Gran Turismo 7 - Game Difficulty

A guide on game difficulty modes in Gran Turismo 7 (GT7), including differences in each setting and other useful tips.

Gran Turismo - Game Difficulty

Game Difficulty in Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 (GT7) features three types of difficulty that determine the challenge provided by AI-controlled rivals during a World Circuit events. When you start the game, you will be asked to choose your preferred difficulty setting which can be Easy, Normal, or Hard.

Game Difficulty List

Below is a list of all difficulty modes and their descriptions in the game.

Difficulty Mode Description
Easy This is a setting for beginners. AI-controlled rival cars in World Circuit races will be slower, making the races more enjoyable for new players.
Normal This is the default setting. AI-controlled rival cars in World Circuit races will drive at their standard speed.
Hard This is a setting for confident racers. AI-controlled rival cars in World Circuit races will be faster, allowing you to compete at a higher level.

Game Difficulty Mechanics

You can change difficulty at any time.

Game difficulty can be increased or lowered at any time in the game. Simply go to the Options menu if you need to adjust the level of the AI to one that better suits your preferences or current goals.

Prize money is the same on all difficulty modes.

The credits you earn for winning World Circuit races is not affected by the game’s current difficulty. This feature is particularly useful for farming money as you can just play on Easy mode to be matched against lower-level AI.

How to Earn Credits Fast

Only affects World Circuits races.

Note that the game difficulty you set will only be applied to rival drivers in World Circuit races (single player). Online mode is obviously not affected as you will be pit against real players. Other game modes will also feature the same difficulty regardless of the current setting you use.

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