Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon - Bug Report Board

Player Bug Report Board (forum) for Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon (AC6/Armored Core VI). Please use this page to post notices regarding various bugs and glitches encountered in the game and possible solutions to fix them.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon (AC6) - Bug Report Board

Bug Report Board (Forum) for Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon

Bug Report Board for Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon (AC6/Armored Core VI). Please use this forum page to post notices regarding various bugs and glitches encountered and possible solutions for them in the game. To post on the board, please scroll to the bottom of this page under “Leave a Reply” and write your messages in the comment box.

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  1. Can someone please help me? Apparently there’s a bug on my game right now where the only Parts showing up are my armored cores legs and a few of its weapons on the build and they’re all bunched together. I’ve tried to uninstalling and reinstalling it but it’s still glitched out.

  2. I found all the parts and completed the achievements, but there is a bug where the 2C-3000 WRECKER disappears. Is there any way to recover this?

  3. Hi all, we have two accounts on the ps5. One is able to find games in “nest” multiplayer, the other is not. All search parameters are set to “all” and we receive the message “No Versus rooms found”. I believe we’re up to date with patch 1.04. Has anyone experienced this and found a resolution?

  4. I have a weird bug where I have orbit weapons equipped and at the start of a mission when I’m able to move they start to glitch out in a second then go back to normal again it’s kinda annoying because it happens every single time even on pvp.

  5. I found a glitch in Armored Core 6 that might have a negative impact on PVP. The Coral Oscillator will have an invisible charged animation if used immediately after switching from the back slot using the weapons bay. While the AC will still perform the animation, the blade itself will be completely invisible.

  6. Patch 1.03.1 has a game breaking bug concerning the bazookas and grenade launchers. When the enemy fires their bazooka/ grenade launcher, the projectile hits you even if it misses you in mid air. On your screen, the projectile flies by but you still take damage & impact. Now people are exploiting this bug by running 4 bazookas or grenade launchers at a time and since you can’t dodge, they always hit, even if on your screen the projectile has missed you. I play on PC.

  7. Can no longer access AC data on ps5 without game force closing/crashing. Was happening I frequently but could get around it but going into image editor first. After downloading a shared AC and doing the paint trick to save the colors I can no longer access AC data. Have followed all ps5 recommendations – delete-reinstall, clear cache, check game and system software, and rebuild database. Nothing has fixed it!

  8. I am having a bug where the main system combat mode active screen is delayed and the enemies can attack me while I can’t do anything. This is very annoying for the true ending boss because there are 6acs attacking you when you can’t move until 15 seconds later.

  9. On Xbox One, completed NG++, am hunter class 15, bought every item in the shop, and still missing parts. Most notably the Karasawa, which I looked up and saw it was supposed to be unlocked at hunter class 12. Super confused on this one because I can’t find anyone else experiencing this or anything that could be explain what’s happened. Definitely a little disappointing because not only has this locked 100% completion, but also it’s barring me from getting the iconic karasawa.

  10. Im running into a problem on ps4 where my Save Data isn’t updating and im getting stuck in loading screens, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game but that didnt work, I deleted my save data but now it tells me that its Creating Save Data but its not doing anything

  11. V.VIII Pater boss in arena gets stuck in a loop of the terminal armor activation after i downed him. Have tried restarting the fight multiple times

  12. I’m on ng++ but it still won’t give me the arena missions for the delta simulator even though I’ve met all the requirements already, I’m almost done with it and it won’t let me try to fight the final arena bosses

  13. My pc crashes and restarts every time I get balteus into their phase two. The only time I’ve gotten around this was by being further away from them overcharging their shield

  14. I’m on PS5 and I had to start a new game after running into a bug that I’m stuck on a loading screen on one of the second 2 missions the second mission you get from balam in targeting the tester ac