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Diablo 4 Latest News and Updates

Diablo 4 - Updates

▼Diablo 4 Latest News and Updates
Version Updates and Patch Notes

Diablo 4 Season 1 (Season of the Malignant) Guides

▼Diablo 4 Season 1 Guides
Season 1 Story Campaign Walkthrough How to Create a Seasonal Character
Season 1 Battle Pass Rewards List Season 1 Journey Objectives and Rewards List
Best Season Blessings to Get How to Get Smoldering Ashes
How to Carry Over Renown to Seasonal Realm How to Get Foul Invoker of Vashran
How to Get Tormented Invoker of Vashran How to Get Malignant Sockets
Malignant Hearts List How to Get Wrathful Malignant Invoker
Malignant Tunnels List and Guide
▼Diablo 4 Season 1 Malignant Hearts (By Class)
General Malignant Hearts List Barbarian Malignant Hearts List
Druid Malignant Hearts List Necromancer Malignant Hearts List
Rogue Malignant Hearts List Sorcerer Malignant Hearts List
▼Diablo 4 Season 1 Malignant Hearts (By Type)
Brutal Malignant Hearts List Vicious Malignant Hearts List
Devious Malignant Hearts List Wrathful Malignant Hearts List

Diablo 4 Classes

Diablo 4 - Classes

▼Diablo 4 Recommended Builds Guides
Barbarian Druid
Necromancer Rogue
▼Diablo 4 Class-Specific Ability Guides
Best Druid Spirit Boons and Unlock Guide Sorcerer Enchantments List and Guide
Best Barbarian Weapon Expertise Skills
▼Diablo 4 Other Class Guides
Why Can’t I Summon Creatures with Necromancer Class? Can You Still Get Aspect of Explosive Mist?

Diablo 4 Basic Information

Diablo 4 - Basic Information

▼Diablo 4 Getting Started Guides
How to Create and Link Battle.net Account Pre-Order Bonuses and Game Editions
Early Access and Official Release Time Does Progress in the Early Access and Open Beta Carry Over to the Full Game?
How to Change Difficulty and Unlock Conditions How to Fix Error Code 316719
Can You Play Smoothly on the PS4? How to Use a Controller on PC
Battle Pass: Should You Buy It? Best Classes in the Beta
How to Save
▼Diablo 4 Multiplayer Guides
How to Play Multiplayer and Supported Players Crossplay and Supported Platforms
How to Play Offline Two-Player Co-op
▼Diablo 4 Equipment and Items Guides
How to Salvage Equipment How to Switch Weapons
▼Diablo 4 Skills and Abilities Guides
How to Bind Skills
▼Diablo 4 Towns and Facilities Guides
Things to Do at City Facilities Stash Location and Storage Guide
How to Change Character Appearance
▼Diablo 4 Stats and Mechanics Guides
Stats and Attributes Guide Overpower Guide
Lucky Hit Guide Thorns Guide
Primary Resource Guide Vulnerable Debuff Guide
Unstoppable Status

Diablo 4 Useful Guides

Diablo 4 - Useful Guides

▼Diablo 4 Useful Guides
Best Classes for Beginners Beginners Guide: What to Do First
How to Get Mounts How to Upgrade Potions (Recovery Items)
Codex of Power and Legendary Aspects List List of Legendary Equipment
Post-Game Unlockables Guide Gold Farming Guide
EXP Farming Guide Best Way to Level Up Glyphs
▼Diablo 4 Story Campaign Guides
Which Word to Choose for Holy Cedar Tablet?
▼Diablo 4 Item and Material Farming Guides
How to Get Murmuring Obols and Exchange Guide How to Farm Crushed Beast Bones
Best Dungeons to Farm
▼Diablo 4 Rare Monsters
How to Find and Kill Treasure Goblins Butcher Spawn Conditions and Rewards
Unique Monsters Guide and Locations

Diablo 4 Map Guides

Diablo 4 - Map Guides

▼Diablo 4 Region Map Completion Guides
Fractured Peaks Dry Steppes
Hawezar Kehjistan
▼Diablo 4 Altars of Lilith Locations
Altar of Lilith Location
▼Diablo 4 Waypoint Locations
Waypoint Locations
▼Diablo 4 Stronghold Locations
Stronghold Locations

Diablo 4 World Boss Guides

Diablo 4 - World Bosses

▼Diablo 4 World Boss Guides
World Boss Spawn Times and Locations
Ashava Avarice

Diablo 4 Event Guides

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Legion Events

Diablo 4 End-Game Guides

Diablo 4 - End-Game Guides

▼Diablo 4 End-Game Guides
How to Unlock Nightmare Difficulty (World Tier 3) How to Unlock Nightmare Dungeons
How to Get Nightmare Sigils Cathedral of Light Location and How to Unlock
Helltide Guide Mystery Chest Locations (Tortured Gifts of Mysteries)

Diablo 4 Story Campaign Walkthroughs

Diablo 4 - Story Campaign

▼Diablo 4 Story Campaign
Story Walkthroughs List
Prologue: Wandering Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith
Act 2: The Knife Twists Again Act 3: The Making of Monsters
Act 4: A Gathering Storm Act 5: Secrets Bartered, Fates Sold
Act 6: Dance of the Makers Epilogue: From the Wound Spilled

Diablo 4 Side Quest Walkthroughs

Diablo 4 - Side Quests

▼Diablo 4 Side Quest Walkthroughs
Side Quest Walkthroughs List
Fractured Peaks Side Quests Scosglen Side Quests
Dry Steppes Side Quests Kehjistan Side Quests
Hawezar Side Quests

Diablo 4 Database

Diablo 4 - Database

▼Diablo 4 Equipment
Legendary Equipment List Unique Items List
▼Diablo 4 Aspects
All Aspects List
Offensive Aspects List Defensive Aspects List
Resource Aspects List Utility Aspects List
Mobility Aspects List
▼Diablo 4 Materials and Gems
Materials List Gems List
▼Diablo 4 Items
Elixirs List
▼Diablo 4 Other Databases
Dungeons List

Diablo 4 Forum

Diablo 4 - Forum

▼Diablo 4 Message Boards (Forum)
Chat Board Question Board
Bug Report Board Multiplayer Recruitment Board
Friend Invite Board Trading Board
Build Posting Board Clan Recruitment Board
Barbarian Class Discussion Board Druid Class Discussion Board
Necromancer Class Discussion Board Rogue Class Discussion Board
Sorcerer Class Discussion Board

Diablo 4 Open Beta

Contents of the Open Beta

Diablo 4’s Early Access and Open Beta will allow you to play through the entirety of the Prologue and Chapter 1 of the main story campaign, as well as explore the first zone, the Shattered Mountains, freely.

In both the Early Access and Open Beta, level 25 is the maximum character level, but you can still play the game until the end of the Open Beta period even after reaching the level cap.

Open Beta Schedules

Open Beta Early Access
Open Beta

Open Beta Available Classes

Diablo 4 - Open Beta Classes

You can play as three classes in the Open Beta Early Access which are the Barbarian, Rogue, and Sorcerer.

In addition to these three classes, the Druid and Necromancer classes will also be playable in the Open Beta proper.

You can create up to 10 characters per one Battle.net account, and once your character reaches level 25, it is recommended choose a different class to play.

Progress will carry over from the Open Beta Early Access to Open Beta, but any characters created during these Betas will be deleted when the Beta ends.

Open Beta Co-op

Diablo 4 - Co-op

Local co-op is available on all Diablo IV console releases via split screen with other players.

For local co-op play during the Open Beta Early Access period, only one player needs Early Access. The second player must have a Battle.net account and if you have a console account linked to that account, you can participate in cooperative play.

In addition, if you are gathering friends to form a party and use online 4-player co-op, all players must have Early Access except for those who participate in local co-op.

Killing enemies near other players gives 5% extra experience, and doing so near party members gives an extra 10%.

Open Beta World Bosses

Diablo 4 - Ashava

During the Open Beta and Early Access period, you will have the chance to battle Ashava during the schedules below.

Ashava Battle Schedule

Open Beta Rewards

No visit to Sanctuary is complete without a unique reward worthy of your adventure. If you are playing Diablo 4 during the Open Beta and Early Access, do not forget to collect all three Open Beta rewards to show off your Drifter power. After unlocking, you will receive this reward at the launch of Diablo 4.

Reward Reward Acquisition Conditions
First Victim
Obtained by reaching Kiyovashad with a single character.
Adventure Pioneer
Obtained by reaching level 20 with a single character.
Obedient Wolf
(Beta Cosmetic Item)
Obtained by reaching level 20 with a single character.

Required Specs for Open Beta (PC Version)

Minimum System Requirements

Important Points

Below are the requirements to play Diablo 4 Open Beta at 1080p native resolution (720p rendering resolution), low graphics settings, and 30 fps.

Operating System Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD FX-8100
Memory 8GB RAM
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R9 280
DirectX Version 12
Storage SSD with 45GB free space
Internet Broadband Connection

Minimum System Requirements

Important Points

Below are the requirements to play the Diablo 4 Open Beta at 1080p resolution, medium graphics settings, and 60 fps.

Operating System Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor Intel Core i5-4670K or AMD R3-1300X
Memory 16GB RAM
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon RX 470
DirectX Version 12
Storage SSD with 45GB free space
Internet Broadband Connection

How to Pre-load the Open Beta

Early Access
Open Beta
For PC
  1. Launch the Battle.net client.
    (If Diablo 4 is not already in your favorites bar, you can add it by clicking the + icon. Then, go to All Games and you will see Diablo 4 at the top of the list.)
  2. Open the Diablo 4 game page
  3. Click the pull-down menu under Game Version and select Diablo IV (Beta)
  4. Click the blue button labeled Install. Once the game is installed and the Beta has started, click Play to launch the game.
For Xbox

Launch the Xbox Store. Then, search for “Diablo IV – Open Beta” and select Download.

For PlayStation

Launch the PlayStation Store. Then, search for “Diablo IV Open Beta” and select Download.

Game Overview

Diablo 4 - Game Overview

What is Diablo 4?

Open World Action Role-Playing Game

Diablo 4 - Game Overview

The legendary action-role playing game series returns with Diablo 4. An massive evolution from past entries to the acclaimed franchise, this title is set in a vast world filled with endless adventures, powerful enemies, and legendary treasures.

Enter a new Dark Age and witness a ruined Sanctuary. Lilith, the daughter of Mephisto, the Emperor of Hatred, has returned, and her malice threatens to swallow the world. The survival of the Sanctuary rests with you and your fellow adventurers.

Explore the Sanctuary solo or with friends as you progress through Diablo 4’s gripping story by taking on quests, liberating towns, and battling mighty foes. Like previous Diablo games, end-game content is plentiful. You can trade items and find friends in the game world or test your strength in the lobby-free PVP zones. Cross-play, cross-progression, and offline multiplayer, meanwhile, allow you to resume your adventure anytime, anywhere.


Class Class Introduction
Diablo 4 - Barbarian Class IconBarbarian Characterized by unparalleled physical strength, Barbarians can wield a wide range of weapons depending on the situation. With a ferocious roar, they terrify oncoming hostile forces.
Diablo 4 - Druid Class IconDruid A ferocious shapeshifter, the Druid transforms and fights alongside wildlife. Harnessing the forces of earth, wind, and storms, they unleash the fury of nature to deal devastating damage.
Diablo 4 - Necromancer Class IconNecromancer A cunning summoner, the Necromancer summons hordes of vengeful undead. They rely on powerful bones, blood, shadows, and essences, and wield it against their enemies.
Diablo 4 - Rogue Class IconRogue Agile warriors, Rogues specialize in ranged attacks and melee combat, They can destroy any foe with magical weapons and deadly combos.
Diablo 4 - Sorcerer Class IconSorcerer Sorcerers wield elemental magic to claim victory in battle. Commanding the fury of nature at will, Sorcerers can call down lightning strikes on targets, summon icicles to pierce foes, and annihilate hordes of enemies with blazing meteors.

Diablo 4 Official Trailers

Gameplay Trailer

Source: Official Diablo YouTube Channel

Official Release Date Trailer

Source: Official Diablo YouTube Channel

Diablo 4 Game Information

Game Diablo 4
Genre Action Role-Playing
Platform Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Developer Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher Blizzard Entertainment
Release Date June 6, 2023
Official Website https://diablo4.blizzard.com/en-us/