Gran Turismo 7 - How to Earn Credits Fast

A guide on how to earn credits fast in Gran Turismo 7 (GT7), including the ways to earn money in the game and best methods to farm credits during the early stages.

Gran Turismo 7 - How to Earn Credits Fast

How to Earn Credits Fast in Gran Turismo 7

Credits are the main form of currency in Gran Turismo 7 (GT7) used to purchase cars, tuning parts, vehicle cosmetics, and to avail of a host of different services cars in your garage. Knowing the best ways to farm credits will therefore be beneficial in helping you progress through the game smoothly.

Campaign Mode Walkthrough

Ways to Get Credits

Win races.

The most straightforward way to earn credits in the game is to simply enter and win as many events as you can. The higher your placing at the end of each race, the better rewards you will get and the more credits you will receive. This in turn, will allow you to acquire better cars and parts to enter more competitive events across different formats to accumulate even more money.

Lower game difficulty.

You can adjust the game’s difficulty at any time during play by going to the Options menu. This is particularly useful for farming credits in World Circuit events as the AI will drive significantly slower than those on the Normal setting. Afterwards, feel free to increase the difficulty if you want to play for a challenge.

Game Difficulty

Use Roulette Tickets.

Roulette Tickets are a special type of reward item obtained by completing car menu books at the GT Cafe. Spending these tickets allows you to get rare cars, tuning parts, and even a hefty sum of credits. Note that the chance of getting better items from Roulette Tickets depends on its star rating. Higher-rating tickets will likely give you the best rates to get more credits.

How to Get Roulette Tickets

Clear driving tests.

Achieving target times in the various License driving tests rewards you with credits, making it a good way to earn money when starting out. The driving school features numerous challenges that you can complete, each having demanding time records as you go up the higher classes. Because of this, you are likely to never run out of the means to accumulate credits throughout the game.

License Driving Tests and Rewards

Purchase credits using real money.

Credits can also be bought using real money in Gran Turismo 7. If you have the cash to spare, you can simply load up credits by logging-in to your Playstation Network (PSN) account and buying them in the game. Because of this, it is entirely possible to buy any of the expensive cars from Brand Central and tune them immediately with the best parts very early in the game.

How to Farm Credits

Early Stages

Among the best events to farm is the Clubman Cup Plus in Goodwood (UK). Once you have cleared the Goodwood Motor World Circuit and place at least 3rd, you will get the Mini Cooper S ’65 as a reward. This can be used to enter the Clubman Cup Plus tournament by fitting sports tires on the S ’65. The race also has a PP limit of 350 so avoid installing too many tuning parts to keep your car’s performance within the allowable value.

How to Lower PP

The Clubman Cup Plus allows you to get 35,000 Cr for winning the race and about 10,000 to 20,000 for a podium finish which is significantly more than most World Circuit events at the start of the game. This feat, however, is easier said than done as the opponents in this race are quite fast. Try to get familiar with the track by racing in the event as often as possible and taking advantage of the slipstream effect. Eventually, you will find it much easier to place within the top 3 to reliably farm a good amount of money in the early stages of the game.

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