Arena of Valor Valiant Online Community Tournament - Day 18 and 19 Round-Up

Samurai Gamers is back with the Day 18 and 19 Round-Up of Kaisaya's AOV Online Community Tournament! The Upper Bracket match-ups are coming fast and furious, and we're here to highlight all the memorable moments in the Best-of-3 games.

Greetings and welcome to Samurai Gamers’ Day 18 and 19 Round-Up of Kaisaya’s AOV Valiant Online Community Tournament. We’ve compiled both matches from the previous days as there was a server issue in this past week. That said, let’s get right into the thick of the action of a couple of Best-of-3 Series matches in the Upper Bracket!

Myth Esports vs Team Marksman – Game 1

Myth Esports Team Marksman
Teemee Maloch
Lindis Xeniel


Myth Esports Team Marksman
Nayeon – Liliana SN – Tulen
Ambenski – Ormarr RvP – Arthur
LoMi – Max TMM – Superman
Smzo – Kriknak vQuiet – Alice
Slapstick – The Joker impressive – Slimz

Day 18 and 19 Round-Up’s first Best-of-3 Match was between Myth Esports and Team Marksman. Myth Esports opted to use the newest hero in Liliana to go along with a run-and-gun composition of Ormarr, Max, Kriknak, and The Joker. Team Marksman, on the other hand, ran a team composition of Tulen, Arthur, Superman, Alice, and Slimz which focused on engages and isolating opponents.

Team Marksman began the match trying to invade Myth Esports’ Might Golem. Myth Esports were on task to protect their buff. However, the ensuing skirmish went in favor for Team Marksman, who managed to get first blood on Smzo. Myth Esports rallied and tried to return the favor by invading Team Marksman’s Sage Golem. The seesaw battle saw SN’s Tulen get another kill on Smzo again to get the lead 4-3 at just before 4 minutes. Meanwhile, TMM’s Superman destroyed the first tower on the Dark Slayer lane.

At 5:02, Team Marksman got a 4-man kill, thanks to TMM’s exceptional Superman play. This helped Team Marksman get a 8-4 team score lead and the first middle tower. TMM then followed up by roaming the Abyssal Dragon lane and got the bottom tower. Myth Esports responded by running out TMM back to his tower, but Team Marksman were sitting on a comfortable 2,000 gold advantage.

Team Marksman’s team composition proved to be a crucial factor as the game went to the middle stages – a team fight 9:34 saw SNand vQuiet stifle Myth Esports’ engage, bursting them down handily for an ace to further sway the momentum in their favor. Match 1 goes to Team Marksman win, with an impressive 15-5 thrashing of Myth Esports.

Winner: Team Marksman
MVP: RvP (Arthur, 3-0-9 KDA; 12.9 MVP)

Myth Esports vs Team Marksman – Game 2

Myth Esports Team Marksman
Maloch Liliana
Xeniel Superman


Myth Esports Team Marksman
LoMi – Max SN – Kahlii
Ambenski – Alice TMM – Lu Bu
Nayeon – Preyta RvP – Arthur
Slapstick – Zuka vQuiet – Teemee
Smzo – Kriknak impressive – Lindis

Myth Esports looked to bounce back from the Game 1 loss against Team Marksman. The second match saw Myth Esports pick a more balanced team in Max, Alice, Preyta, Zuka, and Kriknak. For Team Marksman, their lineup was centered in whittling down the opposition and picking the right time to engage for team fights.

Team Marksman invaded Myth Esports’ jungle again, getting LoMi in the process for first blood. However, Myth Esports employed the same strategy by seizing Team Marksman’s Might Golem to equalize the gold and experience advantage. Myth Esports was then able to continue with their 4-man invade strategy, getting a kill and pressuring Team Marksman’s jungle.

For the latter part of the early stages, both teams went toe-to-toe, with Myth Esports managing to secure the first Abyssal Dragon and win a team fight at 2:39. Team Marksman then went for a nice Arthur-Teemee tower dive play at the bottom tower, killing Slapstick in the process. But this resulted in both players having low health which LoMi took full advantage of, decimating RvP and vQuiet in quick succession before dying himself and help keep the lead in Myth Esports’ favor at 9-4.

Myth Esports were then imposing their will against Team Marksman, thanks in large part to their highly mobile heroes and good roaming. This resulted in a commanding 12-4 lead by the 6:07 mark of the contest. After pushing all the lanes and leaving Team Marksman to defend their base, Myth Esports was free to take Dark Slayer and engage Team Marksman near their Sage Golem, ending with a 15-6 team score and a win for Myth Esports in 8:37.

Winner: Myth Esports
MVP: Smzo (Kriknak, 6-1-6 KDA; 12.1 MVP)

Myth Esports vs Team Marksman – Game 3

Myth Esports Team Marksman
Superman Xeniel
Liliana Maloch


Myth Esports Team Marksman
LoMi – Ryoma TMM – Max
Ambenski – Alice SN – Tulen
Nayeon – Preyta RvP – Skud
Slapstick – Taara vQuiet – Arduin
Smzo – Kriknak impressive – Lindis

Game 3 between Myth Esports and Team Marksman saw both teams choose balanced lineups – Myth Esports went for a similar composition in Game 2, replacing Max and Zuka with Ryoma and Taara; Team Marksman’s team comprised of a good front line with Skud and Arduin, which were backed up by Lindis and Tulen for their carry potential, and Max as their finisher.

Unlike the previous match, both teams started the game cautiously by guarding their respective jungle camps and allowing their junglers to clear the neutral monsters. The action heated up at 2:08, as Myth Esports began to take the Abyssal Dragon while Team Marksman hoping to contest. Myth Esports secured the Abyssal Dragon, but Team Marksman got an early ace and a significant lead at 5-1.

Team Marksman used the momentum to roam the river and secure the secondary objectives on their way to a 8-1 advantage at just under 4:30. TMM’s Max showcased his single-target eliminating kit by downing Smzo at 5:54, further adding the pressure on Myth Esports. At 7:23, Team Marksman secured the first Dark Slayer while Myth Esports was relegated to push their lanes, albeit tentatively. impressive’s Lindis was quietly netting kills at this juncture, running with a 5-0-5 clip while TMM’s KDA was 4-0-8, fresh off a Taara kill.

A clash at 9:52 saw Myth Esports doing their best to shut down impressive’s Lindis, which they did, but at the expense of a 3-1 trade in favor of Team Marksman. Myth Esports also managed to shut down TMM at the middle tower, but could not fully capitalize as all the lanes were pushing towards their high ground towers. This allowed Team Marksman to muster their forces and clear Myth Esports’ jungle creeps.

With their backs against the wall, Myth Esports managed to get a crucial team fight to go their way at 12:17 – Team Marksman’s SN was missing during the clash and as a result, Myth Esports cleaned up his teammates and were charging at the middle lane, looking to end the game.

After pushing all the way to the 2nd tier tower of Team Marksman’s middle lane, Team Marksman was able to push Myth Esports back and rotated to secure their second Dark Slayer. After getting the buff, Team Marksman stormed the middle lane and after a valiant effort from Ambenski’s Alice and Nayeon’s Preyta, Team Marksman were able to finally finish off Myth Esports, 22-7, and win Game 3.

Winner: Team Marksman
MVP: TMM (Max, 7-2-13 KDA; 12.6 MVP)

Nova PH Ravenous vs EurasiaSuperfly – Game 1

Nova PH Ravenous EurasiaSuperfly
TeeMee Maloch
Zephys Max


Nova PH Ravenous EurasiaSuperfly
ⁿᵒᵛᵃNeptune – Arthur ESF.Zelle – Xeniel
ⁿᵒᵛᵃNY – Airi ESF.Jomz -Alice
ⁿᵒᵛᵃDonDon – Tulen ESF.Buck – Lu Bu
ⁿᵒᵛᵃყเƒ – Chaugnar ESF.Don – Preyta
ⁿᵒᵛᵃHungryBox- Lindis inzaiplays – Violet

The first game saw Eurasia Superfly opting for a strong team fight composition while Nova PH had a very aggressive all-in lineup. Eurasia Superfly had the upper hand in the late game while Nova PH needs to close this one out before hitting the late game marker.

Nova PH started out really strong in the early game, garnering a 4-1 lead before the 2nd minute mark. However, EurasiaSuperlfy tried to answer back with a few kills of their own. The early-mid game had a lot of team fights and small skirmishes, which ultimately resulted in Nova PH’s Tulen and Lindis dominating most of these fights.

It quickly went downhill for EurasiaSuperfly as Nova PH continued to dominate every aspect of the match from objectives to map control. At the 13th minute mark, Nova PH managed to kill three members of EurasiaSuperfly which gave them an opening for a Dark Slayer. They immediately went for EurasiaSuperfly’s Base after getting the buff. They then destroyed all of the high ground towers and eventually the core to seal the deal with a kill score of 25-17.

Winner: Nova PH Ravenous
MVP: n Dondon (Tulen, 14-2-4 KDA, 13.0 MVP)

Nova PH Ravenous vs EurasiaSuperfly – Game 2

EurasiaSuperfly Nova PH Ravenous
Tulen Lindis
Max TeeMee


EurasiaSuperfly Nova PH Ravenous
ESF.Zelle – Maloch ⁿᵒᵛᵃNeptune – Arthur
ESF.Jomz – Chaugnar ⁿᵒᵛᵃDonDon – Liliana
ESF.Don – Raz ⁿᵒᵛᵃNY – Airi
ESF.Buck – Zephys ⁿᵒᵛᵃყเƒ – Alice
inzaiplays – Violet ⁿᵒᵛᵃHungryBox – Moren

EurasiaSuperfly needs to win this game in order to force a game three. With this, they decided to ban Tulen which was dominated them last game. They also tried to go into a much more offensive composition with the acquisition of Raz, Violet, and Maloch. Nova PH decided to turn it around and picked Moren and Liliana, two heroes who were recently released in the Valiant server.

It was a slow start for both teams as they had a hard time finding openings. It was until the 4th minute mark where EurasiaSuperfly got two kills to formally start the slugfest. EurasiaSuperfly quickly shifted the momentum in their favor after capping off a few kills and an early dark slayer at the 9th minute mark. Nova PH played it safe and waited out the dark slayer buff before going aggressive again.

Despite the back-and-forth affair between both teams in terms of kills, EurasiaSuperfly had the upper hand when it comes to towers destroyed and Abyssal Dragons. EurasiaSuperfly had five Abyssal Dragons and seven towers destroyed compared to Nova PH who had none so far. In the final few minutes of the game where Eurasia only had one tower in the Dark Slayer lane, they captured once again a Dark Slayer and four members of NovaPH to equalize the score at 1 apiece.

Winner: Eurasia Superfly
MVP: ESF.Don (Raz, 8-3-8 KDA, 11.1 MVP)

Nova PH Ravenous vs EurasiaSuperfly – Game 3

Nova PH Ravenous EurasiaSuperfly
TeeMee Lindis
Zephys Liliana


Nova PH Ravenous EurasiaSuperfly
ⁿᵒᵛᵃNeptune – Arthur ESF.Don – Tulen
ⁿᵒᵛᵃNY – Maloch ESF. Jomz – Chaugnar
ⁿᵒᵛᵃDonDon – Preyta ESF. Buck – Xeniel
ⁿᵒᵛᵃყเƒ – Alice ESF. Zelle – Max
ⁿᵒᵛᵃHungryBox – Violet inzaiplays – Fennik

The final game to determine who gets to the next round of the winner’s bracket was action-packed as both teams picked their best heroes to finish off the intense matchup. EurasiaSuperfly had a solid lineup with Max and Xeniel, two heroes that can go anywhere in the map with their ultimates. On the other hand, Nova PH opted for a team fight composition with Preyta, Alice, and Maloch.

It was a slugfest in the the early-mid game, as both teams exchanged kills and objectives. No team had the clear advantage in the first 10 minutes of the game. With a tight score, Nova PH decided to get the Dark Slayer buff at the 13th minute mark.

EurasiaSuperfly trired to disrupt Nova PH for the control of the Dark Slayer buff. In what seems to be a messy team fight, Nova PH still managed to capture the Dark Slayer buff despite the aggressiveness of EurasiaSuperfly in stopping them.

Nova PH decided to quickly push the mid lane. EurasiaSuperfly tried their best to defend but Nova PH’s Violet was decimating them one by one. Ultimately, Nova PH got a sweep to open their base even more. They then destroyed the core to win the final game with a kill score of 16-11.

Winner: Nova PH Ravenous
MVP: ⁿᵒᵛᵃHungryBox  (Violet, 8-1-6 KDA, 12.9 MVP)

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About the Tournament:

Hosted by Kaisaya, a well known Philippine shoutcaster, the AOV Valiant Online Community Tournament is a community-based online event which provides a platform for professional and amateur teams to showcase their skills and experience an official-esque environment. This event also gives aspiring English shoutcasters the opportunity to hone their craft and build their portfolio for casting.

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