Gran Turismo 7 - Permanent Events

All ermanent events and unchangeable decisions in Gran Turismo 7 (GT7).

Gran Turismo - Permanent Events

Permanent Events in Gran Turismo 7

Below is a list of all permanent events and unchangeable decisions in Gran Turismo 7 (GT7) to help you avoid making major mistakes throughout the game.

You can also check out our Tips for Beginners for helpful advice for players new to the game.

Tips for Beginners

Purchased cars cannot be sold off for credits.

Unlike in previous Gran Turismo games, it is not possible to sell off any of the cars in your garage to earn credits. Because of this, try to decide carefully which car you want to buy from Brand Central or from the used car dealership to avoid wasting any money in the game.

How to Sell Cars

Legend Cars may take a while to reappear.

Legend Cars are the most expensive vehicles you can buy in the game and can be purchased from the Legend Cars showroom (right side of the world map). The offerings regularly rotate after a given period which means that cars may take a while reappear if you do not have enough credits to buy them.

All Legend Cars List


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