Gran Turismo 7 - How to Get Roulette Tickets

A guide on how to get Roulette Tickets in Gran Turismo 7 (GT7). Included are the best methods to get Roulette Tickets, rewards, star rating, and other useful tips.

Gran Turismo 7 - How to Get Roulette Tickets

How to Get Roulette Tickets in Gran Turismo 7

What are Roulette Tickets?

Roulette Tickets are a type of reward item in Gran Turismo 7 (GT7) that allows you to obtain new cars, tuning parts, and even credits. As their name suggests, rewards obtained using Roulette Tickets are random with the chance of getting better items determined by a ticket’s star rating.

Where to Get Roulette Tickets

Reward for Completing GT Cafe Menu Books

Roulette Tickets are earned for completing different car menu books at the GT Cafe. This requires you to collect various types of cars based on the menu book’s theme. Collections goals may consist of vehicles belonging to a specific car series, manufacturer, car type, and other interesting groupings.

GT Cafe Menu Books and Rewards List

Ticket Star Rating

As mentioned, each Roulette Ticket has a star rating that indicates the likelihood of getting rare cars, tuning parts, or hefty amounts of credit when used. Below is a list of all Roulette Ticket star ratings and the chances of getting certain items from them.

Roulette Ticket Odds
1-Star Ticket ?
2-Star Ticket ?
3-Star Ticket ?

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