Gran Turismo 7 - How to Drift

A guide on how to drift in Gran Turismo 7 (GT7). Included are the recommended car setup to use for learning how to drift, steps on how to execute it, and other useful tips.

Gran Turismo - How to Drift

How to Drift in Gran Turismo 7

Recommended Setup for Drifting

For simplicity, it is generally recommended to learn how to drift using RWD (rear wheel drive cars) with Comfort: Hard tires installed in Gran Turismo 7 (GT7). Note that it is possible to drift even with 4WD and AWD, though RWD are arguably a better starting point for learning how to control oversteer and counter-steer around corners.

Steps on How to Drift (Handbrake Technique)

Below are the steps on how to drift using the handbrake technique.

1 Approach the corner at a good speed. This varies from car to car and the sharpness of the turn you want to drift.
2 As you enter the corner, feather (or lightly apply) the brakes and use the handbrakes to turn in the direction of the corner. When your car starts to angle and slide along the turn, feather the throttle to better control your speed around the corner.
3 Steer in the opposite direction (counter-steer) of the turn to maintain the angle going through the corner. Otherwise, your car will spin out from too much oversteer.

Tips for Drifting

Remember to counter-steer.

Among the most common mistakes to make while drifting is forgetting to counter-steer at the right moment your car begins to slide using the handbrakes. As you are counter-steering, you must also make sure you are applying just enough to keep the car angled to avoid spinning the other way.

Practice on the simple courses.

Courses like the Tsukuba Circuit and Tokyo Expressway are ideal for learning how to drift. Spend time practicing in Drift Trials with driving assist on to help you get a feel of the correct speed and angle of entry you need to drift properly.

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Customize your game controls.

Since a major component of good drifting is precise braking and throttle control, you might want to try setting these actions to the face buttons (× and □) or L2/R2. Some players may actually have better control of the brake and gas using L2/R2 since it might be easier to feel out how much you pressure you are exerting on these trigger buttons compared to face buttons.

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