchra Side Event “Ditch of the Earth”
  • Yomi Side Event “The End of Lust”
  • Yomi Side Event “Bliss of Devouring”
  • Yomi Side Event “Feeding Devouring”
  • Slash Power +3%
  • Interrupt Evasion Rate +25%
Witchdom Pulchra “White Ore Mine”
  • Thrust Power +3%
  • Poison Resistance +75%
Witchdom Pulchra “Greenhouse”
  • Strike Power +3%
  • Ice Resistance +10%
  • Physical Skill “Frog Punch”
Grelon Combat Event (Normal)
  • Magic Power +3%
  • Confusion +50%
Starting Party (Mido Route)
Ground Beetle
  • Slash Power +2%
  • Stun +25%
Delta Base Side Event “Specimen 056”
  • Strike Power +3%
  • Fire Resistance +5%
  • Two-handed Gun Tech “Heat shower”
Delta Base Side Event “Container”
  • Strike Power +3%
  • Bad Odor +50%
Starting Party (Mido Route)
Skeleton Yomi Side Event “Bliss of Devouring”
  • Evasion Rate +3%
  • Darkness Resistance +50%
  • Grelon Combat Event (Easy)
  • Delta Base Side Event “Specimen 507”
  • Combo Rate +2%
  • Accident Resistance +5%
Grelon Combat Event (Easy)
  • Combo Rate +2%
  • Accident Resistance +5%
Delta Base Side Event “Container”
Buffoon Magic Power +3% Defeat Buffoon during Grelon Main Event “The Final Emperor’s Truth”
Vulture Thrust Power +3% Grelon Side Event “Investigation of the Watchtower Ruins”
Beast Eater Gleron Side Event “Guillaume’s Field”
Fly Mamba Grelon Combat Event (Easy)
Blood Aragunida
  • Strike Power +3%
  • Combo Rate +3% when attacking weak points
  • Two-Handed Gun Tech “Carapace Buster”
Yomi Side Event “Bliss of Devouring”
  • Thrust Power +3%
  • Petrify +50%
Starting Party (Mido Route)
Mud Phage Gleron Side Event “Investigating the Copper Mine”
  • Slash Power +3%
  • Paralysis Resistance +50%
Starting Party (Mido Route)
Young Sun
  • Combo Rate +2% for each combo interval with the next ally
  • Unarmed Tech “Fly Tackle”
Witchdom Pulchra Side Event “Black Water Gate”
Wandering Mok Two-Handed Sword Tech “Okizan” Witchdom Pulchra Tutorial Battle (Mido Route)
Small Fire Spirit Paralysis +50%
Fire Spirit Fire Tech “Burn to Death”
Fire Spirit Fire Tech “Sunbeam”
Great Fire Spirit Fire Tech “Super Wind”
Golden Spirit Target Guard Rate -5%
Golden Spirit BP cost -1 when HP decreases.
Golden Spirit Five Elements/Money +3
Mountain Spider
  • Strike Power +3%
  • Combo Rate +3% when attacking weak points
  • Two-Handed Gun Tech “Carapace Buster”
Cursed Monarch
  • Slash Power +3%
  • Instant Death Resistance +100%
  • Two-Handed Sword Tech “Sickle Wind”
Water Spirit Ice Resistance +5%
Water Spirit BP cost -1 for water spell “Blizzard” after 3rd turn.
Water Spirit Water Spell “Severe Pain”
Great Water Spirit Water Spell “Water Sphere”
Red Frog Strike Power +3%
Drifting Lizard
  • Strike Power +3%
  • Slash Resistance +5%
  • Two-Handed Gun Tech “Scattered Bullets”
Specimen 303 Yellow Queen
  • Ice Resistance +15%
  • Interrupt Evasion Rate +25%
  • Two-Handed Sword Tech “Mach Cut”
Specimen 303 Red Queen
Specimen 303 Green Queen
  • Lightning Resistance +15%
  • Petrify Resistance +75%
  • Two-Handed Sword Tech “Mach Cut”
Guardian Beast of Books
  • Slash Power +3%
  • Interrupt Evasion Rate +25%
Tree Spirit
Tree Spirit
Tree Spirit Woodcraft Spell “Gravity Bind”
Great Tree Spirit

What are Souls?

SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB) - Souls

Souls are a type of item in SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB).

There are two types of Souls in the game. Special Souls that are those that embody a character’s identity. General Souls, meanwhile, are those that can only be equipped on Kugutsu by characters with the role “Kugutsu User”.

General Souls can be obtained by defeating enemies. These souls may contain Techs and Skills that you can use in battle after equipping.

What is a Kugutsu User?

SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB) - Kugutsu User (Mido)

The Kugutsu User role is a role used by Tsunanori Mido who was born into a family of Kugutsu users. This allows him to equip Souls on Kugutsu characters.

What are Kugutsu?

SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB) - Kugutsu Race

Character belonging to the Kugutsu race are characterized by their ability to equip special equipment called Souls which grant them unique Techs and skills in battle.

Kugutsu’s cannot learn new Techs via Glimmer but can acquire new skills and abilities that their allies have used.

Finally, Kugutsu characters are only able to equip one weapon in the game.

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